Happy Halloween from Endangered Trolls!

Wishing you all a very happy and spooky Halloween from Endangered Trolls… Remember to share your Halloween bracelet creations by stopping by my Facebook page, commenting on the blog

Nightmare Before Christmas Charm Bracelet Starring the Ohm Beads Sugar Sleigh Ride

This charm jewellery blog showcases my attempt at a Nightmare Before Christmas charm bracelet for Halloween 2014. It stars the newly debuted limited edition Ohm Beads Sugar Sleigh Ride.

Alex Cramariuc Octopus Available Again

This charm jewellery blog offers a quick alerts to readers who are waiting on the Alex Cramariuc Octopus to be restocked. Last week Alex Cramariuc released his latest piece,
X by Trollbeads Previews

X by Trollbeads Christmas 2014 Live Images

This X by Trollbeads blog brings live images of the upcoming X by Trollbeads Christmas 2014 collection. Glow X Amaze introduces some beautiful new festively coloured links that will
Elfbeads Preview

Elfbeads Christmas 2014 Sneak Peek

This Elfbeads blog brings the first sneak peek at the Elfbeads Christmas 2014 collection, featuring two silver bead designs.
Pandora Essence Collection

Pandora Essence Christmas 2014 Collection Debuts

This Pandora jewellery blog article celebrates the release of the Pandora Essence Christmas 2014 collection with a complete preview. It’s a succinct release consisting new bracelet and necklace options
Pandora Collections

Pandora Christmas 2014 Debuts (Pandora Winter 2014)

This Pandora jewellery blog brings a complete preview of the Pandora Christmas 2014 collection. I personally feel this is the strongest release to date from the Danish brand with

Halloween 2014 – Monster Charms

This charm jewellery blog brings a showcase of the various monster charms available. Brands featured includes Ohm Beads and Redbalifrog.
Pandora Collections

Pandora Disney Charms Debut

This Pandora jewellery blog celebrates the arrival of the Pandora Disney Charms at authorised stores in the US. What follows is a preview of the charms available outside of
Macrow Exclusive Bead Store Collections

Exclusive Bead Store Within the Winter Garden Preview

Following the popularity of their Halloween release, comes a sneak peek of the Exclusive Bead Store Within the Winter Garden collection, set to debut in November.
Chamilia Limited Editions

Limited Edition Chamilia Cat Eyes

This Chamilia blog article brings a dedicated review of the limited edition Chamilia Cat Eyes, part of their fall 2014 collection and ideal for Halloween.
Frightlings Previews

Frightlings Nosvar Vampling for Halloween 2014

This charm jewellery blog brings a preview of Frightlings Nosvar Vampling, new for Halloween 2014.

Trollbeads Unique Listing at Great Lakes Boutique

This Trollbeads blog article alerts readers to a new Trollbeads unique listing at Great Lakes Boutique. Owls, footprints and evil eyes are all featured!
Ohm Bead Reviews

Ohm Beads Dark Shadows Glass

This Ohm Beads blog dips back to Halloween 2013 and brings a showcase of the Ohm Beads Dark Shadows glass. These glass delivered a shattered effect never seen before
Ohm Beads Previews

Ohm Beads Bah Humbug Campaign Image (Ohm Beads Christmas 2014)

This Ohm Beads blog brings the first campaign image of the upcoming Ohm Beads Bah Humbug charm. It consists part of the Christmas 2014 collection debuting on the 1st

Halloween 2014 – Ghost Charms

This charm jewellery blog brings a look at my rather limited collection of ghost charms, starring Pandora and Ohm Beads.

Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters! Halloween Charm Bracelet Inspiration

This charm jewellery blog brings my latest Halloween charm bracelet inspiration with a Ghostbusters themed bracelet. It stars Elfbeads, Chamilia, Ohm Beads, Pandora and Trollbeads on a true fusion

Introducing Bead Castle

This charm jewellery blog welcomes retailer Bead Castle to Endangered Trolls. This is a store many of you may already be familiar with under the name of Order Trollbeads.

Snakeskin Bracelet Featuring Kathy Perras Armadillos – Halloween Bracelet Inspiration

This charm jewellery blog brings more Halloween charm bracelet inspiration starring the work of artisan Kathy Perras and her amazing armadillos.
What I'm Wearing

What I’m Wearing Friday 24th of October – (Re)Introducing Bob the Trollbeads Skeleton Necklace

This Trollbeads blog continues my What I’m Wearing series with a spooky Halloween flavour. This week’s instalment stars Bob, the Trollbeads Skeleton Necklace from 2010.
Redbalifrog Reviews

Redbalifrog Sugar Skull Pendant (Redbalifrog Me’Lange Reviews)

This Redbalifrog blog article brings a review of the Redbalifrog Sugar Skull Pendant, part of the Me’Lange Collection.
Alex Cramariuc Previews

Alex Cramariuc Autumn 2014 (Alex Cramariuc Octopus)

This charm jewellery blog brings a very exclusive preview of the new Alex Cramariuc Autumn 2014 release. As has been hinted at a few times, this consists of the
X by Trollbeads Previews

X by Trollbeads Glow X Amaze Campaign Images and Pre-Order Details

As we fast approach the debut of the X by Trollbeads Glow X Amaze collection release, this Trollbeads blog article brings the official campaign images, details the new starter
Trollbeads Previews

Trollbeads Ageless Beauty Live Image

This Trollbeads blog brings a quick Trollbeads Ageless Beauty live image following the bead’s debut in the Japanese market. With discussion surrounding individual variation in the bead, it would
Pandora Promotions

Pandora Free Leather Bracelet Promotion Begins in the USA

This Pandora jewellery blog alerts readers to the start of the latest Pandora free leather bracelet promotion in the USA.
Chamilia Reviews

Chamilia Over the Moon Charm Review

This Charmilia blog article brings a dedicated review of the Chamilia Over the Moon charm. This is a limited edition design available both individually and as part of the
Trollbeads Limited Editions

Trollbeads Italian Lock Preview (Trollbeads Faces Lock)

This Trollbeads blog brings a preview of a very special, rare and exclusive Trollbeads Lock. The Trollbeads Faces Lock (not an official name) appears to be an Italian version
Trollbeads Reviews

Trollbeads Christmas 2014 First Impressions and Live Images

This Trollbeads blog brings my own collaborated live images of the Trollbeads Christmas 2014 beads in addition to my initial impressions on the Wishes Collection.

Trollbeads Ageless Beauty USA Release Date and Pre-Order

This Trollbeads blog alerts readers to a confirmed release date for the Trollbeads Ageless Beauty in the US. Included is the first pre-order option.
Trollbeads Previews

Trollbeads Christmas 2014 German Gift Sets

This Trollbeads blog article unveils the details of the Trollbeads Christmas 2014 gift sets. These sets are always popular due to their stunning presentation and for 2014 feature the
Elfbeads Inspiration

Steampunk Bracelet Inspiration for Halloween 2014

This charm jewellery blog brings a a little steampunk bracelet inspiration for Halloween 2014. It utilises a mix of Elfbeads, Ohm Beads and an X by Trollbeads bracelet.

Trollbeads at the Beach Event Beads Available

This Trollbeads blog article alerts readers to the online availability of remaining Trollbeads at the Beach Event beads.
Chamilia Collections

Chamilia Christmas 2014 Debuts

Today sees the global release of the Chamilia Christmas 2014 collection. This Chamilia blog article brings a reminder of the products via campaign images and offers ordering information for