True Beadz Event Bead & True Treasures for Bead Bash Spring 2018 Preview

This True Beadz blog brings a complete preview of the True Beadz event bead for the Great Lakes Boutique Bead Bash on the Lake.

Earlier in the week we unveiled the first of the event beads for the Great Lakes Boutique Bead Bash on the Lake Spring 2018 event. Tonight we’re unveiling the second. We’ve already confirmed exclusive designs from ACA Kreations, True Beadz and of course, our very first Trollbeads event bead but we know many of you are awaiting the previews of course.

True Beadz Event Bead

The event bead is silver so obviously it’s designed and created by Alexey. It’s strictly limited to two hundred beads so this will initially be offered in store and then remaining stock placed on the website. There will be no pre-orders and no reserves. Much like the True Tower before it, this bead has a hollow base allowing you to sit your dangle glass inside the structure itself, which should be perfect for those of you enjoying the new Dangle of the Month series.

True Beadz Event Bead

Image Courtesy of True Beadz – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

True Beadz True Treasures

Aside from the event bead, Julia accepted what became referred to internally as the “one thousand Treasure challenge.” For anyone new to the brand, True Treasures are exclusive to Great Lakes Boutique and are similar to the Trollbeads Unique concept. They’re produced in much smaller quantities however and whilst they aren’t wholly unique (in that there are multiples of each design,) they’re still very rare. The fall event saw six hundred True Treasures split between in store and online and of course demand exceeded supply. This time the count has been raised to one thousand and again the stock will be split. For both in store and online participants, the Treasures will be released at pre-designated times. Please note however they are exempt from the buy four get one free promotion this time (as it simply takes too long for us to comb through every single order piecing together numbers.)

We’ve only seen a couple of the designs so far but live images of those will follow later this week as something special will be happening online this weekend at Great Lakes Boutique.

True Beadz at Bead Bash on the Lake Summary

This concludes most of the information relating to True Beadz at the Bead Bash on the Lake event! To reiterate:-

  • True Beadz buy four get one free across the standard collection beads
  • Julia and Alexey will be there as part of the brand representative guest list
  • Exclusive True Beadz event bead limited to two hundred pieces
  • One thousand True Treasures split between online and in store

With the promotion, event bead and presence of True Treasures now confirmed, hopefully this will make for some excited collectors.

As always I love to hear from my readers. What are your thoughts on the latest True Beadz event bead? Will you be hunting for the ever elusive Treasures? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. Samantha Cardimon

    Very sweet! It’s just so charming. I hope all who get one will love it.

    • Julia

      thank you, Samantha <3

  2. Andrea U

    It’s simply adorable, but how many people usually go to the event? I would be annoyed to fly out from CA to get one and still be empty handed. I realize it is not fair to ask for a head count … I’m just trying to be rational (LOL!).

    • Julia

      hahaha i have never seen “rational” and “beads” used together in one phrase =))))))))))

  3. Muriel

    Really nice bead, it reminds me of monopoly houses, although it looks more like a barn. The quantity is very smal so I don’t even dream of caching one online. As you said it will look awesome with a dangle kind of a reverse balloon House (as in up the movie)

    • endangeredtrolls

      Everyone who wanted a Polar Bear got one I think 🙂

      I’m glad you love the design 😀

      • Stephanie

        The difference with the polar bear bead and this house bead is that the polar bears were an “uncapped” pre-order. So yes, anyone who wanted one probably had no trouble getting one. These cute little houses are very limited! I cannot afford a bead shopping trip (as I am not made of money) so I will have to fight for the house online with the others…as usual…and as usual, I’ll probably not get one. 🙁 Sometimes as soon as I see a very limited bead that’ll be released, I try really hard to persuade myself that I don’t really like it, so that I don’t feel as bad when I can’t purchase it.

        • endangeredtrolls

          It was uncapped in the sense that we said we’d order more if needed. That was never needed and we still had stock when they were removed from the website a few weeks ago. So the numbers available will be near identical.

          • Stephanie

            Ok, good. Then maybe I’ll have a better chance of getting one of these! 🙂

    • Julia

      thank you, Muriel! it was designed to represent a studio where all glass and silver magic happens, but it is also a place where the Sheep and friends do party =)))

  4. Alicia S

    To anyone thinking of coming to the event, the event beads haven’t sold out until toward the end of the event. It’s always been worth the trip to get event beads!

