Trollbeads True Radiance Bracelet Preview

This Trollbeads blog brings a preview of the new Trollbeads True Radiance Bracelet, currently exclusive to the UK market.

Earlier today Trollbeads UKicon (please note this link is affiliate) announced the new Trollbeads True Radiance Bracelet as a UK exclusive. It launches officially on tomorrow (Friday October the 6th.)

Trollbeads True Radiance Bracelet

Much like the fantasy necklace from a couple of years ago, their bracelet has been completely stripped of any oxidisation.

Trollbeads True Radiance Bracelet

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Trollbeads True Radiance Bracelet

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Unfortunately this bracelet has been flagged as in store only which is incredibly annoying for those not located in the UK. I have no idea if this is a permanent decision or indeed if the bracelet will eventually launch in more markets. It’s only available in 17cm, 18cm and 19cm lengths and comes complete with a complementary high shine plain silver lock. The entire set retails at Β£79.

It’s definitely quite a different look to the original Trollbeads charm bracelet and I do love the contrast shown in the second set of images.

As always I love to hear from my readers. What are your thoughts on the Trollbeads True Radiance Bracelet? Do you like this high shine aesthetic? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. Gene

    I don’t care for it by itself, but I do like it with the oxidized bracelet. Right now it doesn’t matter though since I’m not in the U.K. If it eventually comes to the U.S. market, I would have to think about it.

    • endangeredtrolls

      I love the picture of it stacked with the oxidised bracelet and no beads. I’d totally wear it like that but I’d want two or three! :O


      • Lola

        I wear my Trolleads bracelets without beads and stacked with Pandora Essence (beaded chains), with just one Essence bead on each bracelet. It’s a fab look and so light and easy to wear.

  2. Pippa

    Too shiny for me, but agree that the contrast is interesting, but still not for me.

    I wonder if this will mean them adding super-shiny silver beads to the line…possibly interesting in small quantities for contrast – thinking about winter and ice and frost and maybe stars?

    • endangeredtrolls

      I doubt it. They did the super shiny fantasy necklace a couple of years ago. It was around for a few months and then vanished. Maybe this is the same? I guess time will tell!


  3. Maryrose

    I think it’s beautiful, but not for me, I love the oxidised look and glass beads, and the lock is too plain.

    • endangeredtrolls

      I understand completely πŸ™‚


  4. Annette

    Wonderful and I hope it will be available in Denmark too!!

    • endangeredtrolls

      I have absolutely no idea right now. If I hear anything, I’ll update πŸ˜€


  5. Lisa G

    I don’t like it at all. I think it’s meant to be direct competition for the pandora mesh bracelet which has the exact same super shiny color and texture. The mesh bracelet is a flexible bangle and I think it displays the super shiny effect better than the trollbeads bracelet. Who knows if the trollbeads one will catch on?

  6. Anne Lilleby

    Absolutely my style if I only could manage the tiny locks, IΒ΄ll stick to the silver bangle!
    Anne – Norway

  7. Tilly

    Really hate this.
    It shows a lack of respect for the roots of the brand, and if I wanted a shiny “pandora” look without the high price I’d buy the Chamilia wheat chain instead.
    I think perhaps the UK are not understanding Trollbeads any more. All the more for the rest of us!

  8. Angela

    Interesting, love shiny more than oxidized hope it comes to the U.S I would use another lock but the contrast with my stack will be very pretty.
    Sorry if this is off topic or you have stopped representing Pandora but you kinda got me into the Bangle thing they are so much easier to load and onload.Did you get a sample of their changeable end Bangle as yet ? I got one in the last sale,shape is kind of oval like the Trollbead Bangle but more flexible got this because I was looking for a more secure Cuff/Bangle option and not have to deal with fiddley locks. Wearing it a few days now, like it but wish ends were larger and Bangle piece that inserts into the ends were longer it is the same system as Chamilia but not as easy.
    Just wish bead brands would remember that many of of their customers are not getting any younger and too small Locks are a deterrent.

    • endangeredtrolls

      Hi πŸ™‚

      Pandora have never supplied me with samples so to feature them on the blog in terms of editorials requires I personally invest in the products. I do like their new bangle so I might do that in the future but not immediately, particularly as the next 6 – 8 weeks are crazy busy for me. Further to that with my new job at Great Lakes and they of course don’t work with Pandora, my focus is more on the brands we do actively enjoy a relationship with.


