True Beadz Restock at Great Lakes Boutique

This True Beadz blog alerts readers to a limited restock of True Beadz True Touch glass and silver designs at Great Lakes Boutique

A short time ago the True Beadz website counts at Great Lakes Boutique were updated. This is essentially a small restock of True Beadz True Touch glass and certain silver designs. Most of the True Touch colours are now in stock again, albeit in very small quantities. Please note you’ll find just a few live images here too.

Pay particular attention to some of the autumnal colours, particularly as September is now just three weeks away. Pumpkin Touch and Terracotta are both available.

True Beadz

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

True Beadz

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Sunlight Spot and Shadow are another stunning combination.

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

If you’re looking for something a little darker, Viola and Purple Dream are amazing accent colours for the fall.

True Beadz

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

The wood you’ll find as live images and don’t ignore those as we head to fall, they’re beautiful.

True Beadz Olive

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

True Beadz Olive

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Please be quick as quantities are very limited and it’s always difficult for us to predict when new deliveries can be expected. Global shipping is absolutely free.

Happy shopping

  1. Sally

    the beads are pretty but I can’t recommend trollbeads at all – I was given a bracelet with a peacock lock as a gift and the lock failed. I lost the bracelet 5 days after receiving it! And all will offer is a 10% discount off of a future purchase. It’s an inferior product and their customer support is not what it should be. Just sharing this so others aren’t out $100 after 5 days.

    • endangeredtrolls

      Good evening,

      This article is about True Beadz and not Trollbeads. The two brands are totally different πŸ™‚

      I’m sorry that you experienced this but after wearing Trollbeads bracelets for many many years I can assure you that is not the norm.

  2. Angela

    Happy for Beaders who are waiting on back ordered glass but what is the word on the Dangles for September ?

    • endangeredtrolls

      Apparently there isn’t going to be one.

  3. Francine

    Victoria do you know why Julia decided not to do a dangle for the month of Sept. When Julia announced early this year that she was doing a dangle of the month I posted it was odd to start in Feb because Jan 2018 was missing and she answered and said that she was going to do a dangle all of this year and one in Jan which would have been a total of 12. Now there are only 7.
    It’s too bad, my girlfriend has 4 of her dangles of the month and she said they are absolutely lovely.

    • endangeredtrolls

      I have absolutely no idea. Apparently it was mentioned on Facebook somewhere but it wasn’t on the official page that I could see.

      Perhaps it’s because they have the True Ohm release.

  4. Angela

    Lordy, why not ? I remember last Feb when the Dangles were announced some folks were upset that they did not start from January and I believe her response was that they would end in January next, and that would make twelve .
    Though I have five from last years Fall release I was looking forward to seeing her designs for Fall and Winter. I think maybe I missed March from this series
    as I thought it looked very similar to the tower and Dangle from 2016.

    @ Julia
    Hope you see this.
    Now that the dust has settled and I hope everyone is in a better place, less stressed ,in a more positive frame of mind and that you are making beads again that you will consider for all your customers who enjoy your work ,producing whatever you had visualized for the series. There are probably several dozens collectors waiting to complete the series of twelve Dangles.

    These days as I am not so much into colorful glass I was wishing that December’s was going to be stark white with green trees or a nice dark blue like a snow globe with a snowman with falling snow or even a Cardinal Bird on a twiggy branch.
    Lol if wishes and dreams were horses we would all be riding.
    Be well , hugs all.

  5. Faye_T

    Julia confirmed on Truly True Beadz there would be no dangle for September

  6. Debbie

    Is this a joke? There’s no Sept dangle? The one thing she’s pushed on us and now she’s just skipping a month? Oct will be a Hallowe’en. Skip the one month when everyone wants autumn colours. What a joke.

  7. Francine

    Can someone tell me what is “Truly True Beadz”. I hear that name a lot on here but not sure what it is. Where is it at. Is it a Facebook group. I googled it and nothing comes up. Thanks

    • Faye_T

      It’s a secret Facebook group where Julia hangs out.

      It’s no longer public and you have to be sponsored into it by another member and if you break a rule you and the sponsor get kicked out

      • Francine

        thanks Faye for explaining

        • Faye_T

          If you want to read nothing but praise for the brand, it’s worth attempting to find a sponsor to be admitted. If you want to see discourse about the problems with the brand don’t bother.

