True Beadz Stock Update at Great Lakes Boutique

This True Beadz blog alerts readers to a new delivery of True Beadz at Great Lakes Boutique.

A few moments ago the inventory counts for True Beadz at Great Lakes Boutique were updated with our newest stock. The link you need is directly above.

Please be warned it’s not a huge glass delivery but we have promised to try and give notice regarding when our beads will go live, at least while the shortages are ongoing. We also have existing stock of some fall classics such as True Touch Shadow, Sunlight Spot, Purple Dream and Terracotta. All of these colours are beautiful for the upcoming season and Shadow has always been a favourite for me. Please note the images below are to show colours only, all but the Touch designs are not retired.

True Beadz

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

True Beadz True Touch Purple Dream

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

In regards to silver we have Little Pumpkins, Companion, Russian Roulette, Leaf Fall and Early Spring, all of which are great fall (and Halloween) themed designs.

True Beadz Little Pumpkins

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

True Beadz

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Happy shopping!

  1. Laura K

    Hi Victoria! Thank you very much for letting us know! I have one question – will there be any additional stock of the True Beadz mail bead? I missed that one originally and hoping that GLB will have additional stock in the future. Thank you very much for all that you do!

  2. endangeredtrolls

    Hi πŸ™‚

    We restock continuously so yes there will be more in the future πŸ™‚

    • Laura k

      Thank you! 😊

  3. Muriel

    Great news! Do you know what happened with the Dangle​ of the Month?
    It would be nice to know if they will return.

  4. Mandy

    More True Beadz drama!

    LOL for someone who tries to tell the world she works all the time and shares on social just because she OMG HAS TO WORK A SUNDAY is now saying i dont want my life to be at the torch.

    Her tone changes so fast when anyone dares criticize.

    • Faye_T

      Dear Victoria,

      I know you had asked we refrain from discussing the True Beadz situation here and I have despite the interesting events earlier this week where one over inflated administrative reselling ego attempted to have another reseller evicted from groups. Further to this was the news regarding the future limited status of beads and I know you moderated several comments on this topic. The bead world version of the New World Order. Ohm, True and ACA sharing the same business model.

      Mandy did post though.

      Was Jeanette removed from the group or willingly left? Nothing she said was inaccurate and Julia washes her hands of every problem associated with her brand. Who’s fault is all of the problems with her brand if not hers! I bet every business owner wishes they could disown every negative the way she can.

      What an absolute farce this brand is!

      Dear collectors,

      Please do not worry. There’s another retailer on the scene! Shortly you can add that website to the list of stores you may attempt to shop with. Naturally production can’t be increased so the only logical conclusion is that the already meager supply of beads will be spread yet thinner between retailers but it matters not what you want πŸ˜‰

  5. endangeredtrolls

    Hi ladies,

    I’ll be emailing you both momentarily but actually I want to post this publicly too.

    Yes comments earlier this week regarding True Beadz were moderated. I hope you’ll allow me to explain.

    I try my absolute best to allow for open discussion here at Endangered Trolls. Over the years some of those debates have become very heated but the recent ones have developed far more than anything else.

    I hate moderating. Anyone who knows me knows I am in favour of a free internet. At the same time some of the discussions that have ended up here are nothing to do with me but have required a lot of my attention. Further to that they are then causing me issues elsewhere when people contact me privately.

    I’m taking no sides but I am asking you to respect the fact that I have a job to do and at the moment, it’s a particularly busy job πŸ˜‰ When I feel I have to moderate discussion, it pulls my focus from what I should be doing. I then also get accused of favouring one side or another just by allowing debates to continue.

    I’m not going to remove these comments but I am asking you to please try and keep them as polite as you can.

    Thank you

  6. Debbie

    I’m not sure if this means comments aren’t allowed now or what. Here goes.

    Ppl need to decide what they want. Last time it was all about Truly TBz not being official. Not endorsed by Julia. This week it’s about this new group not being endorsed by Julia don’t join. That’s backfired and ppl have joined because they can talk there.

    Admins then talk to other group admins to try and get ppl banned from there too. For what reason? That’s not looking out for their own group that’s a personal vendetta.

    Julia all sweetness until someone questions her then the nasty side comes out. Jeannette made good points. Julia got uncomfortable. Jeannette gets booted out.

    It’s always this brand. For a tiny brand the crap surrounding them is mental.

    • Faye_T

      Here here!

  7. Quyen

    Resellers are only existing because of place for them. Resellers exist for three situations. One – product is too few. Two – they can sell cheaper than retailer so someone supply them at discount. Three – is a geography or shipping issue that stops some market being able to buy.

