Further Updates on Ohm Beads Heart of Stone

This Ohm Beads blog brings a couple of further updates regarding the Ohm Beads Heart of Stone (Bead of the Month for June 2017.)

The next major series of Ohm Beads releases are mostly unveiled on May the 24th with a release on June the 1st. I say mostly because actually the Ohm Beads Heart of Stone, now confirmed as the Bead of the Month for June 2017 sees completely blind distribution (so no advanced preview!) There is a trickle of information coming forth about it though so rather than continue to edit the original article, here’s an update.

Ohm Beads Heart of Stone

Image Courtesy of Ohm Beads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Ohm Beads Heart of Stone

On May the 24th the packaging of the Heart of Stone can be shown. The packaging is stone and the only way to unveil the bead is by smashing the box open. There are multiple versions to be found (though how many hasn’t been confirmed) and it will retail at $140. A total of one thousand one hundred and eleven (1111) of these are being produced and as usual they have individual serial codes and certificates.

They’ve also released the story behind the bead itself and it’s another beautiful, thought provoking piece of prose.

Once there was a happy man. He loved his life and the people around him. He helped those who needed help, and didn’t feel obligated to do so. He loved his family above all. He did what he had to do to support his children and spouse. He didn’t want them to suffer. But, times were tough. He didn’t have enough to reach The Dream™. The family got by. They had each other.

On the way to work, while waiting for the bus, the man stood by a familiar lamp post plastered in flyers. One read: “Black Magic. Live Your Dream! You have enough love to give. Call now!” He called.

The voice, soft enough to give you tingles, whispered into his ear. They told him everything he wanted to hear – that he was suffering – that he wanted more – that he could get more. The voice encouraged him to dream bigger. They offered him empathy and help.

The man said “All I need is money. I want to be rich. I want to give my family everything they want!”

“Anything is possible,” the voice said, “but you have to pay the price. In return for financial stability I am asking for your heart. It is a simple transaction. You will give me your heart and I will give you this one, just like yours, but stone. Same same, but different. No surgery required!” the voice laughed. The man agreed.

He woke up in a big empty house, unhappy, and totally alone. What’s wrong with me? He thought. What happened to my life?

Suddenly memories flooded his brain. He did get rich after all, not quickly but over time. Money didn’t bring happiness. He didn’t notice the time as it rippled away from him. He didn’t notice his family evolve, his children grow, and leave. Now an old man, a heart of stone left him unable to feel the good in life. Unable to feel his love and affection his partner and children left him. Unable to be close, his friends turned away.

The man needed to go for a walk. He was devastated. Becoming wealthy, was it worth it?
The man found himself staring mindlessly at a tv screen in a shop window with candy colored flickering images dulling his senses begging for attention. Then he saw it. An ad flashed “Black Magic. Stop Dreaming. Call Now!” He fixated on the numbers, 555-1111. He called.

After a few taps and clicks on the line, a soft voice answered.

“What do you want?”

“I want my old self back. I want my life back. I want my heart back. I want my feelings back. I want to be able to feel again and screw the money, I’ve always had enough, not more, not less.” The man cried uncontrollably.

He woke early Sunday morning. Freshly brewed coffee called him from the kitchen. He heard his children laughing and a puppy’s bark. “Oh! It was just a dream!” he thought. Thankfully, it was just a dream… He felt his heart relax. He felt it pump. A shiny, loving, full of life heart; he could feel the ends of the earth in his blood. He was alive, again, like never before.

What happens going forward? We don’t know. #ChipAwayAtYourInsecurities

The blind distribution is already the topic of much discussion on social media and it’s difficult not to speculate. Realistically with this quantity available, there should still be stock available when those who do pre-order begin to receive their charms. I’m desperately curious to know how many different versions they are, particularly since I’ve managed to acquire most of the different Bead of the Month variations.

As always I love to hear from my readers. Are you excited for the Ohm Beads Heart of Stone? Do you have your own opinion on what that box is going to hold? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. Katie

    OK. I am curious. I love the packaging – smashing is fun. And, the story is a wonderful story. I just don’t know if I will be $140 worth of curious… I might risk it and wait to see what others get.

    • endangeredtrolls

      I *think* you’ll be safe waiting. There’s 1111. Clearly plenty of people are going to wait to see what the bead is first. Of course if it’s awesome there’s then going to be a sudden rush of orders.. 😀 And then it depends on where those images are first leaked… 😉


  2. Gene

    It’s the cost that’s stopping me also. The smashing idea is very funny and something I would totally expect from Ohm. Even after I find out what it is, it’s going to have to be really sensational for me to spend $140. I have way too many other things I want right now.

