Trollbeads Winter Sale 2017 USA Begins

This Trollbeads blog alerts readers to the start of the Trollbeads Winter Sale 2017.

Though Trollbeads UKicon (affiliate link) began their winter sale on Christmas Eve, Trollbeads USA have at least waited for the start of the 26th! The Trollbeads Winter Sale for the US market has now begun and somewhat predictably it’s absolutely enormous.

Trollbeads Sale

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Trollbeads Winter Sale 2017

The promotion takes the format of a buy more, save more offer on select beads:-

  • Buy six or more beads, save 20%
  • Buy nine or more beads, save 30%
  • Buy twelve or more beads, save 50%

You’re going to have to excuse the fact that although I’m detailing the beads below, I’m not featuring images of everything. It would have taken me hours and my Christmas break is brief enough this year.

The duo-tone beads included are:-

  • Trollbeads Sun
  • Trollbeads Around the World
  • Trollbeads Space
  • Trollbeads Happy Universe
  • Trollbeads Strawberries

The silver beads are as follows:-

  • Trollbeads Moonlight Cat
  • Trollbeads Strand of Lights
  • Trollbeads Christmas Rose
  • Trollbeads Climbing Frog
  • Trollbeads Cells
  • Trollbeads Butterflies
  • Trollbeads Seal Family
  • Trollbeads Babylonian Nymph
  • Trollbeads Forest Treasures
  • Trollbeads Squirrel
  • Trollbeads Tears of Shiva
  • Trollbeads Dandelion
  • Trollbeads Labyrinth
  • Trollbeads Impulsive Mouse
  • Trollbeads Willful Cat
  • Trollbeads Lucky Parrot
  • Trollbeads Snowballs
  • Trollbeads Cupid
  • Trollbeads Life & Love
  • Trollbeads Guardian of Nature
  • Trollbeads Positive No
  • Trollbeads Giraffes
  • Trollbeads Mushroom
  • Trollbeads Holly Berry
  • Trollbeads Sea Buckthorn
  • Trollbeads Blueberries of Youth
  • Trollbeads Love Dragon
  • Trollbeads Curious Kitten
  • Trollbeads Rabbit of Magic
  • Trollbeads Merman of Wisdom
  • Trollbeads Take-Off
  • Trollbeads Water
  • Trollbeads Two Sides to Everything
  • Trollbeads Family of Kittens
  • Trollbeads Decorative Bird
  • Trollbeads Autumn Splendor
  • Trollbeads Mistletoe
  • Trollbeads Decorative Rabbit Baby
  • Trollbeads Singing in the Snow
  • Trollbeads Love is Blind
  • Trollbeads Fawn
  • Trollbeads Flying Free
  • Trollbeads Guardian of the Sea
  • Trollbeads Easter Dragon
  • Trollbeads Horses
  • Trollbeads Harmony
  • Trollbeads Teddy Bear
  • Trollbeads Butterflies
  • Trollbeads Porcupine
  • Trollbeads Unicorn
  • Trollbeads Snowman Frost & Lady Thaw
  • Trollbeads Kiwi Bird
  • Trollbeads Mermaid & Seaman
  • Trollbeads Breakfast
  • Trollbeads Mermaid Companion
  • Trollbeads Wild Cherry
  • Trollbeads Dragon Egg
  • Trollbeads Waves
  • Trollbeads Jugend
  • Trollbeads Transformation
  • Trollbeads Walk
  • Trollbeads Paradise Birds
  • Trollbeads Ice Bear
  • Trollbeads Rolling Waves
  • Trollbeads Victory
  • Trollbeads Gecko
  • Trollbeads Flying Geese
  • Trollbeads Opposites
  • Trollbeads Indian Elephant
  • Trollbeads Go Christmas Crazy