    A great time, great people, and beads to suit everyone…what else can you ask for?

    • Julia

      totally agree, events are a fantastic chance to spend time with bead people!!!

  5. Tiana

    I have to say that I expected way more and am very disappointed. I definitely think that True Beads could have done better and should be ashamed of themselves. It looks like an out house. Next we will be seeing a brown dangle of the month to go along with this. Maybe Julia has lost her creativity or is just all about the money and doesn’t care.

    • Nereida

      Wow. I hope you have a better day tomorrow. Love for a bead is a matter of opinion, but even if the bead was as bad as you say, which I don’t think it is, your comment is exceptionally cruel and harsh. Next time you are having a bad day, maybe grab a pillow and beat it with a bat. Pillows don’t have feelings. People do.

      • Jenifer

        Nereida I am so glad you said this. I did have a bad day and would not have been able to write as nice a response as you did.

    • Jenifer

      I’d actually love to have an outhouse bead. I’d put it with a goose bead, the fox stopper, and some pigs. These things are all part of stories from my childhood. Would make my mom’s face light up to see it. But this bead .. she laugh and say only some really rich guy would have an outhouse that nice!

      • Maria

        I agree with you Jennifer, when I lived in an old Victorian cottage I was lucky to have a real outhouse and I can assure you it didn’t even look close to the lovely stable Julia created.

        There was also a toilet in the house 😜

    • Julia

      thank you for your comment, Tiana! I hope some ladies are happy to see that the bead is not to everyones taste and there is a chance it will not be sold out in seconds. And all positive comments do look even more real now! thank you=) I am not ashamed to say there will be a brown dangle at some point just because it is another beautiful colour I would like to play with. Sense of humor and creativity are still here with us, you’ll know it when they are gone=)

    • Lisa G

      That’s a terrible thing to say. You are entitled to your opinion, but someone made this, it happens to be very nice, and I don’t know where that very public comment came from.

      • Samantha Cardimon

        Well said.

    • TWalker

      Brown happens to be my FAVORITE color and I was hoping for a brown dangle….

  6. Elise

    I love the event bead! This bead will make a perfect reminder of the many beautiful weekends watching my niece in horse events. I also like going to county fairs in the summer and making up the perfect bracelet stack to wear and this bead will be soooo cute for that! Truebeadz silvers are some of my most cherished (and worn) beads.

    • Julia

      thank you, Elise! weekends and countryside are always good memories. <3 thank you for the kind words

  7. Elizabeth

    Love love love this bead! And my flock does too! I can’t wait for May! It is right there at the top of my list. And I can’t believe that Julia is going to make 1000 treasures. We really should let her sleep sometime!

    • Julia

      thank you, Elizabeth! finally Sheep family will get an apartment =))))) haha, I will sleep in the airplane on the way back home from Ohio=)

  8. Mandy

    It reminds me of a fairy tale barn with half timbering. The doors are lovely. Mideval vibe. Sounds like a lot to choose from in True Treasures, too!👍🏻

    • Julia

      thank you, Mandy! that is exactly the feel we wanted from this bead <3

  9. joan_w

    Excuse me for asking but what is it meant to be? I saw someone on Instagram refer to it as a cow barn. Does this have a significance I am oblivious to?

    GLB seem to champion event beads with significance to themselves. The water beads always felt self explanatory. The Polar Bear was a stretch but this makes no sense.

    I’m trying to be polite but it feels related to the recent preoccupation with the Dangle of the Month. I’m baffled and not in a good way.

    • Melissa3

      Mooo 😂 Poor Great Lakes 😂😂

    • Julia

      hi Joan=) can be cow barn if you say so and have a cow bead =) that is actually a nice idea, why not! it is originally designed as a part of True Town we are building.

      • Agi

        Will the True Town consist of limited silver beads available on special events or will they come as regular collection beads?

        • Julia

          time will show, Agi =)))

    • Lisa G

      You’re not succeeding at being polite. Just fyi. On any level.

  10. Zavik_

    Treasures beads previews on Vezelka sociaal medias and beads blog Russia

    • Julia

      sorry but this information is wrong. It is only GLB who saw ( and will see) the Treasures first and will share the photos IF they choose to do it before the event.

  11. Faye T

    I was a fan of True Beadz. I have the “I supported the brand before it was a trend” card. I bought a sheep many moons ago when Victoria first featured Julia’s work. My badge should say I supported before the brand was a brand. But what’s happened?