    • endangeredtrolls

      *Smash smash smash* < --- that's going to be me when mine arrive :> I soooo wish I knew how many different versions there were!


  3. Lynne

    I will not be getting it. I only buy the ones I like and have missed out on a few I really loved. But to spend that kind of money not knowing what I’m getting is a chance I won’t take. I might regret it later and that’s ok. 🙂

    • endangeredtrolls

      As per the article I think with 1111 available, you’re likely to see the bead before you need to make a buy or pass decision. Of course I’m frequently wrong too :>


  4. Neve

    Ohm beads had me with the first bit of information and lost me with this information. I think that is an extremely expensive purchase when you don’t know what you are getting.

  5. SarahWW

    This is a brilliant, creative idea, true to OHM’s values. I look forward to smashing my rock.
    #ChipAwayAtYourInsecurities, indeed. <3

    • endangeredtrolls

      I can’t wait. I feel like a kid before Christmas 😀


  6. Nereida

    It’s a beautiful story, and I’m sure it wasn’t cheap putting it in the rock like substance. Money doesn’t buy happiness, and the loss of it shouldn’t be the worst thing. Still it’s ironic that Ohm, while correctly stating an anecdote about money, seeks a lot of it for a blind bead. And we shouldn’t be shattered by the loss of $140 if we don’t like it, but then don’t ask for that $140 if there’s a real possibility I’ll be disappointed buying it. The smashing and beautiful prose aren’t worth $140. Give us the thrill and fun of smashing rock like substances at a reasonable price. If you’re pushing the envelope on bead delivery and participation, great. We love Ohm for that. If you’re testing the waters to see how much money we’ll part with remember, Gordon Gecko was wrong. Greed isn’t good.

    • endangeredtrolls

      To play devil’s advocate, doesn’t the value depend on what’s inside though? Right now we have absolutely no idea of the size, the materials, nothing. I do understand that some are going to object to the blind distribution – I absolutely understand that aspect but I don’t think we can necessarily judge the value until the bead has been seen.


  7. Joanne B

    Sounds like a remake of “The Pearl” by John Steinbeck.

  8. Joanne B

    Aptly put, Nereida! And, if someone buys it for $140 and smashes it, then what does the value become? It’s like an expensive wine, which when opened, loses its value.

  9. Ella

    Does a heart that is open lose it’s value? You can always wear or look at it encased in rock, if you fear what you will find within. It takes courage to take a chance in life – I think that is part of what the packaging / story tell us. it takes courage to take a chance, or to admit we are wrong in life; it takes courage to accept the possibility of disappointment (or even joy), too. I think the story and concept with this bead is wonderful and deep – looking forward to seeing where it goes from here! #Ohmadventure

    • endangeredtrolls

      *Love* that hashtag Ella! 😀 I’m personally really excited for this release. I can’t even begin to imagine what’s in that box. Honestly I’ve given up trying to predict anything from Ohm 😉 The story is so touching <3


    • Nereida

      Which is great, at a reasonable price. It becomes less about courage and accepting disappointment, and more about a money grab at a higher price point. Since the story is about chasing money, it makes the cost especially ironic, not philosophical. I like my spiritual lessons followed through with similar actions, not those antithetical to the moral of the story. Most buyers choose due to limitations on budget, which beads to get and which to pass on. Asking for a blind leap is more likely to lead to disappointment since, even if I like the bead, will I like it $140 worth. Doubtful, as few beads hit that mark. It’s highly likely that once smashed, it will be worth much less as that fun element is gone. It’s not an open heart, it’s used packaging. I love the idea. Maybe next time they’ll be sensitive to the choices people make and try a less expensive price point which won’t require the foregoing of quite a few beads for the chance of really liking this one. And I only say this as someone who has had the courage to lead what everyone who knows me says is a very adventurous life and taken many risks.

      • Elise

        Packaging and anticipation as a life experience with a premium inside – is that worth $140? An interesting experiment.

  10. Lisa G

    I will wait to see what it is before I buy it. Though I love the idea behind Ohm beads, and their willingness to do quirky things, I either love or hate their beads. So I will wait to see.