The glass are as follows:-

  • Trollbeads Lakeside Forest Kit
  • Trollbeads Flower Kit
  • Trollbeads Crispy Green Kit
  • Trollbeads Spring Fashion Kit
  • Trollbeads Desert Sun Kit
  • Trollbeads Coral Kit
  • Trollbeads Happy Summer Kit
  • Trollbeads Rocky Beach Kit
  • Trollbeads Northern Forest Kit
  • Trollbeads Tuscany Kit
  • Trollbeads Balance of Nature Kit
  • Trollbeads Dreams of Freedom Kit
  • Trollbeads Violet Flower
  • Trollbeads Honey Dawn
  • Trollbeads Azure Bubbles
  • Trollbeads Flowers on Indigo
  • Trollbeads Cool Dusk
  • Trollbeads Drifting Seeds
  • Trollbeads Light Green Flower
  • Trollbeads White Petals
  • Trollbeads Flowers for Her
  • Trollbeads Blue Petals
  • Trollbeads Pastel Flower
  • Trollbeads Forest Anemones
  • Trollbeads Mixed Green Armadillo
  • Trollbeads Green Stripe Bubble
  • Trollbeads Snowdrop
  • Trollbeads Green Wave
  • Trollbeads Scarlet Bud
  • Trollbeads Coral Wave
  • Trollbeads Peach Striped
  • Trollbeads Peach Bubbles
  • Trollbeads Peach Flower
  • Trollbeads Beach Ball
  • Trollbeads Beige Moonstone
  • Trollbeads Pink Fantasy
  • Trollbeads Strawberry Stripes
  • Trollbeads Blue Fantasy
  • Trollbeads Coral Opal
  • Trollbeads Sandstone
  • Trollbeads Pebbles
  • Trollbeads Stone Flower
  • Trollbeads Fossils
  • Trollbeads Sand Beach
  • Trollbeads Swaying Straws
  • Trollbeads Brook Flowers
  • Trollbeads Autumn Foliage
  • Trollbeads Mist Bubbles
  • Trollbeads Autumn Rays
  • Trollbeads Mist Ripples
  • Trollbeads Green Prism
  • Trollbeads Purple Prism
  • Trollbeads Silver Trace Bead, Pink
  • Trollbeads Turquoise & Purple Chess
  • Trollbeads Fantasy Flower
  • Trollbeads French Anemone
  • Trollbeads Milan
  • Trollbeads Antique Flower
  • Trollbeads Florence
  • Trollbeads Blue Desert
  • Trollbeads Khaki Stripe
  • Trollbeads Desert Flower
  • Trollbeads Black Silk
  • Trollbeads Golden Thread Brown
  • Trollbeads Rainbow of Luck
  • Trollbeads Strength of Sunset
  • Trollbeads Purity
  • Trollbeads Shades of Peace
  • Trollbeads Power of Hope
  • Trollbeads Pure Heart
  • Trollbeads Hopeful Poppies
  • Trollbeads Dream Away
  • Trollbeads Stamen of Life
  • Trollbeads Spiritual Cone
  • Trollbeads Unbreakable Ties
  • Trollbeads Flaming Meditation

The gemstones:-

  • Trollbeads Tiger Eye
  • Trollbeads Snowflake Obsidian
  • Trollbeads Rose Quartz Round

The pendants:-

  • Trollbeads Prayer Pendant
  • Trollbeads Night Owl Pendant
  • Trollbeads Whales Pendant
  • Trollbeads Bohême Pendant
  • Trollbeads Tree of Awareness Pendant
  • Trollbeads Naughty Dragon Pendant
  • Trollbeads Climbing Hydrangea Pendant
  • Trollbeads Ballerinas Pendant
  • Trollbeads Fantasy Rose Pendant
  • Trollbeads Fantasy Fish Pendant
  • Trollbeads Fantasy Frog Pendant
  • Trollbeads Fantasy Cat Pendant
  • Trollbeads Fantasy Elephant Pendant
  • Trollbeads Feel the Rain Pendant
  • Trollbeads Leaves of Hope Pendant
  • Trollbeads Beautyberries Pendant
  • Trollbeads Queen of Heart Pendant
  • Trollbeads Fantasy Fish Head
  • Trollbeads Fantasy Fish Tail
  • Trollbeads Fantasy Frog Head
  • Trollbeads Fantasy Frog Legs
  • Trollbeads Fantasy Cat Head
  • Trollbeads Fantasy Cat Paws
  • Trollbeads Fantasy Elephant Head
  • Trollbeads Fantasy Elephant Legs
  • Trollbeads Fantasy Mouse Head
  • Trollbeads Fantasy Mouse Feet


The locks:-

  • Trollbeads Sun Moon Stars Lock
  • Trollbeads Spiritual Temple’s Lock
  • Trollbeads Spooky Bats Lock
  • Trollbeads Go Christmas Crazy Lock


The jewellery pieces are as follows:-

  • Trollbeads Blueberries of Youth Studs
  • Trollbeads Blueberries of Youth Earrings
  • Trollbeads Strand of Light Studs
  • Trollbeads Blueberries of Youth Ring
  • Trollbeads Blushing Bubble Ring
  • Trollbeads Bright Outlook Leather Bracelet, Yellow/Light Pink
  • Trollbeads Crystal Bubble Ring
  • Trollbeads Jugendpearl Ring
  • Trollbeads Leather Bracelet Beige/Silver
  • Trollbeads Leather Bracelet Pumpkin/Grape
  • Trollbeads Leather Bracelet Yellow/Light Pink
  • Trollbeads Strand of Lights Ring
  • Trollbeads Eye of Aphrodite Ring

The sale begins immediately and continues until January the 2nd.

You can shop directly with Trollbeads USA (though please note this link is affiliate and they cannot ship outside of the USA.) Alternatively you can shop with any of my independent retailers below who will all ship globally.