    It was a line with simple, beautiful beads and as Victoria always stated that was the charm. Now nearly all of the $28 are retiring and without right place right time luck obtaining those beads is a headache. What has replaced them is the constant chain of limited editions. Snowgirls for Russia only. Dangle of the Month, Dangle of the Month, Dangle of the Month. I see the same people on social media with those far before us mere supporters. Apparently according to anoher website if we order from Russia we would receive them sooner. Yet that needs a special club pass that my “I supported the brand before it was a trend” doesn’t qualify for. I cannoot order the special version of the 2017 barrel either

    I do not like the event bead but that is fine. I always prefered the glass.

    It reeks of elitism. I like opinions of the people I trust before I purchase. But by the time my retailer receives the Dangles, pre-orders closed. No mention of them here.

    The same names every month have the special beads while this mere supporter of years hopes for some scraps. Thank you Great Lakes for your life images. You work so hard and it’s appreciated

    • Beadgirl

      You must have the same level of “pass” as I.

      O Sheep preordered last year & was never even at the retailer for the holiday. Mine arrived nearly 4 weeks later while the special club had theirs. Snow Girls, no go unless I send money to a Russian person I do not know. Duo tone barrel, same same. Instagram Treasures, all missed because I didn’t know you could buy special beads that way. I ask Great Lakes, they have no idea either. The German Thing cancelled after 9 weeks waiting and no email replies. Not a brand issue some say but retailers reflect the brands so yes it is. I’d be happy if I could just get a pair of Stormy Heaven Blossoms that match in size. Qe sera. The brand forgets its roots – customers and retailers.

      • Tanya

        I don’t even know what happened with snow girl. I completely missed out on that one and don’t even know how, when or why! Lol.

      • Samantha Cardimon

        I hate wading into these waters, but it seems a bit of a defense of True Beadz is required here. It’s not a special “club.” Bead designers routinely send products ahead of time to bloggers. This is an excellent way for the designers to advertise their product in a “live” situation. What do you think you see here on Endangered Trolls? We all benefit from Victoria getting beads ahead of time because she then turns the beads into beautiful photographs for us to see so we can evaluate the release.

        It’s done by Trollbeads, Pandora, Ohm Beads, Aurora, et al. And yes, True Beadz does the same thing because it’s smart marketing. It’s done to create excitement about the upcoming releases and it’s done because the tactic works. It’s a business strategy used by the majority of the world’s producers of products, not a secret society of favorites. And we all benefit from this practice because we know about things ahead of time.

        • Mary

          This is not what the other brands routinely do. They distribute samples of beads soon to be available usually as pre orders begin.

          True Beadz distribute designs either unavailable or unavailable at a retail level. Why should I be excited for a design I can’t have?

          What I mostly see on Endangered Trolls from other brands are beads shortly to be available from retailers globally. What I see on social media are beads either not available from a retailer or beads with no release date planned at all, short of Dangles of the Month. I call retailers to ask where I buy them. They have no idea. They have not been offered such beads. I ask on social media. They are test beads or Treasures. I go back to the retailers and Treasures are for Great Lakes. I go to Great Lakes but they are Treasures they have never seen so back to test beads.

          Other beads are only available from Russia but then I must send money to someone I do not know for them to transfer to Julia to ship my beads. Perhaps I am not as internet savvy as some but I am not comfortable with that. If it’s how Julia wants to move her brand that is fine but to then deny that she competes with retailers or that some people receive preferential treatment when the evidence is online is insulting.


    • Julia

      Dear Faye, thank you for your comment! Some of the things you mentioned will be solved once our website is back. On the other hand I would like to say that 28$ were not replaced by anything:) I am still working on the final stock for retailers so there is no way to work on the line right now. I very much appreciate your opinion and I thank Victoria for keeping this blog a safe place to share concerns not only happy words. If we don’t know what is wrong we can not fix it. If we don’t know what upsets our friends we can do nothing about it. Just because we don’t know. That is why I thank you for taking time to write your comment and let me know how you feel. From my side I can assure you that we will do everything possible to make our fans and retailers happy. It is not an easy period for us with our website being closed for over 6 months now, with the difficulties we have to face in the private life. I know it is not someone else’s problem just ours, but just want to say that we do what we can. It may be not enough to please everyone at this very moment but it is as much as we can do. I do hope that our situation will change to a better one in the next couple of months. Thank you for being with us from the early days

      • Mary

        Julia, the problem I am having and I do agree with Faye on this is that you sell beads that your retailers don’t get or have through another party. The “special” beads that do not look like beads in the collection. I checked with every retailer and they said they were not offered them to sell. It doesn’t seem right and I hope I am not right when I say it almost feels greedy in a way, that you cut out your back bone to your beads (Perlen, Star, Great Lakes) over having to get through a Russian Fairy. I am not sure why you are having problems with your website when others in your country seem to be running and taking payment fine.

