True Beadz Polar Bear Stock Update (No Restock)

This True Beadz blog alerts readers to the current stock situation for the exclusive True Beadz Polar Bear (and the fact there won’t be a re-order.)

The True Beadz Polar Bear was the exclusive event bead for the Great Lakes Boutique Bead Bash on the Lake in September. We’d given Julia and Alexey the theme of waves, considering we already knew the Ohm Beads Blush Water-Ish were debuting and they came up with the quite poignant design.

He’s a metaphor for our journey through life and polar bears travel enormous distances. Furthermore he represents inner strength in times of turmoil. He’s a reminder that we can thrive in environments that can seem initially hostile. Be strong, be brave and keep moving forwards.

True Beadz Polar Bear

Image Courtesy of True Beadz – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

The design was always intended to be a limited edition of sorts but no specific number limit was placed as we wanted to ensure availability for all who wanted it. As of last week dates for the Bead Bash on the Lake Spring 2017 were confirmed and plans are already underway. With that in mind, the focus is being switched to the next event and the decision has been made not to restock the Polar Bear.

The stock currently at Great Lakes is all that remains.It’s retailing at just $45 so if you want the bead, do consider purchasing it sooner rather than later.

Happy shopping!

  1. Heather M

    I had no idea that he had that description! I have been wearing him almost daily since I received him and now he means even more!

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