True Beadz Dangle of the Month February 2018 Pre-Orders Begin

This True Beadz blog details the new True Beadz Dangle of the Month concept and alerts readers to pre-orders for the February 2018 design.

Yesterday saw a teaser for the first True Beadz release of 2018 and today I can finally expand upon the new bead and the concept behind it. Beginning in February 2018, Julia will be launching a Dangle of the Month series with quantities made according to pre-order numbers. As it’s now midnight in Europe and past that in Russia, here’s the preview.

Pre-orders for the first dangle, themed for Valentine’s Day, begin immediately (January the 2nd) at all authorised retailers. They will continue until January the 16th. There is no firm date for when the dangles will arrive at retailers but they’ll then be distributed to all those who pre-ordered.

Pre-orders or the March 2018 design will begin on January the 24th and run until February the 7th.

True Beadz Dangle of the Month February 2018

As stated the Dangle of the Month for February is themed for Valentine’s Day. It will retail at $50.

True Beadz Dangle of the Month

Image Courtesy of True Beadz – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

True Beadz Dangle of the Month February 2018 Pre-Ordering

For those of you wishing to pre-order, you can do so immediately via Great Lakes Boutique in the USA or Star Bijou in Germany. Both of these stores will ship globally.

True Beadz Dangle of the Month February 2018 Summary

To clarify once more, this is a single bead release with no silver beads or additional glass. It is a limited edition but time limited as opposed to quantity and you can order via your preferred retailer. For those unfamiliar with the brand, they use a universal core and while their glass are not consistently compatible with Pandora charm bracelets, I believe the dangles have been.

As always I love to hear from my readers. What are your thoughts on the new True Beadz Dangle of the Month concept and will you be pre-ordering? Hit the comments and let me know.

  1. Laura K

    I just ordered two- so excited! These will be my first True Beadz dangles ! When i first caught a glimpse of the colors, I knew that they were perfect for me! ♥♥

    • Julia

      thank you, Laura! I hope you will find our dangles comfortable to wear and useful in your designs!

  2. Nereida

    I love tbe idea, though dangles aren’t my thing. I have, however, recently discovered earrings that take dangles so who knows.

    • Julia

      thank you, Nereida! we wanted to start new year with an experiment

  3. Elizabeth

    Preordered! Love this idea! Woohoo! and no scramble to get one before anyone else! yay!

    • Julia

      thank you, Elizabeth! fingers crossed for comfortable and stress-free shopping=)

  4. Anne (UK)

    Lovely bead, pre ordered straight away. Very fair method of purchase, hopefully will please everyone. Well done Julia!!

    • Julia

      thank you, Anne! we hope this method will allow us to make both customers and retailers happy. we’ll see how the shipping part of it will be, but I hope we will manage to do it in time

  5. Katie

    Love it!! I just pre-ordered. I love the concept for distribution, also. Finally, stress-free shopping!!

    • Julia

      thank you, Katie! we do really hope this way of releasing dangles will prove to be a good one! time will show

  6. Pippa

    This dangle is very cute. I don’t generally go for hearts but I really love the colors. I went ahead and pre-ordered one from GLB even though I don’t see it making it to me by Valentine’s Day to wear to the party I mentioned in the teaser thread.

    I think the Dangle of the Month is a really fun idea but am worried about the time between ordering and delivery I hope some thought has been put into this.
    So many complain about the long lead times on pre-ordering Ohm’s Botm and their arrival. This seems like a nice way to give everyone who wants one a chance to order but what is going to be the wait time on shipping and delivery. I know some of us who had a really long wait time on certain Ohm beads last fall got very frustrated.

    • Julia

      thank you for this message!

      there are obviously two possible things one can complain about. First- when preorder is way too early so by the time the bead is home it feels a bit “old” already. Second – the bead is “fresh” but who knows if it will be home in time or not?!

      our experiment is the following: by the time preorder begins we already have a certain number of items and go on making more. So when we get the numbers from all our retailers on day 7-8 we are (hopefully) ready to send the first package out! and go on working, so even if we don’t predict the demand correctly by the final day of preorders we have most of the orders covered.

      I mean the production begins BEFORE the preorders, not AFTER. I really hope that will help. and we encourage retailers to send dangles out to customers as soon as retailers have the dangles in their hands.

      sorry for the long message=)))

  7. Samantha Cardimon

    I think this is a great idea! It solves a couple of problems. One, True Beadz now knows the qualities to produce. Two, there is no issue of having beads snatched out of our carts since these are pre-order from the get-go. I’ve found the “bead-snatching” so problematic that I no longer even try anymore.

    As far as the beads potentially not arriving in time for a specific holiday, well, it’s preferable than not getting them at all (which is what is happening for me anyway). I applaud this idea and hope it works well for everyone!

