True Beadz Price Increase 2018

This True Beadz blog brings the complete details of the True Beadz Price Increase 2018.

A short time ago a global price increase for True Beadz was announced. The new prices are effective from August the 1st 2018. Until that point the current pricing system will continue.

True Beadz Price Increase 2018

Most products will see a price increase and it varies a little between glass and silver. Some of the silver beads will remain at the same retail price. There’s also good news for the fans of the True Wood line as those beads remain consistent at $40 each. We’ll begin with an overview of the glass.

  • True Beadz True Touch – Old price $28 – New price $40
  • True Beadz True Potion – Old price $33 – New price $40
  • True Beadz Equator – Old price $33 – New price $40
  • True Beadz Black Ice – Old price $33 – New price $40
  • True Beadz Alchemy Breeze – Old price $33 – New price $40
  • True Beadz Alchemy Waterfall – Old price $33 – New price $40
  • True Beadz Alchemy Snow – Old price $33 – New price $40
  • True Beadz Blizzard – Old price $33 – New price $40
  • True Beadz Rudolf Red – Old price $33 – New price $40
  • True Beadz Road to Camelot – Old price $33 – New price $40
  • True Beadz Antique Lace – Old price $33 – New price $40
  • True Beadz Desert – Old price $33 – New price $40
  • True Beadz True Instant Evening Twilight – Old price $35 – New price $45
  • True Beadz Instant Evening – Old price $35 – New price $45
  • True Beadz Magic Blossom – Old price $35 – New price $45
  • True Beadz Wisdom Blossom – Old price $35 – New price $45
  • True Beadz Magic Eyes – Old price $37 – New price $50
  • True Beadz Sheep – Old price $40 / $45 – New price $50

The silver beads increase as follows:-

  • True Beadz True City Jungle – Old price $33 – New price $40
  • True Beadz True Clover – Old price $33 – New price $40
  • True Beadz Wheel of Time – Old price $33 – New price $40
  • True Beadz Early Spring – Old price $33 – New price $40
  • True Beadz Lilac – Old price $33 – New price $40
  • True Beadz Elixir – Old price $33 – New price $40
  • True Beadz Gerbera – Old price $33 – New price $40
  • True Beadz Viola – Old price $33 – New price $40
  • True Beadz Cherry Tree – Old price $33 – New price $40
  • True Beadz Russian Roulette – Old price $33 – New price $40
  • True Beadz Leaf Fall – Old price $33 – New price $40
  • True Beadz Little Pumpkins – Old price $33 – New price $40
  • True Beadz Cornflower – Old price $33 – New price $40
  • True Beadz Poppy – Old price $37 – New price $40
  • True Beadz Three Roses – Old price $37 – New price $40
  • True Beadz Hyacinth – Old price $37 – New price $40
  • True Beadz 2016 – Old price $40 – New price $45
  • True Beadz Far Far Away Kingdom Small – Old price $40 – New price $45
  • True Beadz Once Upon a Time – Old price $40 – New price $45
  • True Beadz True Bridge – No change – $45
  • True Beadz Morning Dew – No change – $45
  • True Beadz The Thing – No change – $45
  • True Beadz Dragon Shadow – No change – $80
  • True Beadz Far Far Away Kingdom Large – No change – $80
  • True Beadz 2017 – No change – $100
  • True Beadz True Dragons – No change – $200
  • True Beadz Fire Bird Dangle – No change – $45
  • True Beadz Dangle Early Spring – No change – $45
  • True Beadz T for True Beadz – No change – $45
  • True Beadz Leaf Fall Small – No change – $45
  • True Beadz Bush of Strawberry – No change – $45
  • True Beadz Blueberry Dangle – No change – $45
  • True Beadz True Pint – No change – $55

True Beadz Price Increase 2018 Summary

For those needing the reminder, my retail partners for True Beadz are Great Lakes Boutique in the USA or Star Bijou in Germany.

At Great Lakes we listed all of our glass earlier in the week as soon as we became aware of the impending changes and as is usually the case everything sold out. We do have inventory counts completely upto date on silver beads so you can order secure in the knowledge that everything available on the website is ready to ship immediately. Due to the unavoidably lengthy shipping time between Russia and the USA, I would advise anyone wanting to order silver beads to do so quickly as it’s only a little over a month until the new prices are in effect.

As always I love to hear from my readers. What are your thoughts on these changes? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. Karin Gillett

    I get discouraged trying to find anything that is in stock. I’m sorry to see price increases.

    • Mary B

      Absolutely. Price increases are meaningless if there is nothing to buy. It seems that beads are mainly available at events. Otherwise not in stock. I think so much focus is on the dangle of the month that general stock is not being produced.