    Too few is not fault of the reseller. Too few is fault of the supplier. Sometimes is artificial like Ohm where used as a marketing strategi. Sometimes is not.

    In 2018 should not be a geography problem. This is stupid. Can buy anything on the internet. Anything. Only question is who you buy from. Brand no let retailer ship anywhere. Reseller will fill that.

    Being angry at reseller and hunting and trying to get kicked from groups pathetic. Especial when doing same thing self. Admin is no better than reseller she kicks. Worse because she tries to pretend and lie about selling.

    If want to stop reselling. Fix brand. Fix availability. Fix shipping. Stop blaming

  8. Faye_T

    For months now Julia has claimed she cannot accept Paypal payments as justification for back door sales. Always a little suspicious since her friend could.

    The friend is now an Ohm Beads retailer with a website and low behold! Payment is via Paypal! Not a mention in her newest blog that the link she is using is to her own store. Aren’t there laws regarding that Victoria?

    I wonder how long until the latest version of Treasure-Julz-Uniques will be for sale there.

    • Nadine

      There are very strict laws governing this. Bloggers have to disclose products received for free, affiliate links and any sort of financial incentives or affiliations. Anything in violation of these rules should be reported to the advertising governing body for the relevant country or EU region, for the UK it’s the ASA, for the EU it is the EASA and for the Russian Federation it is the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation (the FAS.)

      It is also worth directing complaints to the brands involved as they should these breeches seriously. In this instance that would be Ohm Beads USA.

      This is my specialist field πŸ™‚

  9. Meera

    Changes to Russian law mean Russian businesses can’t use Paypal. Is what Julia says but other Russian artists have kept trading. Its simple right now either she is lying or the others are.

  10. Mandy

    Mandy here

    LOL! Next True Beadz then ACA. All very limited. Must buy now.

  11. Liz

    Is this still going? How are any of you still discussing this? I’m not trying to be miserable but really! It’s will soon be 1 year since the Snowgirl mess. Cores fall off beads. Universal cores aren’t. People pick dryed glue from their dangles. The Moskov glass didn’t all fit the Panoramas, big cover up with that. Special beads to special customers. Discount rates if you shop direct but no stock at retailers! Why are you surprised? I’m generally curious. The brand is dirty and shoddy. Has been for a year. The only new development is dragging Ohm to her level. That blogger was selling illegally since last year! Its not news.

  12. Tracy

    4Unique use Paypal. No problems there.

  13. Inga

    Where do you even find beads? I call retailers and no one ever has beads. Each time same answer. I gave up that is not fun for me but after reading here maybe a good thing.

  14. L2

    True Beadz is like a sulking teenager that doesn’t know what it wants. It has notions of being a brand with retailers, events and the exciting side of adult life. It’s not ready. Production isn’t high enough. QC has suffered likely because Julia tries to focus on making beads. Marketing shows beads you can’t get and outlets have no stock. When any of this is pointed out politely or otherwise it throws a fit, slams doors and posts on social media about how the world doesn’t understand. Cut the retailers and sell on Etsy. Or work out how to fulfill retailer demand as obliged when agreeing to stock one.

    • Faye_T

      Superb analogy!

  15. Rachel

    I first bought True Beadz when Julia was an Etsy seller and I collected until a few months ago. The quality used to be beutiful you could feel the love in the beads. I dunno if its like L2 said and now she is just rushing to produce but I received more than one bead with cores fallen off. I wanted to love the dangles because I like the idea but they dont look like the glossy pictures she puts out. Colors were different and I had one that didn’t sit straight so had to return but the retailer couldnt replace cos the preorders ended. I wont play the limited game so never see many beads for sale until the price increase. Retailers have some glass now but at $40 not a surprise. They aren’t $40 quality. My bf tret me to the Moscow set but the glass I got isnt good. Really dark and nothing like pictures again.

    I still want to love True Beadz. I hope problems get fixed.

  16. Sonya T

    Faye_T and Debbie,

    Just fyi, Jeanette left the group on her own.

  17. kather

    Here is what I get from this latest onslaught. Mandy, Faye_T, and others, you neither respect nor care for anyone other than yourselves. Victoria explained clearly that all of this bead drama is affecting her work. She has bent over backwards to provide you with a forum in which to express your opinions. You continue to abuse individuals based on partial, biased information. Now you have violated Victoria’s trust, saying, “she did it first.”

    As one of your many supporters, Victoria, I apologize for these bottom dwellers.

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