  8. Debbie

    I don’t get this brand. First she retires everything but pushes us towards dangles. Next there is never enough glass beads at retailers but beads are sold at Instagram and always to the same people? Now no dangle but it was said in an invisible group? How do people follow anything about True Beadz at all. What am I missing?

    Victoria you work for GLB how can you not know if there’s a dangle for September

    • endangeredtrolls

      Good morning,

      All I can tell you is that we haven’t received any details about a Dangle of the Month for September and looking at the date I’d guess that means there won’t be one.

  9. Maria

    Julia is an Artist and I admire her work but I don’t collect True beads as I’m broke most of the time trying to keep up with Trollbeads.
    As I’ve read about the Huge Demand there is for everything Julia makes and as fas as I know Julia makes everything herself could it please be possible to give her time …I’m sure there will be another September.

    This is such a lovely beads blog ..πŸ˜ƒ

    Good evening now and thank you Victoria!

  10. Faye_T

    Once again Truly True Beadz are disallowing any negative or even constructive discourse about the brand! A lady showed pictures of her Moscow glass and yes I’m sorry Victoria I know GLB had no involvement in this release and because she questioned the quality she has now been silenced.

    The over zealous moderation of that group by a reseller of the brand no less is laughable.

    • Beadgirl

      Saw it too as you well know. Ridiculous. The comment wasn’t even nasty it was questioning how much variation is ok!

    • endangeredtrolls

      Hi ladies,

      I’m really sorry you’re experiencing this. Please do try and keep the comments clean (not that they haven’t been thus far but..)

    • Pippa


      Not sure if you are referring to my post on the Truly True Beadz FB page, but I think so.
      I did post photos of my Moscow glass from the True Ohm set and expressed my disappointment at getting such a dark bead. And I made a comment on another thread mentioning that I was debating returning it.

      I am confused – I was not “silenced”. And nothing was even deleted. The comments on my thread were turned off but then turned back on.

      I was venting about the bead I received – I didn’t like the bead I received. True Beadz glass can vary a lot – this is nothing now or unique to them. Too big a deal has been made of the thread.

      • Pippa

        now = new

  11. Debbie

    Can someone please explain to me the exact rules of that group. Every other group I am a member of allow good and bad feedback within reason. There is so many problems with TrueBeadz but no one can say anything because it might upset Julia? Shaking my head in dismay here.

    • endangeredtrolls

      Hi Debbie,

      That would be something you’d need to address to the admins and Julia I think.

  12. Liz

    The problem is not just brand issues or tough moderation. I’m nervous to even comment knowing soon there will be an angry admin post telling us to stop talking anywhere else. A select crowd of followers are blind to any criticism even if it’s valid. I have seen the pictures and I would have been disappointed if that’s what I received. My glass was beautiful but I need to scratch away the excess glue around the core. One problem with True Beadz has always been the variation is extreme in size and color

    • Lily

      Can’t believe GLB and ET still associate with this brand.

    • Jennifer

      1000% times yes! Julia didn’t close the comments on that picture but an admin did. She can’t shirk responsibility because of how active she is there but she tries to. She endorses the group as official just by being there and posting all the time. All brands have problems but none try to hide them like True Beadz and if you speak up you’re marked as just being negative or mean by the group. Then theres the sarcastic profile updates from her personally. This all reached a point it didn’t need to because there was no open discussion. That wasn’t the fault of those raising the points but the admins and Julia herself. BTW I do collect and like the beads.

      • L2

        It’s difficult to disagree with anything Faye_T originally posted though it was forceful and angry. That never made it wrong and the silence from the brand made them look guilty.

        If the Aagaards joined a group and actively participated the group would be official by association. Truly TrueBeadz is the same.

        • JustAnother

          The admins have made for a rotten community but want to place the blame elsewhere including here. The reason many aren’t using their real names is because admin behavior. If you really look at the group it’s always the same handful that post. The person questioning why comments were locked gets her post liked but none of them dare actually write anything. I agree with Jennifer. It only escalated as much as it did due to the way it was handled by the brand and that group.

        • Faye_T

          A lot of points I originally asked here were questions hoping for an answer. I was genuinely curious as to why dangles were apparently easier to produce than glass beads. That was one of the very few things addressed. I won’t go into the others so as not to begin the debate again. They’re public anyway.