      • Cyndi C

        I agree. I also think many people buy the dangle of the month only because it’s the only available glass bead to buy since you can preorder. As for events, I attended the last GLB. I got there Friday afternoon and there were only a few trubeadz regular stock left. All I got was the event bead.

        • endangeredtrolls

          Unfortunately we didn’t really have much to begin with πŸ™

      • endangeredtrolls

        It’s a hard balancing act I’d imagine. Many collectors seem to love the Dangle of the Month concept and the pre-order period but then of course all of those dangles need to be produced.

    • endangeredtrolls

      I understand the frustration completely πŸ™

  2. Angela

    Seeing this my first thought was to immediately call Great Lakes my second thought???? Wow a 40% increase Hell No don’t care if I miss out .I usually buy beads in multiples 2-4, 4@$28 =$112 now it will be $160 😏.
    Will say True Beadz are gorgeous but not necessary have so many beads from multiple brands that I have not worn will just imagine I have these in there too but have decided to leave them in the bead box.

    Last year after Great Lakes and Endangered Troll dropped that other brand that I enjoyed I thought OMGoodness earth shattering. I no longer buy that brand and life has gone on for both them and me.
    Wishing TrueBeadz the best .

    • endangeredtrolls

      I am sorry πŸ™ For what it’s worth we have absolutely zero glass in stock right now anyway. We do have some silvers and the increase is less on most of those πŸ™‚

  3. Cyndi C

    Some significant price increases there. I realize increased material cost, etc will be passed on to the consumer. I agree with Karin about stock levels. I know they’re a small operation but it gets frustrating trying to buy even a couple glass beads

    • endangeredtrolls

      I understand completely πŸ™

  4. Samantha Cardimon

    I think these price changes are well in line with the prices of competing bead companies. I see this as a good sign for the health of the company as a whole–it means there is a demand for the product. The glass beads were always, in my opinion, underpriced for their quality and artistry and I am willing to pay more for something that brings me happiness.

    • endangeredtrolls

      Absolutely and ultimately pricing is always relative to the individual collector too πŸ™‚ Just like the prices of everything else in life πŸ™‚

  5. Renee

    Samantha, I ditto your comment. I love true beadz and think Julia is doing an amazing job. If you have not sat at a flame, you can ‘t really appreciate the time talent and materials that go into each and every bead, no matter the maker. When the new gla$$ come out I will be there to order!!! No matter what the price . as I only collect what I love!

    • Samantha Cardimon


    • Vicki

      Well said:))))
      I very much appreciate what Julia have been devoting most of her time to the brand so far.

  6. Kim

    Of course nobody ever likes to see price increases, but the current prices are actually considerably lower than the competing brands. The new prices simply bring them in line with Ohm and Troll. It should be remembered too that when True Beadz launched, they were selling from their own website, which means all profits went directly to them. Now most of the sales are being done through retailers, which means profits are being split. Julia and Alexey do beautiful work, and I like knowing that any True Beadz I wear are hand-crafted by two such amazing artists. The new prices are quite reasonable for quality handmade pieces.

    • mybeadstoryai

      Well put Kim, well put. Also if the prices to produce went up for Julia and Alexey then it would make sense that the price must increase for the customer as well. Pandora increased prices on silver and glass only a few years back as well.

  7. Susan

    My current passion is True Beadz. Beautiful glass beads that are just works of art! Maybe the fact they are fairly hard to come by has slowed my spending down a bit. Always a good thing! A lot of the silver beads are not in my taste but I do buy the ones I love. The price increase will in no way effect my collecting of True Beadz. I feel the price increase has just brought the product in line with other popular bead companies. And if this is the first increase in several years then kudos to True Beadz for holding the prices down while the line grew. I look forward to the frustrating hunt for more of my favorite beads!

  8. Katie

    Not that I ever like to see price increases, but the company definitely needs to make a profit and, since no one is forced to buy, if people are willing to pay the increased cost a price increase makes sense.
    I love True Beadz. I would probably pay for new product at the increased price, but I might be more selective about what I order. The beads are beautiful and I want the company to thrive (and offer more beads for purchase). Hopefully, with the increase of the price, True Beadz will be able to bring out more beads…

    • endangeredtrolls

      Absolutely. Ultimately people will vote with their wallets. As with any other brand (or thing in life,) if you don’t want to pay the price then you simply have the choice not to purchase. There’s a lot of other beads out there. The bead market is very competitive.