        • Julia

          Mary, please let me know just one website in Russia receiving payment with PayPal and I will call them and ask how they do it and do the same! I dont think there is anyone in the world who wants our website to be back to live more than I wish it.

          • Mary

            I shop frequently with Arhaik who is based in Russia. At no point has he told me I have to send money to his anonymous friend. Nor does he send unreleased beads to the same person he wants me to send money to through the thinly veiled guise of an independent blogger.

            But again why does your website being able to process orders matter if you do not want to compete with your own retailers? Surely if your intentions are as pure as you claim your retailers are more than sufficient for processing orders.

        • Julia

          Mary, m sorry to say, but Arhaik does not run a registered business nor does he have a business PayPal account. Unfortunately I can not go that way

        • Nereida

          This concept of ” competing” with retailers and being “greedy” becausethe profit from selling directly insteadoftoretailers is absurd when applied to artisan beads. Of course they make more when they cut out a middle man, about twice as much. The flip side is that they make HALF as much whenthey choose to sell to retailers. Those retail sells make buyers lives easier with reliable and free shipping. The cost of this to artisans is HALF their income. In order to make what used to,they need to sell twice as much. Since they themselves produce the beads, thismeansthatthey mustwork TWICE the hours to have the same income. Obviously they sell more than that,butmust put inmany more hours. Why is it wrong for them to want to “compete” with their retailers to reapt he rewards of the hoursof work they personally put in? Would you instead prefer to pay twice as much for all your beads and they sell only through retailers? These aren’t Ohm factory produced pieces which can be churned out in greater quantities at a factory withc heap labor. Why do people blur thelines between artisan and factory beads?

          • Julia

            thank you, Nereida. THANK YOU <3

      • Faye T

        Thank you for taking time to reply but I think you misunderstand. It matters not to me if or when your website returns to selling. I do not wish to purchase from there just as I do not wish to shop with I originally ordered there to support the artist. The artist became a brand and that drastically changes the dynamic.

        And how does your own website returning to full functionality help with what has clearly become a stock shortage? Forgive my aging mind perhaps but I fail to see how you choosing to compete with retailers aids me. Much as I fail to see how adding another large retailer to your fold aided anyone at all. Perhaps behind the scenes you have a way to increase your production and therefore not dilute your stock but that must be a strategy yet to be employed.

        Rather the only availability I see is for your Dangle of the Month, though again you failed to address the fact some of us are still waiting on March designs whilst your favourites flaunt their April’s.

        I’m sorry you are having personal issues. As are many of us. I still only wanted two matching beads.

        • Julia

          Faye, the stock issue will be solved after the retirement is finished and retailers will receive the packages. I will have more time to work on less glass designs. I am not going to compete with retailers and the stock goes to retailers first. The number of glass bead designs is now reduced and yes that will really help with production.
          All dangles of the month are sent to retailers in time in two batches, and yes there are bloggers who already have the next release beads, those are the live images you can see. Same happens to other beads from other brands.

          • Mary

            You are contradicting yourself.

            Fewer glass beads does not mean less production or fewer collectors. Fewer glass beads means all those collectors focus on the same designs and you simply have to make more of them. The mathematics of that statement makes no sense.

            You have and do compete with your own retailers. Why can I not purchase the duo tone barrel from my retailer? Why must I purchase if from a friend of yours. Why could I not purchase a Snowgirl from them and why did you sell special beads on social media? That is competing with your retailers. Your preoccupation with your own website returning to full function shows your future commitment to competing with them too. Why would you need the website to process orders then? Surely Perlen can supply your Russian customers just fine. Is it perhaps that you make more money per bead when selling directly than when selling through a retail store?