Happy shopping and remember to let me know if you hit the sales!

  1. Fran B.

    Victoria, maybe I missed out on a post, sorry in advance…
    This is such a Huge list; does it have anything to do with beads retiring in January?
    Any news on which will retire?

  2. Elizabeth (Lizzie)

    I find this “sale” moderately offensive, in the “let them eat cake” category. “Buy 12,” is a ridiculous way to fake a “special offer.”

    • Jen

      Agreed. And the U.K. sale is dramatically better, which adds additional offense.

  3. Marie

    I really wish Trollbeads USA would finally understand that the “buy more to save more sale” is simply not that enticing…. The USA “sale” as is, asks the customer to pay at a minimum 6 x $30 (beads) = $180 to save 20% ($36)… so an outlay of a minimum of $144 just to begin to get a sale…. this seems sad.

    A simpler sale profile like the one offered to the U.K. market which offers select items at a set discount REGARDLESS of how much is purchased makes so much more sense. That style sale allows the collector to partake on select pieces and the new customer who wants to start with a piece or two or three to also enjoy the sale. That style sale would allow a person to buy the single $30 bead for $24 and simply be happy, or whatever piece(s) at their discounted amounts.

    On the indulgent discount side of the USA sale, 12 x $30 (beads) = $360 to save 50%, or an outlay of $180 for those wanting to indulge and get that many beads is not too bad a deal… Maybe a merger of the two sales would be most enticing, the U.K. sale for those wishing certain pieces and then applying a secondary discount after so many pieces are purchased… then take that sale global so all Trollbeads collectors regardless of their region could enjoy the same benefits.

    I hope Trollbeads is listening to our comments and begins to understand that having to make an indulgent purchase is really not a gift to the consumer, and isn’t that what a sale is meant to be – a bit of a gift?

    ** Yes, I know that $30/bead is only an estimate on the low-end of actual bead costs…

  4. Lola

    This is embarrassing, not a “sale” anybody in their right mind would buy into. It’s Boxing Day, not April Fool’s Day. That’s okay though, Pandora got the money I was planning to give Trollbeads this Boxing Day, because they’re actually having a SALE. 😀

  5. Jamie

    I agree that this “sale” really is nothing to be excited over. It’s nothing I could ever afford at this point in the year. I can’t see many others taking advantage of the promo. I’m confused about the “buy more save more”, yet only certain beads are on sale? Does this mean you can only get the discount on these specific beads? It’s a hard deal to follow, I’m looking forward to the retired sale though. Maybe that will have more to offer..

    • endangeredtrolls

      What retired sale? I have the dates for most upcoming events, releases and promotions for the next few months and there’s no retired sale scheduled that I see?

      • Jamie

        Oh okay, I thought one would be coming up for the new year to make room for new inventory. I guess this is the last sale to look forward to then.

  6. Nereida

    The most ludicrous part of this sale is that if you buy 2 kits of 6 beads, that doesn’t count as 12 and qualify you for a 50% discount. You would have to buy 12 kits for a total of 72 beads to qualify, but they put kits on the sale list.

    • endangeredtrolls

      You’d need to buy the glass individually as opposed to in the kits. The saving doing that would be pretty decent 🙂

  7. Gene

    When I first saw this early this morning, I wasn’t even going to I respond. But I decided to look again and see what might be included. There aren’t six much less twelve beads here that I would want IF I even considered this so-called “sale.”

  8. Lisa G

    I think it’s a huge investment to make in the name of a “sale.”

  9. Michele

    I bought 2 translations $150 each retired items already half price then have 2 purple travel 3 tiers round case, this was a good deal. Now Boxing Day, no extra gift, forget about it. Pandora has 40% off so I spend there.

  10. Elise

    This is a silly stretch of a sale. No thank you.

  11. Pippa

    Ugh. I’m in the very disappointing sale boat. After all the great sales this fall for various events and BF this is a bit of an anti-climax and they shouldn’t of bothered. To offer 20% off if you buy 6 beads from a limited list almost insulting when you consider how many times in the past few months they did Buy 3 Get 4 and all but the new collections were included. Such a better deal!

    The 50% of 12 could be a great deal if you still have that much left to spend on beads, BUT, most don’t and thin you limit it to a relatively small selection to choose 12!!! beads from – its only a deal if you really wanted the beads. Plus it looks like only Trollbeads USA is doing the 12 bead deal and I refuse to buy glass from them because of the awfulness of what I’ve gotten in the past and I have to pay sales tax.

    Needless to say I won’t be shopping this “sale”

  12. Paula

    An observation regarding this ridiculous “sale”… Trollbeads USA’s office is closed this week. My guess is that they were not anticipating their so-called “sale” to result in much traffic on their website.

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