X by Trollbeads Christmas 2013 Movie

Yesterday saw the unveiling of the X by Trollbeads Christmas 2013 collection and many retailers are now taking pre-orders on these coveted new links. This X by Trollbeads blog brings a special exclusive of the X by Trollbeads Christmas 2013 movie.

The X by Trollbeads Christmas 2013 collection is debuting on the 13th of November and in plenty of time for the festive season. It sees the debut of two new decorative links and a silver lock. Overall it can be described as heart warming and more subtly festive than overtly so. I’ll admit I found both the size and themes a relief. For such a new line, I wasn’t sure extremely festive designs were appropriate considering the relatively short period of time they can be worn.

I’ll admit that I’m already coveting this new release, particularly the X by Trollbeads XOXO link.

X by Trollbeads Christmas 2013

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

X by Trollbeads Christmas 2013

As a special treat for Endangered Trolls readers comes the first exclusive look at the X by Trollbeads Christmas 2013 movie. For those reading from work, there is sound on this movie. You’ll also be able to view the movie on the official X by Trollbeads site later today.

X by Trollbeads Christmas 2013 Collection

X by Trollbeads Christmas 2013 Ordering Details

Retailers are already permitted to take pre-orders on this new collection and clicking the links below will open the corresponding landing pages:-


X by Trollbeads Christmas 2013 Summary

It’s been an exciting fall season with Trollbeads and Story by Kranz & Ziegler both showing open link modular style bracelets. Further to that Monday sees the Pandora Essence Collection finally debut to the world.

The novelty has yet to pass for me with X by Trollbeads, which I’m taking as a very good sign and I’m thoroughly looking forward to seeing the new Christmas collection.

As always I love to hear from my readers. Will you be indulging in any of the X by Trollbeads Christmas 2013 collection? Hit the comments and let me know!

X by Trollbeads Christmas 2013

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

  1. Tracy

    I love the XOXO bead 🙂 Although in the video it looks like the joining link would cover much of the first X (which also seems to happen to the L in the LOVE link, which I also love ;)) Regardless, I feel this one is going on my wish list.

    I’m happy that it’s a smaller release, and that the links aren’t overtly festive. I wish they would come out with more bronze links, but I’ve heard that isn’t in the plans 🙁

    • endangeredtrolls

      I’m also happy it’s a small release Tracy – there have been so so many new products recently!

      I keep trying to remember if anything was said about bronze decorative links at the launch party. I remember someone asking if coloured rubber links were planned and that was dismissed (and I don’t think I like the idea of that anyway.) I have it in my head that there was some discussion regarding the ability of bronze to show the detail on a decorative link. However I have no idea if I’ve imagined this or not. I admit I’m not sure if it’s feasible. Silver uses oxidisation to highlight detailing but bronze generally oxidises to a green colour and I can’t quite picture that looking nice on decorative links?

      Honestly though, I could be absolutely incorrect, I’m no jeweller 😀

      XOXO is my favourite <3 And I love the movie. There's some very clever editing here 😉

      Kind Regards

  2. Tracy

    Since I have no bronze links (yet), I can’t say for sure how they oxidize, but I believe the reason I saw (when the question was asked on FaceBook) was, as you said, that the bronze wouldn’t show the detail the way oxidized silver does. But it seems like they could do something like the hearts within, DNA, star & heart, or karma beads in bronze and it would still have impact. Not necessarily those exact ones in bronze, but those don’t seem to rely on oxidation for their designs.

    • endangeredtrolls

      Ah yes, I understand. You’re right, there are some designs that don’t rely on sunken details and they should work ok. Perhaps if Trollbeads see the demand for these they’ll reconsider?

      I have a few of the bronze links and two locks but while they’ve lost their sparkly shine, they haven’t gained any kind of patina yet. I’ve quite deliberately avoided polishing them in the hopes I can see what happens 😉

      I guess we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for the brand 🙂

      Kind Regards

  3. rainey

    I am trying to figure out why the XOXO link is $56 and the LOVE link is $72. I can’t imagine there’s a lot of difference in the amount of silver in them.

    • Farah

      In Europe, the love link costs €67, which is about 90USD… Good point Rainey!

  4. Debbie

    Phew! Thank you Trollbeads for a small but perfect Xmas release 🙂

    I have a HUGE wishlist already, so it’s such a relief that this release is manageable.

    Loving the lock and XOXO, the bears are cute, but not to my personal taste.

    I adore X by Trollbeads and it hasn’t been off my wrist since I got it 🙂


    • endangeredtrolls

      I knew you’d love XOXO too 😉 And I’m also very happy it’s a small release!

      I can just imagine the groans if they’d popped out 20 or so new links 😉


  5. Debbie

    Definitely have to find a few pennies for XOXO 😉

    By the way, I gave my rubber X’s a gentle “exfoliate” with a soft brush and some warm soapy water and the shedding problem seems to have stopped. For the sake of less than £20 I didn’t bother sending them back for replacements, and although my links did peel it’s not visible when wearing the bracelet. Storm in a tea-cup 🙂


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