          The second issue answered was about GLB’s relationship with two resellers , one admin and one who then started pandemonium here. Mike replied positively about that situation.

          I admit I was “forceful” as you describe but to try and goad Julia into addressing problems instead of pretending she didn’t read.

      • endangeredtrolls

        I think there are two separate issues being raised here. Anything related to the group itself needs to be directed to the admins. Anything to the brand to Julia πŸ™‚

    • endangeredtrolls

      I’m really glad to hear that your glass was so nice. From what I’ve seen most people are loving the release πŸ™‚

  13. Quyen

    My glass also bad. Dark blue no pattirn and core not stuck all to side but space in between.

    • endangeredtrolls

      Hi πŸ™‚

      If you’re unhappy with the bead I think you need to contact either Ohm Beads or True Beadz directly and they can best advise πŸ™‚

  14. T

    Victoria, I think it’s a shame that a restock article almost 2 weeks old is being used to once again start negativity on your blog. People are being mean and just because they’re not using names, they’re saying admin, etc. Same as naming names. They’re also using a group name, etc. It’s like an attack. That doesn’t seem fair when they don’t have all the facts, just assumptions. I’m sure it will get worse from saying this, but that’s ok. Just don’t think starting it again on one of your articles is necessary. This is a place to go for information, pics, etc, but not this. Sorry, I enjoy the information here.

    • endangeredtrolls

      As much as I understand that, what route would you have me take?

      I can’t refuse their comments just because they happen to be negative. Their feeling they can’t speak freely about issues is precisely what is causing all of this anyway.

      While Endangered Trolls is indeed a place for information, it has always been a place for debate too and that far pre-dates True Beadz.

    • Faye_T

      Jennifer commented yesterday that posting anything negative about that group has you branded mean, even if it’s the basis of honest or concerned discourse. Twelve hours later “people are being mean”.

      They aren’t being mean they are frustrated and if they can’t have open discourse there then why not here? Who are you to tell Victoria what her blog is a place to go for.

      Fact 1: A member of the group opened discussion about the variation on her bead
      Fact 2: An admin closed that discussion
      Fact 3: It then came here

    • L2

      Now it’s not enough that Truly TrueBeadz is over moderated but Endangered Trolls should be too? What was said here that’s so bad? I’ve read this blog for most of it’s lifetime and there have been far livelier debates than this for Trollbeads. Historically this has always been a forum where people can post thoughts knowing the big brands do read it. Perhaps you’re new to the blog. This centers on True Beadz and you want to call it mean. That’s the whole problem. The brand and the admins can’t handle anything negative and try to hide or stop it. You can’t. Julia and the admins need to accept the criticism. Acknowledge they are not always right. Realise they cannot control what people say. Their handling of this situation is fueling this and not Victoria who has mostly stayed out of it.

  15. Sofi

    Always a discussion about what a bad brand starts the same person. Are you not tired? If you don’t like the group on Facebook, then leave it, and spot suffering. Do not like the glass, so do not buy, buy another brand. You look like little kids who came running to complain to mommy about the evil admin and Julia. And always the same disgruntled.

    • Debbie

      And always the same defenders too. Your point?

      • Sofi

        Just leave the group, it’s very simple. Make your one and discuss anything what you want, but no!!! You are staying in this group, for what? To hate everyone?
        One of you are searching TrueOhm right now in this bad group. Disgusting.

        • Faye_T

          What are you even talking about? One of who is searching for what?

          • Sofi

            I mean, your hypocrisy is off the charts. You sit and await the information in group, that behind scold. You scold the group where some of you looking for beads. Not dear Faye_T, why are you there? Oh! I know why! Then, to spread gossip.

  16. endangeredtrolls

    Sofi please do not assume because you see someone with the same name posting in the group that it is the same person here. Many here are using screen names. You might well be accusing perfectly innocent individuals. Thank you

  17. Annabelle

    I’ve mostly stayed away from these debates but as an outsider looking in I’d like those defending the brand, group, admins and artists to know they come across just as aggressive in some examples than those who began it all. Sofi you are acting far worse than the others πŸ™ I know I’ll get flamed now. I guess go ahead but you are just as bad.

    How about leading by example. Victoria is trying to allow open debate. Nothing here is so bad. The other topic was nasty.