            Bloggers you miss the point again. I appreciate the work of some bloggers. But bloggers having beads we have no ability to order isn’t what other brands do. Victoria publishing live images of a new Trollbeads release as pre-orders begin is very different to bloggers flaunting beads we cannot get. Your Russian bead fairy is posting images of matching beads that are not available to me. Nor is there any information about them being available to me. Like Faye I still await my March dangle and they are on the next release. She “kindly” advises us to purchase directly from Russia as delivery is faster but of course I’m sure her personal interest in this is nothing to do with it.

            As I stare wistfully at her Instagram account, I only need scroll as far as November to count a total of 9 designs not available to me. This is not what other brands do at all.

            You play favourites. You compete with your own retailers and now confronted with this from just a couple of us you outright deny what is evidenced online and what we experience as collectors.


          • Elise

            It would be kind to keep in mind that these beads, while yes a brand are still artisan, handcrafted beads by Julia & Alexey. Production is not outsourced to a factory offshore to pump out thousands of quantity at the lowest cost. These beads are made of the vision and incredible hardwork of two people who dare to believe in their craftsmanship. They deserve applause, mostly.

          • Faye T

            Then with all due respect again, how does your website working again help me with any of the problems I encountered with True Beadz?

            I wanted two matching Stormy Heaven Blossoms. The beads vary so much so I must shop live images and that means Great Lakes who cannot keep stock.

            I wanted both a pair of matching Snow Girls and a gold barrel and I can’t get either here.

            Your answer is your own website but does that mean you will sell from live images too? If so how do you accomplish this while not competing with your retailers? I spent a lifetime in retail. I will not order from because that cuts out retailers and they cannot provide the same live image shopping anyway.

            My findings are much of Mary’s. I watch social media but do not contribute so much. I see beads I like and call my retailer who doesn’t know what they are. Or they know what they are but they are from Russia only.

            As my eyes age I rely on the opinion of people I trust. I ask my retailer about a dangle but they have not seen it in person. I ask Victoria and the same. When they have seen it in person I can no longer order. These are the people who help me choose my beads daily. They know what I like, they know what my beads are and if something will match for me.

            Please explain how your website working will resolve any of this for me.

            Yours selfishly

        • Julia

          Faye, yes, the two-toned bead will be on our website. and yes, i send live images or follow the instructions in the comments that are sent with the order. trying to find matching pair or sending pictures to choose from.

  12. Tanya

    I think it’s very cute. Do we have a price, or did I miss it?

  13. Helena

    Very nice little house!

    • Julia

      thank you, Helena!

  14. Angelika

    Oh I love this bead, looks great!!! and then 1000 treasures! OMG! But I can`t go to the event, first it’s to far away from austria only to go to this event and second I have no holidays at this time. So it’s very sad, the only chance for me could be to find a fairy. But I hope you all have fun there!

    • Julia

      thank you, Angelika! joining online is also great! with the fantastic quality of live images GLB is providing now it is almost like shopping in the store=) <3

  15. Renee

    The perfect little dacha, I will be going to the Bead Bash with great anticipation. I will be getting this bead to be sure.
    Julia, Your work and effort is greatly appreciated. As an artisan it is a fine balance between creativity and production. Know that The few True’s I have a all treasured by me.

    • Julia

      thank you for the kind words, Renee! now if only our dacha was like that =)))))))))))))

  16. Agi

    For me this is an absolute dream bead reminding me on vacation in Norway and I would love to get it. That’s why I am very sad that this limited bead will be offered first in-store before possibly remaining beads will come online. I was so happy with the way the Polar Bear was offered and ordered immediately when it was available on the GLB homepage.

    • Julia

      hi Agi! thank you=) now after Renee said it is a dacha, summer house, I can not stop thinking I would like to spend time in a real house like that=) a perfect place for a party in the country

  17. Veroniek

    The more I look at it, the more I like it. Curious to see it in combination with other beads (size comparison). What will the price be?

    • Julia

      thank you, Veroniek! the closest size in Once Upon a Time if we forget the “pillow” shape of it=)

      • Veroniek

        Thank you, Julia! Can you please tell me if it is the same height as True Tower?
        It means a lot to me (and I think to a lot of us) that you take the time and effort to read our comments and respond to them. Thank you!