  9. Mary Madigan

    For me, a 40% price increase is pretty steep for what is left of the regular glass line which isn’t much. Would have paid that happily for True Taste since no one else makes a similar bead but all True Tastes were retired. I love True Beadz but am getting tired of jumping through hoops to buy beads. No one except Troll seems to want to carry a regular line. Beads that I can look at and plan which ones to purchase to design a bracelet. All lines including TrueBeadz seem to only want to produce for events where it is hit and miss if you can buy anything let alone anything that matches. The dangle of the month is a cool concept as is Ohm’s Bead of the Month but frankly paying for beads weeks/months in advance of receiving them unseen is starting to wear on me. As is the hit and miss frenzy of buying at events, secret facebook pages etc. etc. …. Just wondering, if the regular line has a 40% increase on glass what is the increase on True Treasures?

    • endangeredtrolls

      I agree with you, 100%

      Erm. I’ve heard it mentioned that unless a bead is limited edition or retiring, it doesn’t sell. That’s not actually true. It can’t be. If it was true then brands such as Trollbeads – and let’s not forget Pandora (admittedly they don’t feature here but they sure do something right,) – wouldn’t survive. If that’s what some brands are experiencing then to me that’s a shopping habit within their fanbase.

      If a customer has a certain budget to spend and they are faced with limited editions or collection beads, they feel pressured to purchase the limited edition. If there is then a stream of limited editions to the point the supply is outweighing their budget, then of course they only end up buying limited editions. That doesn’t necessarily mean there’s no demand for a collection bead πŸ˜‰ It means they’re never getting a chance to look at (or fund) those.

      I have always felt that a core collection should be at the centre of every line and at the centre of their marketing. A limited edition should be seen as something very special.. something to enhance but not base all of your designs on. The problem is when customers are sat holding off their spending for super rare designs – there’s a real problem there. Unless that’s what the brand want of course.

      If everything you make is limited edition, of course everything you sell is limited edition because you’re creating that in your customers. It’s a different type of business model they are employing and that’s all fine but it is self created.

      In regards to True Treasures, True Julz, prototypes, uniques and so on, there was no mention of their pricing at all. Perhaps that means there is no change. Though.. I would assume in terms of complexity for Julia they must be more demanding.

      I’ve always been in favour of clarity within the market. I’ve criticised Trollbeads in the past for not at least elaborating on why a design is limited. (Number? Production time? Anything?) I don’t think secrecy is a good thing and it breeds resentment πŸ™

      • Lisa G

        Very well put. Customers are forced to put special edition or limited beads first, the company sees that the customer (appears) to want that style of business, and continues to produce beads in that format. The customer never gets to buy, and therefore is never offered, stock beads. It’s a vicious cycle.

        • endangeredtrolls

          Yes exactly. So of course collection beads don’t sell because that average collector who has x amount to spend per month exhausts their budget before they ever get near those collection beads. Sometimes they just fall from one limited pre-order to the next.

          You see it in comments all the time on my blog. “Thank goodness this isn’t limited so I have time to save.” Only often that doesn’t happen… because the newest shiniest limited edition comes out and they prioritise that. Thus the collection beads don’t sell. We’ve seen that a little in what happened with the True Beadz retirement. Those designs were out for quite some time. Yet many people clearly hadn’t quite gotten around to buying them. Of course there could be many different reasons as to why. There could also be that they prioritised something else in bead world.

          Going back to Pandora – I’m using them as an example purely because their model must work – I obviously understand smaller brands can’t necessarily emulate. Pandora have their four solid, seasonal collections per year. They don’t sell all those charms because they are limited. They sell them because they are strong designs, they produce beautiful marketing campaigns and their customers buy into that look. Be it enchanted forests for the fall, winter wonderlands for Christmas. Those customers aren’t bothered by the fact that most people can buy those charms (i.e. they aren’t limited,) they just want that “look”. They aren’t buying them because there are only x number globally. They also then have the time to plan (as Mary said) and build their bracelets.. find that perfect example of the glass they want (okay so that’s more Trollbeads since Pandora’s glass doesn’t really vary.)

          Now of course there’s the argument that Pandora are quite predictable. Flowers and pastels for spring. Leaves, browns and golds for fall but that’s purely aesthetics and not the actual business model.

          I still personally like that model. “Here are your core coloured beads for fall. Maybe we will produce something special to build on these but this is our new season collection.” I also liked the tactic Ohm employed last year where the glass were limited but there seemed to be quantities to last a full season (give or take based on popularity and of course that’s a nightmare for them to predict.)

          Of course there’s the argument to that the brands aren’t MAKING anyone buy that limited bead. You should only buy what you do like afterall but I do feel there’s just too much focus on limited status these days.

          The Dangle of the Month is a brilliant idea in some respects. I know there’s a lot of collectors that love being able to order, not worry about whether it sold out and know their dangle will arrive. I agree versus the frenzy you can get at events it’s a very relaxing way to shop. On the flip side you don’t see those beads in person before it’s too late to order more. Potentially they arrive, you fall in love and can’t go back and get more. It arrives, you see it sat next to some of your other beads.. you get that idea and ah, too late. That limits the design side of all this and I find that a shame. Or do you risk ordering several because you have an idea in your head and hope you do love them?


