X Jewellery Spring 2017 Debuts

This X Jewellery blog alerts readers to the launch of the X Jewellery Spring 2017 collection.

As we skip into March (or stumble depending on how the year is going for you thus far,) we’re entering the first month of spring. Though some brands have already launched their first season collections, today is the turn of the X Jewellery Spring 2017 release.

The new release embraces quite on trend colours. The team at X Jewellery have altered them a little from their catwalk counterparts but this makes them more wearable in my opinion.

Pantone Spring 2017

Please Do Not Reproduce

X Jewellery Spring 2017

The release sees the launch of two new rubber X links in soft apricot and pale green, each retailing at €1.50 or $1.20. There are two new bronze links, Melody and Eternity, both retailing at €37 or $33. Finally the two new silver links are Palm Leaf and Waves, retailing at €37 or $33 each.

X Jewellery Spring 2017

Image Courtesy of X Jewellery – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

X Jewellery Spring 2017 Ordering Details

For those of you who want to indulge, here’s a list of my retail partners who carry the X Jewellery line:-

It’s also worth noting that Great Lakes Boutique currently have a clearance sale on their remaining X Jewellery inventory but you need to contact them via their Facebook page or via email at greatlakescoin@att.net.

X Jewellery Spring 2017 Summary

These are lovely colours for the spring season and I love that the team have managed to create some quite seasonal design while still keeping their new contemporary vibe. The orange feels warm and feminine when combined with the bronze where the green feels fresh and breezy.

As always I love to hear from my readers. What are your thoughts on the X Jewellery Spring 2017 collection and will you be indulging? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. Elise

    Cannot resist those apricot links! I always give my mom and sister a couple of links of the new colors so they can see the colors in person, mix and match or order more. I indulged in the melody just because it speaks summertime. Very curious how the TB mothers day glass and this years Spring glass will pair with the new color x links.

    • endangeredtrolls

      I think they’d probably complement each other quite well but I admit I’ll not be able to help with live images for that I’m afraid. I do have the new Trollbeads glass but not the X links 🙁

      Melody is very pretty I think. It reminds me of festivals 😀


  2. Marikaisa

    I do love these 2 new colours! And also quite happy with the small release, now I’m hoping to be able to buy it all in once…. and let the list for Trollbeads grow a little bit, and having more saving up time 😉

    • endangeredtrolls

      I think most people prefer the smaller, more manageable releases. It’s always quite a “nice” feeling I think when you look… see that you want everything and know you can manage it. As compared with a Trollbeads release where you look, start the maths and then collapse in tears 😉

      The new colours are perfect for the warmer season. They’ve done a very good job I think 😀


  3. Megan

    I took advantage of the Perlen sale last month to try my first X rubber links, and I’m really happy with them- they are very light weight and very easy to wear. I think I’ll be picking up the apricot as well. I probably won’t be getting any of the brass links though- as pretty as they are, brass tends to react with my skin, so I think I’ll be sticking to silver and rubber.

    • endangeredtrolls

      They are lovely and lightweight! And okay I know it’s only March but once the warmer weather *really* kicks in they’re so comfortable to wear compared to a traditional charm bracelet. I struggle with the brass too Megan, just like I do the copper. Both tarnish on me *so* quickly! 🙁


  4. Polly

    Absolutely delighted with the pale green, I’ve wanted a proper green for so long as I have a lot of the floral/leafy/nature links. In fact I’d recently given in and bought more of the khaki links, but I’ll try mixing the two colours anyway – they might well not ‘go’ strictly, but that’s fine since in nature there are different coloured leaves and greenery that don’t conform to design standards after all! (And yes, I’m still hoping for a dark forest or pine green come winter – never satisfied!) I’ll order a couple of the soft apricot as well to see what the colour looks like in person; I’ve found that the rubber X colours tend to look quite different in real life than in the stock images. But I have at least 2 of all the colours except funnily enough the black – the only one I won’t buy more than 2 of is the yellow – it does indeed as you predicted look terrible against my pale pink-toned skin, but I think I can get away with one or two as an accent 🙂 I used them with red links and the dragon I got in the sale for Chinese New Year, and that looked fab 🙂

    Melody is lovely, but I’ve forsworn getting any more bronze links. Hoping maybe one day they’ll do it in silver too, which I’m also hoping about the feather links from the last release. Both silvers are on my must-have list though. The palm leaf especially is a must for me, not for the usual reason, but because we got married on Palm Sunday 🙂 xxx

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