    • Julia

      thank you so much, Samantha! this kind of support and understanding is priceless! we will do everything possible from our side <3

  8. Noemi

    I appreciate this way of pre-ordering. Thank You Julia for making it easy, stress free ordering. I know it is a bead made especially for me so I do not mind the wait.

    • Julia

      thank you, Noemi! I hope this will prove to be a good way for everyone

  9. Kim

    I love the True Beadz dangles and this is a really cute one. I’ll definitely be ordering. I’m glad Julia is giving this pre-order concept which she tested out last year a broader application. There’s no scrambling to order before a limited quantity vanishes, there’s a fair time to consider your order, and everyone who orders will get their beads. Given that these beads are essentially being made to order based on the quantity of the pre-orders received, I have no problem with a wait to get the beads after ordering.

    • Julia

      thank you very much, Kim! I hope we will minimize the waiting time, but we very much appreciate your understanding! thank you for always being nice to us <3

  10. Liz

    Brilliant and great idea. It gives you plenty of time to buy, there’s no worrying you have missed it. I don’t mind waiting, it’s far better than not getting it at all.
    And it’s even better as it’s Dangles 😄
    , I have a feeling Julia is going to have a busy 2018 😊

    • Julia

      thank you, Liz! let’s hope everything will go smooth with this new method <3
      hahaha i can not complain on a busy year =)))))

  11. Francine

    While the dangles shown are very cute I have my observation on the dangle of the month. First, why start at February, where is January? By starting with February at the end of 2018 you will have 11 dangles instead of 12. Also, are these going to be themed by the month such as Feb=Valentine, Mar=St. Paddy Day, Apr=Easter, and so on and so forth. If so, given the slowness of Julia’s production will one even have these for the corresponding monthly holiday. Remember the Halloween dangles were offered for sale in December I believed.

    I do think her dangles are very lovely but would rather have 12 beautiful generic dangles (non theme related ones) if indeed these are going to be themed by the holiday of the month.

    • Lola

      You can use them every year though, so if they’re themed, when you get them this year doesn’t matter.

      • Pippa

        Well yes you can, but it can be disappointing all the same. I think the Dangle of the Month is a great idea and Julia has great design ideas. I just hope that this is a realistic timeline given production times and then the time it takes to ship the beads to retailers given potential delays with customs, etc. and then the retailer has to ship the beads. I think the idea of some more generic ones is a good idea.

        To be fair there might not be a timing issue. And I could be worried for nothing.

    • Julia

      Francine, thank you for your message and pointing out some important moments here! I will do my best to answer where i can
      by the end of the year there will be 11 dangles, add January 2019 and you have 12=) there was no way for us to make everything we promised to our retailers before the end of 2017 and have the dangles ready for January. that is why we start with February and I personally see absolutely no problem here

      I have never said the dandles will be themed. this one looks like st valentine but it just happened to fall on February. I was thinking about things happening in life, good things and not so good. But there is also something that helps to go on. that was the idea behind the design.

      with the Halloween dangles there was one package that travelled really long and there was nothing I myself or GLB could do, and those were not pre-paid/ pre-ordered. It was a GLB decision to offer them in December and to keep them till next year. I believe it turned out as a good decision though.

      with that all being said it is of course a personal decision (as always) to participate or not, i just wanted to clarify from my side how I see the ordering-delivering process and how the communication with retailers will be =)

  12. Angela

    Agreeing with Francine on all points.Got my Halloween dangles around the 20th of December, got them because I did not want Great Lakes to be stuck with them. Yes I know someone else could have gotten them but I am loyal to my Retailers not their fault the beads were late. I may or not wear them next year but then Dear Husband asks “What’s the point of storing them till then, especially knowing that by then I may find something I like more?”
    I love True Beadz, just not into waiting months for a bead. These Dangles should be in store this week, every Retail store I have been to is full of Valentines merchandise. Understanding the European marketing system is different but manufacturers and brands need to know their various markets and supply accordingly. Valentine’s Day is less than 40 days away, for Great Lakes to collect orders get product and ship to their customers so we can wear and enjoy them for the season they should be arriving in store no later than this week.
    There are just too many products right here in front of us that we can spend our monies on that to wait on something to arrive weeks or months later and hold for 2019 or whatever year is just nuts.
    Late Seasonal deliveries to Retailers is more than a double whammy. It is unfair as it ties up cash ,if customers refuse an ordered bead they have to deal with annoyed customers and in a short time try selling it to someone else not to mention that after the occasion people will want the item discounted.
    Product of the month is a good idea but only if deliveries are timely and not specific to a particular occasion or day.

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