      • Mary Madigan

        Your response is spot on…. I used to love LE but now everything is limited and hence not so special. I am in love with True Treasures and certainly think they are worth more than $40 given that is the cost of the normal line…. I guess I am one of the ones who doesn’t understand the new marketing strategy of reducing or deleting your core collection…feel that I am over the chasing of LE beads which given the number that are now being produced are really not that limited or special

        • endangeredtrolls

          Exactly! πŸ˜€

          Limited editions should be the icing on the cake, not the cake itself. Otherwise you end up with a rainbow covered vanilla flavoured sponge with bacon flavoured cream and a hint of lime and you have absolutely no idea what you are meant to do with it. On their own the flavours could be great but together…. But it has a limited edition number. Your bead friend has the same rainbow coloured cake too, though it has a different limited edition number.

          The funny thing about True Treasure pricing. I bet there’s a lot of collectors out there would actually pay quite a bit more than $40 for a few really special beads a year if they complemented a core collection they could readily buy. Some of the Treasures have been quite spectacular.

          I have a similar argument with Trollbeads unique program. Let’s imagine Trollbeads produce an amazing fall collection with two kits of say.. brown, golds, honey coloured glass. All at $34. None of them limited. Then let’s imagine they offer you *individual* uniques for just a couple of months. They’re a lot more expensive but I don’t know.. they have leaf murini inside. Or you can get Halloween critters of some kind. They aren’t the be all and end all of the release. If you can’t budget for them, you can still have that beautiful chocolate coloured bracelet for fall. Then those who do opt for them have something really special as an extra. They enhance, not replace.

          • Lisa G

            Yes, if you speak to trollbeads reps, they will say to use uniques to add some texture or color to your bracelet, which is basically formed from a core collection. I love looking forward to seeing a real collection that is thought out and planned. Now we mostly get single *special* beads. I really hadn’t thought about it, but after switching to the GLB brands from pandora in 2016, I can’t plan a bracelet anymore. It’s just “put something together.” All of my pandora bracelets stay together, while my other beads are something of a mishmash, as much as I love them. And every bead is a focal bead. There are no supporting player beads any more.

  10. G. Moore

    More bead greed. Keeping pace with Ohm I see. Very sad.

    • endangeredtrolls

      I’m genuinely sorry you feel that way πŸ™ But hopefully there are other beads or lines out there that appeal to you πŸ™‚

    • Samantha Cardimon

      Bead greed? Wow. The only examples of bead greed I see are in the community of buyers who lose their minds when they don’t get the particular item they want during some special event. Now *that’s* Olympic-level bead greed.

      As someone else commented, True Beadz has temporarily lost the ability to sell through their own website. Prices for materials go up. Costs of living go up. The True Beadz glass were always under the prices of other bead manufacturers. Frankly, this is not greed, but rather staying apace with the market and getting a fair return for their talents. Would you not want adequate compensation for your hard work and artistry?

      But, there are any number of other bead companies from which to choose. Possibly one of them will better meet your needs.

  11. Lisa G

    I think the price increases do bring true beadz prices more into line those of other bead brands. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, there are no beads to buy. So it is a fairly pointless exercise. It makes me sad, as I used to like to collect true beadz.

    • endangeredtrolls

      It’s really hard to predict I think.

      When the huge retirement was announced, there was a real spike in demand and the supply of beads just wasn’t there. Prior to that True Beadz had been pretty consistently available. Then the retirement announcement came, customers bought out all stock retailers had and still wanted more. The market has never really recovered from that.

      At some point it will settle again one way or another.

  12. Lola

    I actually think True Beadz should have higher prices, based on product quality, but keeping prices in line with other brands is the smarter way to go.

    There are those of us who don’t care what the price is or when the items are offered; if we want it, we buy it, or we try to buy it, but if we don’t get it, we don’t regret it. When I was buying my first house, I loved the one I picked out so much, but I knew I wasn’t going to get it. I was devastated, and my godfather said to me, “So, it’s perfect for you, but you don’t get it, so you get the next one, and that’s perfect for you too.” I wanted to slap him, but he was right. πŸ˜€

  13. Elise

    I agree witb Lola….even with the increase, I believe the value is significantly higher.

    Please do not begrudge an artist and craftsman her/his price….while we all buy mass produced pieces, do we really wish that Truebeadz ideas were constructed with economy in mind first? Not me.

    • endangeredtrolls

      Actually very few here are complaining about the prices. Most are complaining about the lack of availability.

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