        • Julia

          oh i forgot to compare it with the Tower, m sorry! if you “cut” the crown from the top of the Tower, that will be exactly the height of the new building=) i hope that makes sense =)))

          • Veroniek


  18. Katie

    I think that it is a great bead. I’m going to choose to think of it as a barn. My happiest childhood moments were at my grandfather’s farm, so the thought of a barn bead makes me smile. Hopefully, there will be some on the web and hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to purchase. My sheep need a home….

    • Julia

      thank you, Katie! It is fun to see how a living house can play different roles. I see it as a workshop area, that is how i would like to have it in my life, but set together with sheep it looks like a farm house =) I am very glad it brought some good memories to you <3

      • Katie

        I’m laughing at the ‘outhouse’ bead comments. Because I would also buy an outhouse bead. The same farm that I love so much had an outhouse. It was not functional, when I was young. But, it was certainly used when my mom lived there as a child. The farm did not get ‘indoor plumbing’ or electricity until after World War II. In my day, the outhouse was where they put the TV antenna. The family joke was that it was an outhouse with air conditioning (a broken vent slat) and TV. It is a lovely reminder of where we came from and how many wonderful conveniences we have in life that are now taken for granted.

  19. Andrea

    It’s interesting to see that people are divided over the colour brown, which is not a colour I would consider wearing as jewellery. I also avoid wearing brown clothes because I think brown clashes with the other colours in my wardrobe. But recently I looked in the mirror and realised with terrible irony that I’ve worn brown every day of my life: my hair!

    • Julia

      that is funny!!!!! I like the cognac/ amber/ chocolate shades, it is very interesting to see different experience people have with colours and different preferences!

    • Jenifer

      I hated brown when I was younger. My high school uniform was a terrible flat brown color and it made me despise all brown. But over the last 5 years I’ve started to like brown, especially purple and red browns.

      • Julia

        brown+black was a traditional school uniform colour here too! brown+white for holidays=) but I don’t have those memories anymore =)))))

  20. Dee

    The event bead is really cute, and building a village on a bracelet is a lovely long-term aim – I’ll watch out for stocks online & am sure those who are lucky enough to get it will love it.

    But even more than that, I would love love love a brown dangle – just received two beautiful dark Deserts from GLB and a matching Touch-finish dangle would be perfect – Julia, thank you for reading all the comments & I hope you do make brown dangles (please?)

    • Elizabeth

      In defense of brown beads. I am fortunate to have a few brown beads and dangles from the last bead bash (although I did give up my brown bumpy one to a friend at the bash). Actually I am always on the lookout for brown True Beadz! I think brown is a great neutral just like the stunning True Wood beads.

      • Julia

        Elizabeth, after you said that, I realized that there was a period when i was wearing brown clothes as a basic colour! how fun I so got used to grey now that I almost forgot about it. It really is a nice colour!

    • Julia

      thank you, Dee <3 i promise there will be a beautiful brown dangle one day! challenge accepted=)

  21. Ali

    I like the new True Beadz event bead for the GLB Spring event. I will not be going to the event, so I hope enough attendees think that the bead is UGLY so that I have a chance to get one on-line; LOL! One of my favorite permanent bracelet is one made of Trollbeads’ 2009 China Silvers, Carved Ambers and other ambers that Trollbeads is calling “premium” these days, so I have to admit that I adore some of the colors in the brown family and don’t understand the bashing of the color brown here and some of the other nastiness posted above. Reminds me of the negativity that was posted before towards the ACA Kreations’ ivory beads. Geez, if you don’t like the beads or the brand, just don’t buy. Soooo many other beads of every shape, price and exclusivity out there these days. Life is short; buy something that will make you happy from someone you like!

    • Julia

      thank you, Ali! that may be the best philosophy nowadays also because of the fact there are SO MANY offers from different brands and artist =) I am glad to know you like the new house design!

      • Ali

        BTW, Julia, I appreciate the time you take to interact with us bead collectors and to try to accommodate what we want. I’m sure that there are a lot of “behind the scenes” logistics and issues that we know nothing about that you can’t share with us. Just know that for every collector who may be unhappy with you, there are many of us who love and appreciate your work, so just keep on doing the best you can! <3

        • Julia

          thank you, Ali! for every artist it is important to get the feedback=) of any kind. And mutual tolerance and respect is also very much appreciated =)))))

    • Nereida

      It wasn’t actually a bashing of the color brown. She called the bead an “outhouse”and I will let you connect the dots of what she meant by the brown bead It was an abhorrent post.