    • Sofi

      Of course I’m worse, it’s me sitting in a group and gossiping behind it’s back, not you. You are beauty, the most honest, always all say directly and in eyes and under their nicknames. (sarcasm).

      • Annabelle

        Wow. I’m not even in the group Sofi πŸ™ I’m just saying you don’t need to be so nasty either.

      • endangeredtrolls

        Sofi there was no need for that. Again you are making assumptions about who people are.

  18. kather

    How very sad it is that just a few disgruntled people are turning this forum into a cauldron of hate and negativity. I too have been a follower of ET for many years and while there have certainly been lively discussions and debates relative to other bands, the level of personal accusations – founded to a large degree on assumptions and inaccurate information – has reached a new low. I am also a member of the Truly True Beadz group and have had numerous interactions with the admins and Julia herself (who is not, by the way, an Admin, nor is the group an “official” TB group as has been asserted). They have been friendly and helpful and have accepted criticism when it has been constructively shared. The problem comes when those comments and issues are made in other forums, especially when the accusations are so venomous and the attacks so personal. Victoria does an excellent job here making sure that individual names are not used, but all of us who are members of the Truly True Beadz group know exactly who the moderators are. They have had to endure weeks of personal attacks. Faye_T, you continually refer to one of them as a “reseller” of GLB beads and have accused that person of obtaining Treasures as a special favor. How do you know that? Have you asked her directly in a personal message? Have you asked to see receipts for those beads? Why does this all bother you so much? It sounds like a lot of sour grapes.

    Yes, that person has resold many of her True Beadz. I bought many of them myself. My recollection is that she did so at least twice due to personal financial needs. On another occasion she sold an entire collection for a friend based on that person’s critical medical needs. I do not think the prices were either excessive nor unreasonable. If they had been surely the beads would not have sold as quickly as they did. She was extremely grateful and appreciative of the response to the sales and went above and beyond what I have experienced in buying from other people in lots of other groups.

    I also saw the posts yesterday about the disappointment surrounding the color of some of the Moscow beads and was aware that comments were turned off for a while. I wrote one of the moderators directly to ask why it was turned off for several hours. Her response was exactly what she wrote to the group minus the personal explanation that she was out for a while. (Let us please keep in mind that these are people with personal lives!) When I re-read all of the comments I could understand why that decision was made. Comments were rather quickly becoming about True Beadz quality control, not about the range of variations in the glass, which was the purpose of the original post. Commenting was turned back on. Nothing was deleted. In fact, Julia reached out to the original poster to address the problem.

    The admins have repeatedly been accused of being “goody two shoes” who will only tolerate positive comments and always remove negative or critical comments. I disagree that they do that all of the time, but it is also a fact that the rules state clearly that drama and negativity are not welcome in the group. It is their group. That is their decision. This is a private group in a social media platform. They are not obligated to allow any behavior that they do not deem appropriate. Perhaps if those you who choose to hide your identity would take a more open and honest approach, and reach out to the moderators or Julia personally, you might get quite a different response. That is up to you. Maybe you prefer to vent and complain rather than to find a solution.

    I will not be surprised if after yet another round of personal attacks the group moderators choose to close the group but I will be very sad. Please think about how you would feel if these attacks were bing made against you. Lots of people have made comments critical of the complaining and vitriol, both on this post and on others in ET. It is interesting that so many responses to those criticisms reflect what has been levied against the Admins and Julia. “You can dish it out but you can’t take it” comes to mind. I am increasingly impressed that the admins have taken the high road and not jumped in to the muck here. If I were Julia, sarcastic comments would be the least I did.

    Thank you, Victoria, for your constant commitment to providing open forums. I do hope that my comments will be read and understood with kindness and acceptance and not simply reacted to in the knee jerk manner that so many others have.

    • Faye_T

      Here’s my perception.

      The group may not be “official” but Julia is very active there and not to my knowledge in any other group. This makes it official in some way by association. Information gets mentioned there that is never posted to her “official” pages. An example is the no dangle for September. That came from the group and not public pages so naturally those interested in news will go there. It used to be that Victoria would cover every bit of news from True Beadz and now she doesn’t. (Not blaming her.)