    • endangeredtrolls

      Understand completely 😀 I’m lucky, I tend to list most of their stuff. The only thing that’s been a miss for me recently was the Make Beads Not War release 🙂


    • Mike @ OHM

      Love or hate, we strive to illicit something other than boredom 😉

      • Lisa G

        Absolutely, Mike@Ohm!

      • Nereida

        I doubt boredom will ever be associated with Ohm.

  11. Lauren

    While this is a very interesting idea I can’t see spending $140 on something that I have no idea if I will want or even like. That’s a lot of money for the gamble. If it was $40 or $45 I could see possibly taking the chance. If you get this bead and you don’t like it you may not be able to just unload it easily especially if more are available online and not already opened. I could wait and see what others get and then decide if I want it if it’s still available.

    • endangeredtrolls

      Yes 🙂 As soon as people start receiving them, you can assume pictures will be posted online 🙂 With 1111 made I’m sure there’ll still be stock at that stage 🙂


  12. Lauren

    I agree with Lisa, ohm tends to be very hit and miss for me. I either really love what they come out with and have to have it or while I appreciate the craftsmanship do not like the bead and would never buy it. So a completely blind bead for me would be a very large gamble.

  13. Alexandra R

    I love the idea of smashing the packaging and I find the story beautiful but I’m not sure I’ll get it before seeing what’s inside. I might have pre-ordered it for less than a $100 but $140 for something I can’t see… that’s too much! I love Ohm but I’m willing to bet that a lot of people will do the same and wait and that with 1111 beads, there will still be some to buy when it launches and we get pictures.

  14. Kathy

    I. Can’t. Wait. So fun, so creative, such an adventure. #thepossohmbilities

  15. Kim

    I’ll wait and see what it is before deciding whether to buy. I wouldn’t buy something totally blind no matter the price, and certainly not for a price like that. It will be interesting to see how many people do preorder. Based on the comments here, the ordering blind sounds very unpopular and it sounds like most people are going to wait. At least there are a sufficient number being made that it sounds like obtaining one wouldn’t be a problem if it does turn out to be fantastic. I really don’t like gimmicks like this though – just make cool beads (which is something Ohm does very well!) and let me buy the ones I like.

  16. Diane

    I can’t wait to see all the postings of smashed boxes and the different versions of what’s inside! 😀

    • endangeredtrolls

      Right? I have visions of myself maniacally smashing open concrete boxes and then refreshing social media pages trying to work out what everyone else has got and how many variations there are 😉 I can’t wait!!! 😀


  17. Lynda

    I saw the box 😀 Mike was live and flashed it! LOL I WANT IT

  18. Angela

    Stories or ideas behind the item doesn’t move me to buy or not,IMO think it is more important to the creator of the item as it is what inspired them if it inspires someone else then wonderful. $140 is quiet a chunk of cash to lay out, especially if I stand the chance of not getting something I like. I know I am in the minority as many seem to like the games that OHM offers but when it comes to spending my money just not a fan of games, teasers and riddles.
    In my world present the bead, if it is good and suits me I buy or not., no complications. What I will find very annoying and upsetting ” multiple versions” and I like and want them all, or a particular one with no way or a random situation to obtain them or it. Which to me seems like one could spend several hundred dollars and still not have a set or the bead one wants.
    Don’t think I will be pre ordering this one at all.

    • endangeredtrolls

      I must admit I like it. I like the effort. I like the thoughts behind the design. It’s much in the same way I like to see campaign images. I get bored when I get “this is our new bead, it’s being released on this date. Here’s a stock image. Buy it here.” I like the interaction with the brand and the insight from the designers. I like the see the community talking and speculating and buzzing. I like to see it even when they’re saying negatives.

      Take Wings of Protection. I sat back and watched SO much “drama” unfold over that bead… It was too expensive. Ohm were pricing themselves out of the market. No one was ever going to buy one. And then on preview day it was gone in seconds and the complaints changed entirely to being focused on quantities.

      For me the market would be incredibly dull without Ohm. I know that I’m not going to get all of the versions of this bead that I want. I have some amazing beads in my collection and others I’ve missed. Over time I’ve become okay with that because I know that just around the corner, there’ll be another “must have” that has everyone going crazy.

      In regards to pricing, I refuse to judge on that until I’ve seen the design. With 1111 I’m sure there are going to be stocks available for those who refuse to blind pre-order. Those people can wait for someone to reveal the bead and then decide if they want to buy it or not (and if they want to risk the random factor or not.) It is – as you say – a decent chunk for a bead!