      • Julia

        i still prefer thinking brown is chocolate =))))) “beads from the outhouse” can be of any colour, no limits for imagination here =))))))))

        • Nereida


      • Sorrel

        I hadn’t actually joined the dots until you pointed them out. That has tickled my sense of humour 😃 and it is a *very* grand outhouse. It will work very well with the True Beadz Tower, after all medieval castles didn’t have indoor facilities!

  22. Kim

    Wow, I just finished reading through all of the comments here and I am amazed at the level of vitriol being displayed. I think this design is very cute, and find the idea of a True Town intriguing. It is absolutely impossible to make a bead (or anything else) that is going to be liked by everybody. I don’t like every single bead from every line that I collect. The answer to not liking this bead is simple – if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Spend your money on another bead you do like, or on something else that you’ve been wanting. And as to the stock issues, what people seem to be overlooking is that True Beadz is a small artisan company with two artists. Period. There’s only so much that two people can make. It’s a tribute to Julia and Alexey’s vision that their work has grown in popularity so that demand constantly outstrips supply. I realize I’m not going to be able to obtain every one of their beads that I like. But I treasure the beads I have been fortunate enough to get. I also don’t understand the complaints of not being able to see the dangles until after the pre-order period closes. The whole concept of the dangle of the month was that prototypes were displayed, and people placed their orders based on the prototypes, and the dangles are strictly made to order based on the number of orders received. It’s been very explicitly stated all along that’s how it works and that later orders after the pre-order period closed would not be allowed. Samples are distributed to bloggers and displayed on social media precisely so that people can see them in action during the order period to help in making their purchasing decision. If someone doesn’t like that concept, fine, but many of us like that way of handling LE releases better than having a set number made in advance and then getting into an online fight with other collectors to see if you can get to Paypal checkout ten seconds sooner than everybody else. Julia and Alexey have always been very accessible to their customers and I for one appreciate their efforts to adapt to customer feedback and try to make a larger number of people happy.

    • Samantha Cardimon

      Well said! Life is too short to get so wound up about this.

    • Jenifer

      I’m really confused by the amount of anger I see here and on Facebook from bead collectors. I understand getting annoyed or frustrated (OHM Stuff sales drive me insane) and wanting to ask the artist if it is possible to make an adjustment to their way of doing business. But I don’t understand this sort of vitriol. Threatening to never shop at a retailer because of a choice an artist made about production/distribution. Saying artists are “elitist” or “profiteering” if they don’t make large numbers of beads, or don’t provide stock to the “right’ retailers, or increase their prices, or if they make a product that people like so much that it triples in price on a secondary market. It is really unpleasant to read.

      • Julia

        <3 <3 <3

    • Julia

      thank you, Kim! I can not wait to give you a hug at Bead Bash <3

    • Katie


  23. Mary B

    I saw this post when Victoria first put it up and I thought cute little Russian house. I was surprised to wake and find the charge of comments connected to it. I encourage people who are unfamiliar with Russian architecture to do an image search for Russian wood houses, traditional Russian houses, or Russian country houses. Doing so will show how this bead represents classic Russian dwellings. This little house indicates a country rich in timber and land resources. The ornate possibly steel roof suggests people living in a snowy climate. The arched double doors (not necessarily a barn but a big welcome to ones home), arched windows, and decorative timbering suggest an artistic structure displaying the owners pride and perhaps wealth. These are hallmark traits of a classic Russian wood house.

    When Red Bali Frog created a Bali hut in a collection. It made sense to everyone. This should be no different. Alexey and Julia are coming as guests to the Bead Bash…. they are bringing a little of their homeland with them in the way of this bead. Russia is a place that many will never be able to visit. I like that we can embrace other’s cultures through beads. It reminds me of the children’s story Paddle to the Sea.

    • Julia

      thank you, Mary! Alexey was happy to see your comment =) there are still some of those houses to be found even in Moscow, of course some are painted in a “modern” way, but they are still so very pretty. Thank you!