      The admin or reseller in question has publicly decreed herself a GLB helper before older events. Does she have favored access to beads you ask? It is said not but someone working at events shouldn’t be reselling beads because there could be that perception. Why does it matter? No one likes favoritism when a product is scarce already and it reflects ethically on GLB. A Trollbeads employee reselling special stock at much higher than retail would cause outrage. Insult to injury was added when another of their helpers came here and admitted to reselling their event beads at a markup. That’s just poor form on the part of GLB but Mike has said it will be dealt with and my previous dealings with him give me reason to trust his word. Hypocrisy stems from an admin being permitted to resell at a profit but other resellers being removed from the group. It’s all blurred lines.

      I do agree that it is their group but referring back to point one, if the information was available elsewhere this wouldn’t happen.

      Finally your reference to sarcastic comments would be the least you would do. Julia is in sorts a public figure. She presents herself very actively on social media. Anyone assuming that role can expect to take good with bad. She can’t expect no one to criticize because it’s mean. Victoria has taken plenty of criticism here through these discussions and as did GLB but does anyone realistically expect her or them to retaliate? (Not sure what retaliation would be.) Would you expect Trollbeads to in light of criticisms they take? No. They’re expected to act professionally and respect customers in light of even unfair criticisms. They both admitted to mistakes and said they would be rectifying for the future.

      Someone above stated none of this should have reached this level. It is only on Victoria’s blog because the group don’t allow open discourse. Leave the group we’re told. As cited it’s the only place remaining for certain levels of information. They opened the discussion again several hours later but by that time it was already being talked about here.

      Yes this could all be assumptions, perception and coincidences but there have been a lot of strange doings from this brand and simple clarity could have stopped this.

      • kather

        You make valid points here, Faye_T, and thank you for a reasonable response void of the rancor and vitriol that has characterized so many posts related to Julia, her True Beadz brand, and the Facebook group. At the risk of beating a dead horse and continuing a conversation that may, sadly, have no reasonable ending, I will respond to you on some of your perceptions.

        Yes, the admin in question publicly identified herself as having helped at GLB events in the past. So too did the other admin and one of the original admins who has since withdrawn from that duty. Victoria herself personally thanked the 3 of them for taking care of her. I believe it is important to note that they were volunteers, not paid workers, and had absolutely nothing to do with handling beads, assisting customers, or sales. They set up food and drink tables, kept things clean, made numerous Starbucks coffee runs to keep the Brand reps caffeinated, and provided transportation assistance when needed. That assistance has not been necessary for the past few years, since the GLB events moved to a hotel, and those individuals have simply been participants, like everyone else. Whatever perception has been created about favoritism and blatant reselling may be there but it is based on faulty information. You could certainly help by refraining from using inappropriate labels.

        Also, yes, Julia is a sort of public person and as such should be prepared to accept the bad along with the good. I have seen her do that, numerous times, including here in Victoria’s blog posts. That only changed after the explosion of criticisms crossed the lines of civility. She is also, after all, essentially a one person shop. She does not have the protection that brands like Troll or even OHM have with their corporate structure. As frustrating as it may be to those of us who want to buy as many of her beads as we can, isn’t it also true that it is the artisan aspect of her creations that make them so special? Sure, that means there will be irregularities in some of the beads, and there will likely always be a few with production problems, loose caps or other. I believe that Julia has always made it clear that she will fix those problems, or replace a “bad” bead. Even the brands whose beads are mass produced encounter problems. Personally, I would rather keep the artisan look.

        Is there room for better, more consistent, communication? Of course. We human beings may have been created in a perfect image, but we have along way to go to even reach the starting point. I deplore the lack of kindness and civility, and the increase of uncontrolled anger and hate that has been happening around the world lately. I encourage you, and the other commentators here who express such frustration, to reach out personally to the Truly True Beadz admins to respectfully share your concerns. You might find that they will listen – and hear – better when not being shouted at, bullied, or demeaned. Thank you.

    • endangeredtrolls

      You’re welcome πŸ™‚

    • Milly

      If it’s okay that I give my two penneth I think a lot of people are confused. I hope this won’t cause offense.

      I joined the group because that’s where news was. The example of the dangle was mentioned but also there have been image teasers there and Julia confirms upcoming plans too. I thought based on that it was official and none of that information is available anywhere else. I don’t actually want to post pictures of my beads. I don’t take part in the discussions and I don’t think a high percentage of the members do either. It’s like any other brand we want information πŸ™‚ I plan my money based on advanced news. If I had only watched True Beadz official pages I would still be waiting for a dangle.