  19. Samantha Cardimon

    One of the many cool things about Ohm is that they are “disrupters.” Disrupters shake up the conventional norm. Sometimes people like that and sometimes they don’t. Unlike many disrupters. I think Ohm genuinely tries new things because they love the creative process. They’re not “new” just to be “new.”

    As far as the price goes, I am a happy capitalist. If I can’t afford to fly Emirates Air, I don’t–I fly Delta and they lose my bags. If I can’t swing $140 for a bead, there will always be the next one down the lane.

    So, I think this is an innovative, fun idea. It’s geology for beads!

    • endangeredtrolls

      I couldn’t agree with you more! Ohm like to shake things up. They like to try new things and if those new things don’t work? Well they’re not afraid of that. The thing is, I get it too. From the marketing side what they do is such fun. It’s nice to have that creative freedom to try something different. Not just have a monthly “here’s our new beads. You can buy them here on this date. See you next month.” Mike streams live from Facebook. They have blind distribution. They have the Ohm Stuff events where completely random, never before seen finishes or designs appear. I absolutely appreciate that not everyone loves it. I love it. That leads me to my second point…

      I agree with you on the pricing too and it’s not just with jewellery, it’s in every aspect of my life. I love clothes. I love designer shoes. There are things I see online I would *love* to have or wear and a decent percentage of those are never going to be realistic. That’s just how life is. I can’t have everything I want and I certainly don’t *need* everything I might want. I know for a fact I’m going to *want* every single one of the variations of this bead. Is that going to happen? Most likely not. But two or three months down the line there will be another “must have” bead.

      Right now I’m excited to see what’s in those concrete boxes. I love Ohm for being such teases and just shaking up this market. For me it would be a very very dull place without them.


    • Nereida

      Would you be willing to pay the price for Emirates Air if you might end up on Delta?

      • endangeredtrolls

        Ooooh I like that twist! 😀

      • Samantha Cardimon

        If my flight cost was only $140, sure! Heck, a $140 flight of Delta is cheap!

        • Nereida

          Obviously the cost of an Emirates flight, not Delta. No matter how rich, most of us who actually make our money calculate the worth of something to us before we buy it. If you choose to fly and pay for Emirates for whatever you like about Emirates, I doubt you will be satisfied if you end up on Delta, regardless of how much money you have. By making the bead completely blind, you can’t make the decision of what this bead is worth to you personally, regardless of your financial specifics. You only know that you are paying $140 for a bead with the smashing experience. That means this experience must be able to be worth $140, as I and anyone else may not care much for the bead. I don’t feel the experience is worth $140 for me and expect that, as with other blind boxes, I will be able to purchase the contents for much less later, either because someone ended up with doubles or didn’t like the contents. I think most people won’t value the experience at $140, and that experience is the only thing guaranteed in this. If someone can honestly say that they’ve loved every Ohm bead and would happily pay $140 for every Ohm design, adjusted in size for the price, than this bead is for them. It isn’t only about being able to afford the bead. It’s about the probability that you wouldn’t have chosen to purchase said bead at $140 if not for the smashing experience. Though I do support my future ability to get one at an unloaded price which, since we all have different tastes, I’m sure I’ll be able to if I want the versions for sale. Sucks for anyone who values a different version than they received at $140 or gets duplicates. All good for me however.

          • Samantha Cardimon

            Well, everything in life is a chance, isn’t it? Not to be speaking for the folks at Ohm, but that *may* be part of the point of this experience. Nothing in life is a foregone conclusion and nothing good comes without a degree of risk and mystery.

            Anyway, I hope you find the next Bead of the Month more in line with your risk level and that you absolutely love it!

          • Kim

            I agree with Nereida. The issue as I see it isn’t about the price in and of itself. While high for a bead, there are some pieces that I would be willing to pay that price for. Not many, but some. But I would have to really love a piece to be willing to pay that price. The issue here is the ordering blind, and asking people to commit a large amount if money sight unseen. I didn’t like the blind aspect of Luna either, and that was knowing what the bead was, when it was only a question of what finish you received. My guess is that most people will wait to order this and there will still be plenty of stock left after release. And I also agree with Nereida that this is not about the experience of smashing the box. Whether I am ultimately willing to.pay that price is totally dependent on whether I am going to like what’s inside the package after it’s smashed, which is something I obviously won’t know until after people start posting pictures. After all, if I just want to have the fun of smashing something, I could find something that’s a lot cheaper!

