Trollbeads Universal Unique Leather Bracelets Launch

This Trollbeads blog alerts readers to the launch of the new Trollbeads Universal Unique Leather Bracelets.

Today sees the global launch of the new Trollbeads Universal Unique Leather Bracelets. These are single strand bracelets, much akin to the Trollbeads Single Leather Bracelets that launched last year (and clicking on that link will open my articles featuring this style.)

These new versions are thicker so they’re only suitable for universally cored beads. They come complete with a random Trollbeads Universal Unique and launch in a range of nine colours.

Trollbeads Leather Bracelet

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Trollbeads Universal Unique Leather Bracelets

The colours making their appearance today are black, white, light brown, dark brown, blue, turquoise, red, purple and green. They’re retailing at $39.

Trollbeads Universal Unique Leather Bracelets

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

The universal uniques are completely random.

Trollbeads Universal Unique Leather Bracelets Ordering Details

These bracelets definitely won’t be for sale via the official Trollbeads USA website as they stated they’re not able to offer an indication of the glass bead to be received. Below I’m listing all of my retail partners but I have a suspicion not everyone will opt to carry these bracelets.

Those marked with a * are offering live images of the universal unique.

Please note that Beads Fanatic will supply live bead images on request if you contact them via email at

Trollbeads Universal Unique Leather Bracelets

I know many of you have been sceptical about the way the single leather bracelets fasten but I have honestly never had issue with this. If you check out my social media pages (Facebook and Instagram,) you’ll spot that I always wear the same brown leather on my left wrist. This is the Trollbeads Single Leather Bracelet and it actually holds my ACA Kreations Ignis in gold. Though I will be replacing it soon (just because it’s been worn constantly for over a year now,) I’ve had no problems with it coming loose.

The colours are bright and cheerful for the summer season and of course their thicker design will ensure your universal beads (such as Ohm Beads and Pandora are also going to sit tightly.) I would like to see the brand offer the same colours in the classic size too however.

As always I love to hear from my readers. What are your thoughts on the new Trollbeads Universal Unique Leather Bracelets? Will you be indulging? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. Mars

    Ordered, gone for a purple and a black one to start with, so fairly predictable so far!

    Delighted with Perlen letting us choose the beads, one is (I hope) a perfect match in colour to one of my favourite uniques and the other is the best option (for me) of what was left. I just didn’t want to order blind, I’d rather know for sure what I was getting as too many old style (that I personally don’t like) or flowers, and I’m not much of a flower girl in glass.

    Really looking forward to these, and first Trollbeads I’ve purchased in a while, as Ohm (for beads) & Girlego (for bangles) have been getting all my money lately.

    It was nice to have a splurge on release day 😀

    Mars xx

    • endangeredtrolls

      It’s always a nice feeling when it’s a release you’ve really been looking forward to I think 😀 And yes I was also pleasantly surprised that Perlen opted to take individual images because I know it’s a pain for any retailer to be doing this. On the other hand I understand why collectors aren’t thrilled about ordering blind!

      You’ll love the purple 🙂 It’s a really nice shade 🙂


      • Mars

        Yep about the only thing I’ve been excited to order blind was Luna, both times 😀

        Mars xx

  2. Kathie Skrabanek

    Do you know do they have the tb name branded on the leather as they had previously? For a bracelet that will probably only have one or two beads, that lettering is annoying……

  3. Gene

    It is the knot system that has deterred me from getting a single leather bracelet. Can you slip the knot through the slit to take the bracelet off and on? I would like to get one, but if it’s too complicated then I don’t know. I really do like several of the colors, with the purple being my favorite. I noticed that you always wear your brown leather bracelet with Alex’s designs and I think the “well worn” look is kind of cool for his beads. If I do get one it will have to wait awhile because the budget…and then some!…is already spent.

    • endangeredtrolls

      I only ever tie the knot once and then I push it backwards and forwards through the gap in the leather 🙂 The knot will tighten over time. The one on my brown leather.. there’s no unknotting that 😀 It’s solid. The ones on my new leather feel large and “clunky” right now but leather is always so stiff at first!


    • Elizabeth

      I wear mine with a permanent knot and take it on and off without a problem, just slipping though the hole.

  4. Joanne B

    Doesn’t water ruin leather?

    • endangeredtrolls

      It’s not particularly good for it, though you can treat it 🙂 Else boots etc would never cope with the rain 🙂


  5. Ziska

    Im a bit confused by the price. If they are $39 dollars, they should be by todays exchange rate £30, but on trollbeads uk website they are £40. This a tad bit unfair, it seems cheaper to order fron US retailers.

    • endangeredtrolls

      It’s rarely a direct price conversion 🙂 Remember that in Europe we’re all paying VAT which has to be accounted for 🙂 It’s nearly always cheaper to order from the USA but some prefer not to incase they get taxed 🙂


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