Valentine’s Day Beads Featuring Redbalifrog

This jewellery blog article continues examining the best Valentine’s Day themed beads, showcasing the Redbalifrog rang.

TThis year there has been one outstanding release for Valentine’s Day and that comes from Redbalifrog. I loved these beads from the moment I set eyes on them and that affair is continuing with no sign of fizzling out.

The lock has been my default closure now for some weeks and I feel more than qualified to review it as being very secure and incredibly comfortable to wear. It’s terribly annoying to have a lock catch on your clothes continuously or cut into the skin on your wrist. This lock does neither and as an additional advantage, it’s user friendly. Many collector’s have problems with Trollbead’s locks for various reasons. My problem stems from keeping my nails long and loving to manicure them. I have lost count of how many manicures have been ruined by a Trollbead’s lock.

I recently dedicated an article to the new Redbalifrog Love is in the Air release so some of these pictures will have been seen already (though some are new.)

New for this year was the beautiful and impeccably detailed Cherub. It’s very difficult to capture the amount of detailing on this little bead. Suffice to say that anyone ordering will not be disappointed.

In addition to the Heart Lock and the Cherub came the effortlessly simple and modern Endless Loving. This bead will appeal to those who appreciate more subtle designs.

While these three items conclude the recent release, there are a number of love themed beads in the older Redbalifrog collection.

Firstly I’d like to mention a slightly unpredictable bead. For those who indulged in the Redbalifrog Christmas collection, the Christmas Wreath is a nice addition to a Valentine’s bracelet. I always loved this bead. It’s textured design adds real interest to a bracelet and I really like how it’s cored. Rather than abandon it until I begin the festive bracelets again for 2012, I decided to incorporate it into some Valentine’s themed combinations.

An older Redbalifrog love themed bead comes in the form of the German Gingerbread Heart. Proudly displaying “Ich Liebe Dich” across it’s surface this bead is faithful to Amanda’s reputation for very detailed designs. I’ve said many times before that the amazing thing about Redbalifrog beads is they leave no guess work as to what is being portrayed. So often I find myself stood in a store squinting at a tiny blob of silver wondering exactly what it’s meant to be. This doesn’t necessarily make for an ugly bead, it just means it didn’t translate well to jewellery. I’ve yet to have this issue with Redbalifrog. Once again this bead is also cored in a sensible fashion (much like the Christmas wreath in fact.)

A second and very overtly romantic bead is Big Love. I’ll admit that I hadn’t really noticed this bead before until Amanda recently posted some photographs on *Redbalifrog’s* Facebook page and it really caught my eye.

It’s not unusual for me to initially see a bead or charm and dismiss it and then see it in a different context and adore it. This is precisely what occurred when I saw the second photograph above.

Finally comes the Beaten Locked Heart. The official description of this bead reads:-

For those who’s heart has been broken at some time…

Looking at the design with that description in mind gives an entirely different view of this bead. The heavily textured surface creates a scratched looking box holding a presumably damaged heart inside under lock and key. It’s an incredibly poignant design and while perhaps not an ideal Valentine’s Day gift I imagine it to be a perfect “self gift” for many collectors out there (indeed I’m adding it to my ever growing list.) I love jewellery that has a real meaning behind it and this bead has really struck a chord with me. It’s just an amazing design all round.

As I mentioned at the start, for me, there is just little competition in regards to Valentine’s designs this year. Admittedly I do love the Pandora Heart Dangle but it’s priced so high as to make it out of reach for many people. Pandora also chose to restrict it’s release and I think that’s a crying shame. The Redbalifrog release was very reasonably priced and as with all her beads, high quality. They all make fabulous additions to the collection and the fact I’ve been wearing them so often says a great deal to me.

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