  24. Stephanie

    I love this little cottage and I hope somehow I’ll be able to snatch one up. I would have preferred this to be like the previous Polar Bear bead, as an uncapped pre-order. Then that would make it possible for anyone who’d want one, to get it stress free. And Julia, I LOVE the idea of a True Town collection! I have always loved tiny houses and building! I just hope I’ll be able to get each one, even though I missed out on the True Tower.
    I can understand with what a few of the other ladies are talking about, with the amount of beads being available. Since there’s just the two artists and what…like three retailers that you have to send beads too, it seems like you’re being stretched too thin. Maybe it’ll help time and production once you get your website open. Then you can stop selling your beads at the other retailers and just from your own site? I’m not sure how it could be better. It looks like you two will need to hire a team of bead makers soon, since we all love your beads so much! Haha! But yes, it does make me feel a bit bad when I see people with beads I can’t have. But it’s life I suppose, you can’t always get what you want.

    • Julia

      thank you for your comment, Stephanie! haha i LOVE little buildings and I don’t only mean beads, I have a collection at home and some in my studio. They give such a cozy feeling I just love them all!
      thinking of the amount of beads made, there are limits for some special releases but there is also a limit of what can be physically done. We are paying attention on these both things and trying to find a comfortable way out. But I know exactly how it feels when you want a bead and can not get it because there was just a hundred made or because your internet connection is not that good. As a collector myself I know it from trying to buy beads I like from other brands. But still, these are just beads and with the amount of new promos/releases with all that overwhelming amount of information we experience these days there is always a hope that tomorrow there will be another bead that i fall in love with and will buy it because I love it.

  25. Lisa G

    I really like Alexei and Julia’s work. I have a lot of their beads, and would like more but we can’t have everything. I am willing to wait for the orders (like the thing from star bijou), because Alexei and Julia are 2 people producing a lot of beads. Julia is always open and friendly with her customers. I’m sure you all have given her a lot to think about, but I am a bit horrified by the mean spiritedness I see in these comments. Can’t people express their issues with true beadz in a polite and reasonable manner? If an order is overdue, I’m sure your retailer will be glad to cancel and refund. If you really want the bead, try to wait. If you don’t agree with Julia’s business practices, you don’t have to buy from her. But talking it out graciously goes a long way toward solving a problem.

    • Samantha Cardimon

      Well said. I see no need for unpleasantness.

      • Julia


    • Julia

      thank you for your kind words, Lisa! we will keep going our way and do our best. <3 hugs

  26. Melissa H.

    I think this is a very sweet cottage Julia ;). I love my Tower and I’m glad other people will have a chance to get a house for their TrueBeadz dangles. I’m hoping for a medieval church in the future ;).

    • Julia

      thank you, Melissa! fingers crossed for a nice town one day=)

  27. Pippa

    Wow! I saw this preview last night but my internet service went down before my post went through. I was quite surprised to open it open it up tonight and see it had 82 comments.

    I really like the bead and am excited! I love to make theme bracelets from stories – books, movies, fairy tales, TV series, opera, any thing that catches my fancy, and there aren’t many high quality beads of buildings available. Thanks Julia and Alexey for making such a sweet and unique bead. 🙂

    • Julia

      thank you, Pippa! oh, it really can be useful for movie or fairy tale bracelet! I have not thought about it!

  28. Marie

    Love your new event bead design, and am very much looking forward to seeing the village expanded.

    I’ve read through every comment made, and there were some absolutely ugly ones… but many more kinder ones. I’m hoping that you and Alexi are recognizing that there are so many of us that love your designs and the two of you. You are both talented, kind, and caring.

    I look forward to seeing you again soon at GLB.

    • Julia

      Thank you so much, Marie! We can not wait to be back to the friendly environment of the Bead Bash ❤️

  29. Martha Olavarrieta

    I love the little house Julia. Tell Alexey that he did a great job. It will look great with my growing sheep family. Maybe I’ll need two houses LOL. And a brown dangle would be awesome BTW

    • Julia

      thank you so much, Martha! <3

  30. Valeriya

    I would like to stand up for Julia and Alexey. I agree with all those who write that one must be polite and respectful towards the work of other people. Most artists are sensitive to feedback and for them their creations are the same as the children for parents. What we like and do not like are the matter of taste, and Tastes differ as we all know from the very old English proverb.
    In conclusion: Yes, I like little houses, even more I like beautiful little houses, even more I like when beautiful little houses are made by talanted people. Good luck, Alexey and Julia. Your fans are with you!

    • Julia

      thank you, Valeriya! little houses are soooo sweet, are not they?!=))

  31. Valeriya

    Is it the secret information again, Victoria?

  32. Martha Olavarrieta

    How much is the little House? Just planning my bead budget

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