  9. Nancy

    Not sure I like it – probably because I hate change – LOL – it does add a nice contrast thought

  10. Tanya

    I like it! It’s pretty, feminine and simple. The more bracelet options the better, always makes for a more interesting, contrasting stack. Funny that a few of us have mentioned Pandora, when I first started making the switch over, the one thing that was off-putting to the Troll-like (as a Pandora collector mind you) was the oxidation. Fast forward a few years later and I have grown to love it. Either way, I really like both looks and actually had been interested in the non-oxidized fantasy necklace, but never took the plunge. Excited to see how this is marketed. Thanks Victoria.

  11. Gayle

    I absolutely love this! I have always wanted a non-oxidised TB bracelet. I have even previously enquired at jewellers as to how I could remove the oxidisation to make mine look shinier. I typically just wear the TB bangle because it is not oxidised. I love that more shiny look (and I don’t own any Pandora). My one oxidised TB bracelet just sits in my bottom drawer as I don’t like wearing it. I respect that others like the original oxidised type but I say bring this shiny version on! It is great that TB is allowing us choices and everyone can be happy. I hope this becomes available for everyone to purchase.

  12. Elise

    I do like the almost mixed metal effect of intertwining the shiny with oxidized. I would definitely try one if offered in the US. I know my sisters and mother would prefer shiny ones albeit I am partial to the oxidized.

  13. Amanda Mac

    Not for me, but I’m happy to be offered a choice.

  14. Corrie

    It is to be ordered directly in UK stores. I just did. It’s somethinkg else, and I haven’t got a plain lock yet either;-)

    • Harriet

      Which store did you order it from?

  15. Carol S.

    I LOVE it and want one but I’m in the US. I love shiny!

    • endangeredtrolls

      Maybe they’ll eventually roll it out globally. I have no idea right now. I think we just need to wait and see. Part of that decision will probably depend on it’s popularity in the UK I’d imagine

  16. Minerva

    Swimming against the tide here. I vastly prefer the shiny bracelet and I think Troll would have lured a lot more customers from Other Brands if they had always offered a shiny bracelet alternative. I never liked oxidation, it doesn’t suit my skin. On me it just looks dull, grey and boring.

    • endangeredtrolls

      It still might roll out globally. The thing is we just don’t know. I have a suspicion that they’re trialling it for the UK market before they decide

  17. Sorrel

    It looks lovely. I received an email from TB about this with a list of participating retailers. Alas, none of these are north of York

    Do have you know if any of the retailers with stock of this are selling online?

    • endangeredtrolls

      They are in store only. Anyone selling online are breaking retailer terms.

  18. Amanda Mac

    Yes, several UK retailers are selling on-line and delivering globally, I understand.

  19. Sorrel

    Scotland is still part of the UK and it is particularly annoying when something is advertised as a UK release but not actually available to the whole of the UK. It would be more honest of TB to call it an England and Wales release.

    Amanda, thanks for the glimmer of hope. I have been having a dialogue with TB UK who are being unhelpful.

    • endangeredtrolls

      I don’t think it’s so much that they’re excluding Scotland as retailers probably had to actually opt in for the release. We’re all very critical of Trollbeads but there’s another side to all of this that as consumers, we ignore.

      Trollbeads send out emails of special releases or special stock. If retailers ignore, discard, do not check those mails, there is absolutely nothing the brand can do. It’s something that happens a lot. Ironically it’s not uncommon for said stores to then complain that they’re being excluded when they aren’t. They just never responded in the first place. Short of physically knocking on a door, the brand are actually quite limited in what they can do. Retailers need to be proactive as well.

      As it stands right now that bracelet is an in store exclusive. Was that a good decision? Not in my opinion. Neither of the UK retailers I work with are selling online – as per their contract. If you contact them they might ship. I haven’t seen anything suggesting they cannot.

    • endangeredtrolls

      p.s. Exclusive Bead Store most definitely have it so I’d suggest contacting them.

      • Sorrel

        Thanks for the suggestion. I had a closer look at the email I received fromTB. One of the retailers is in Jersey, not strictly speaking part of the UK. But they have it available and no VAT either.

        TB sent out a list of the participating retailers in their email. So they knew perfectly well that the release was not UK wide as both Scotland and Northetn Ireland were not represented.

  20. Elle

    I’m a bit behind the times with this but still thought i’d post in case it proves useful to anyone (in uk).
    I immediately fell in love with the look of this but when I made enquiries with one of my local troll stockists they had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. Not one to be put off I rang another local stockist and whilst they hadn’t heard of it they did make enquiries for me with Trollbeads and they were then able to order it in for me. So whilst the local stockist hadn’t ‘opted in’ to stock the true radiance bracelet they were still able to get me one. And I can vouch for the fact that it’s absolutely lovely. Hope this is helpful.
    (I’m in Southampton and David Mellor Jewellers in Totton got it for me.)

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