        • Nereida

          Well, hopefully no-one buys a bead to feel they are being adventurous or taking a risk in life. For that, travel to a part of the world you hadn’t considered before, travel somewhere alone, even if it’s just the movies or dinner to start, take an art class, try a different cuisine, go sea kayaking if you haven’t, climb up a cliff. There are a myriad of life affirming risks out there. Buying a bead will not expand your horizons, give you life lessons, or be life affirming. If anyone thinks it is they need to take solid steps to live at least a part of their lives off the beaten track. If you want adventure, go live an adventure. If I want a tiny amount of mystery in my life, I buy a $10 blind box. A larger expense won’t add to the mystery.

  20. Naomi

    I guess it might be some kind of heart.. wait, is Valentines Day in june, this year? *lol*
    I also think it might be available in oxidized, silver, vermeil and maybe blush as Ohm used those before regularly.
    The idea is great ( I like all of thoses finishes). BUT … not for that kind of money… If I spend 140$ on one bead, I want to know in advance if I like it or not. What if I dont? I would be royally pissed, to find out I spend so much on one single bead, I dont like!
    Still undiceded if I just wait for the first impressions to leak – or take the chance on beeing pissed..

    • endangeredtrolls

      See. Your thoughts on different finishes were the same as my original feelings BUT. Every time they’ve done single beads in multiple finishes (Hive Mind or the Ohm Birdies,) the pricing has been different. Obviously even gold vermeil is more expensive than simple silver.) So now I’m wondering if there’s more to it than that?

      I honestly have NO idea what to think 😀


  21. Liz

    I loved the idea as I liked the way Luna was of blind bag so you didn’t know which finish you would get or Chi Chi where you didn’t know what word you would get.
    I was hoping they would show the bead so you have an idea but the surprise would be what finish etc.
    I was thinking the bead was going to be a heart with a stone ( the different variation being different stones) but I am never very good at guessing with OHM 😊
    The only thing that puts me off is the price. I hope they show a bit more of a preview or more of a hint of what it is.

    • endangeredtrolls

      There’s going to be a preview of the box on the 24th. I have the images of that already (and as someone else mentioned, Mike teased it in a live stream too.) They’re quite adamant that there won’t be a preview but more details? Maybe! How specific those details are is another thing entirely of course 😀


  22. Shanen

    I want to see Mike, Kit & Jen make an ARGH 2.0!! Some lady was selling hers for $400, that is just crazy!! I personally buy beads that mean something to ME. Personally, I don’t like being a loyal follower and being priced out or there aren’t enough for the people who actually want them and want to keep them vs people who are only interested in reselling them for a profit (Moves). I don’t know of any other bead company that interacts with their Ohmily as much as Mike, Kit & Jenny do. That is also part of what I like so much about Ohm, the personal interaction (customer service). For now, Im pre-ordered & will remain loyal, until the price of the beads force me out. (Two months in a row that the beads are triple digits.)

    • Shanen

      ooops 3 months in a row.

  23. Trish K.

    I loved the story and reading all the comments. I’m a huge fan of OHM and what whey represent. They often make me feel like everything is a paradox or oxymoron. And they repeatedly push the envelope. I am not so entrenched that I buy every BOTM. Even from the sidelines I’m amused and bewildered by them and the OHMies. A purchase isn’t always necessary. The biggest thing, don’t take it so seriously. And they keep reminding us to pay need to need Vs want. I’m still in love with them even though I’m not their most verbal customer. They know me. I know them. I know the difference between a need and a want. Keep it up!

    • endangeredtrolls

      I love Ohm. They’ve changed so much in the bead market and I’m a firm believer that it would now feel incredibly dull and boring without them. We never know what’s coming next. Their marketing can be such fun and ultimately, you have it absolutely right. No one is forcing anyone to buy anything. If you don’t like a design, skip it. If you don’t like the cost, skip it. This is meant to be fun 😀 I don’t *love* every single design they do and that’s fine – actually it’s normal! I don’t judge a price before I’ve seen a bead and actually I try not to judge the bead before I’ve seen it in person either.

      Case in point with Wings of Protection. The moment I saw that baby inside I kind of groaned. I knew it would have massive appeal to many but for *me*… so not relevant. Since it’s arrived, I’ve loved it. I can wear it without that element being on show and now I’m working really hard to perfect a darker, moth themed bracelet.

      I just like that they bring something different and fun to the market.


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