      I know the admins do not want information there sharing somewhere else but that’s just silly if there is news there πŸ™ People are going to spread news and it doesn’t matter what brand it is. If they see pictures or news they will share it. There is no point in trying to stop that πŸ™

      I see beads on Instagram that I have never seen at an online store. I’m sure others have too. Depending on who you ask answers range from uniques to Treasures to something special and it’s all very vague. I found out via the group that Julia makes special beads sometimes either to sell on Instagram or to give away to some people. There was no talk of that anywhere else. It’s not my business but all I did was see a pretty bead I wanted.

      With Trollbeads I get my information here and from their own pages. With True Beadz I don’t know what I’m meant to do. I’ve sent pictures to retailers before. Last year I was told by Beads Fanatic that the pretty blue CZ bead was for the winter collection. I waited and waited. It wasn’t for winter. It was sold by another Russian lady and I missed it. The store assured me they would have it. Yes it made me angry but I still don’t think that’s my fault πŸ™ The information was in the group. How is that then not official?

      When there is such misinformation people will grab and share it where they can. It can be good and true or bad and nasty but it doesn’t mean it is their fault πŸ™

  19. Kelly

    ust a question. How is label of reseller wrong? Beads bought at retail. Sold them at higher than retail. Sold a lot of beads. Its no different to what any reseller do. If you find the label bad thats your own opinion. Its still right and been selling for months. If it was one time thing. If it was a few beads traded here and there. Its volume and all the time. Always selling. Could there have been special access to special stock as a helper? You know not for sure. I know not for sure. One side is right but the potential is there. GLB admitted the potential for this to look bad and said they’d rethink helpers. Even they realized.

    If Victoria sells 20 OhmMyGod 3 on Ebay for $200 per piece people be angry. Why she has to sell when I missed? Even if Victoria bought beads at full retail from website and fighted with all other customers. She Might not have. That is difference.

    Resellers serve purpose but no fair to ban some from group but not another. And for why? Because admin? Maybe not but very how it looks. Another blog said Julia very unhappy with admin reselling. Post deleted very quickly πŸ˜‰

    It no matter who right or wrong. It matter to keep things clear and fair and even. No fairness with True Beadz in group but people join group because no news anywhere else. Where to read about True Beadz now? Julia tells people new things to group so people join group. People share and told should leave group? Where to know True Beadz news? Special Russian group? Only special people alloweds in there too. Screenshots show lots of Americans so it not only Russian language excuse. It who is favourite.

    Now imaginate Trollbeads make beautiful new beads and only give to special friends. Those friends allowed to post on Intagram and the Facebook and make people look at amazing new beads. But you cannot have. You are not special. Are you blogger? Can you help me? No you now get. Fans go crazy at Trollbeads. But here different because artisan? No.

    True Beadz many problems but different problems. Not all Truly group. Not all resellers. Not all mystery beads. Not all secret Russian group. Not all money send to Russian friend as friends only. Not all beads falling apart. Not all ugly dangles with balls fixed wrong. Not all no stock. Not all Julia nasty on Facebook. Not all one thing but many many little. So many little make people think bad things. Always something else. The more strange things people see the more they think something very wrong. Could all be fine and white but why smoke where no fire?

    I sorry English not my first language πŸ˜‰

  20. Kelly

    :O :O Why my comment no show as me? I do wrong? :O

    • endangeredtrolls

      Hi Kelly,

      No you didn’t do anything wrong πŸ™‚ I had to remove a name from your comment and when I edit something, it temporarily removes your name πŸ™‚

      Everything is now as it should be and please don’t apologise for your English πŸ™‚ Just one thing, please do not use a person’s real name if they are community member. It’s okay for brand and so on but not for another person in the community πŸ™‚

  21. Katie

    Victoria you have done an amazing job at dealing with an unpleasant situation with this brand. Where many others would be throwing their toys around or digging for sympathy on social media you have always handled things with maturity and dignity.

    To everyone here I agree with the need for free speech but how about we at least give Victoria a little peace for a while

    • endangeredtrolls

      Thank you πŸ™‚

    • T

      I agree. Like I said before, I come here for the info, pics, etc. Not this. I’m sure she has enough to do and is very busy.

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