Trollbeads Traveller Case Promotion Begins

This Trollbeads blog article alerts readers to the start of a new Trollbeads Traveller Case promotion at Goldmine Trollbead Boutique.

Generally it’s Pandora promotions that I’m advertising here at Endangered Trolls, particularly when it comes to jewellery boxes. With this in mind it’s both novel and fun to be sharing this promotion with my readers.

Today sees the start of a Trollbeads Traveller Case promotion at Goldmine Trollbead Boutique. It also sees the debut of a new type of jewellery box.

Trollbeads Traveller Case Promotion

The black Trollbeads Travel Case has been around for a few years and has proven ever popular with collectors. This promotion however sees a new style traveller case make it’s debut.

Trollbeads Travel Case

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

The new case features an updated bronzed colour leather with a complimentary neutral lining. This is in contrast to the black case of previous years.

Trollbeads Travel Case

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

A purchase of $125 or more is required to qualify for the Trollbeads Traveller Case and the promotion has started already at Goldmine Trollbead Boutique.

As always I love to hear from my readers and the topic of gift with purchase style promotions has been heavily discussed here recently. Is this a promotion that appeals to you? Are you coveting the box and will you indulge in the offer? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. Angela

    Hi Victoria,
    Just returned from vacation to Florida, we detoured through North Carolina so I could stop at Goldmine Jewelery. I have been to several Trollbead retailers in a few states and always found them lacking…even my local store is guilty and it is starting to tick me off as usually the stores have limited inventory maybe 6-10 trays, tarnished silvers, more empty pockets than should be displayed,no choices often just 1 lonely bead rolling around in its pocket,plus a limited supply of kits,stones or Uniques, very few of the larger silver pieces and no retired beads and of course no real knowledge of the line..

    We went an couple hours out of the way and I was praying it would be worth my while. It was worth every mile, Wish I could have stayed longer, but in 45 minutes I did way too much damage to my finances. I would urge anyone who gets near their store to stop by.The owners Tom and Eddi are wonderful hosts and Stuart who handles most of the online sales is very friendly and accommodating. The staff really knows the product and most of all they are excited about sharing their love of Trollbeads . They are willing to take pictures and help match or at times even help to locate retired beads.I cannot say enough about my visit and what a good experience it was. Hubby even had a good time chatting to Tom.
    Should you find yourself in the area its worth a visit.I have been ordering online from them for a while,never had any issues, shipments were speedy, returns, exchanges credits were handled smoothly.. After this visit, I am not sure I will bother to visit my local store, as it just doesn’t compare.

    I know some people do not like the critters, I think a lot depends on the actual bead, as many are not that pretty. But on this visit, along with my haul of Uniques I was most happy to be able to add to my critter collection. I found 2 more Turtles, a beautiful Lady Bug with Ferns, a happy little Bee an Orange and an unusual green purple Dillo

    Wished I had more time to really see everything.They had soooo much inventory that I just could not take it all in in 1 trip.It is an amazing experience to visit a store that is fully stocked and carrying every bead that is in the catalog. So many trays and all of them, every pocket filled.

    As for the GWP,I am not one for all the little porcelain GWP offered by Pandora or even the one offered from Troll in February. I find them not practical just cutesy dust catchers. But this , jewelry holder as a GWP… IMO is wonderful it feels very smooth and supple, looks elegant on my dresser,is large enough to hold a few filled bracelets and several beads/charms.Also a nice thing to gift to another collector, plus can’t beat its convenient size and shape to fit in purse or make up bag when travelling. I will surely get much use out of this. I may have to get a couple more.

    • endangeredtrolls

      Hi Angela 🙂

      It’s always nice to hear that people have had good experiences with the stores featured here. Goldmine boast lovely staff (and I know because I deal with them frequently) who are always an absolute pleasure to deal with.

      The shopping experience when staff know, and love the product versus the “other” type of store you mention is incomparable.

      It woulds like you scored some beautiful beads too 😉

      Excellent to hear that you like the new Trollbeads Traveller Case too!

      Kind Regards

    • Debbie

      Hey Angela,

      It’s spooky because I was thinking that I hadn’t seen your name pop up for a while, and you are one of the regulars 🙂 Hope you had a lovely holiday. I’m really jealous of your visit to Goldmine, it sound wonderful, and I would love to see loads and loads of Trollbeads in real life 🙂

  2. rainey

    I really like that bronze color and I prefer it to the black one. I’ve never been fond of black — too hard and flat and unsubtle for my tastes. This bronze, tho, is lovely and I think skipping that contrasting stitching is a good idea on something that small.

    Sending my regards and thanks as always.

    • endangeredtrolls

      I also think the bronze is a vast improvement. It’s a little classier and more timeless – less plastic looking 😉

      I should have one on it’s way so I’ll do a review when it’s here 🙂

  3. Debbie

    I got the black one last year for free when I ordered TB’s from a UK retailer, and it’s proved really useful. Although I need to get a new storage system for my Trollbeads as the black one is now overflowing 🙂 My friends and family would probably say “stop buying beads as you have more than enough”! 😉

    I like the bronze colour, and prefer it to the black. Interesting that it doesn’t have the elastic strap that the black one does. I wonder if it stays closed? I like the extra security of the elastic (even if it’s not very attractive), and when using it as a travel case I know that it won’t come undone and spill beads and charms in a suitcase or overnight bag.


    • endangeredtrolls

      Typical attitude of a non-collector “buy less and you won’t need more storage!” Actually I think many people are stunned at just how much room beads and charms can take up when they begin to accumulate.

      I think the bronze is a little classier than the black. I’ll hopefully get my hands on one of these so I’ll do a review in the coming weeks to give you all an idea 🙂


    • Jennifer Wr

      Hi – Good point about the elastic! I agree that it is a much nicer color.

  4. Debbie

    Storage is a nightmare!

    My Pandora is kind of under control because most of it is on permanent bracelets (I can’t be faffed to change them very often because all the twisting on and off drives me nuts!)

    I only have 3 TB/RBF bracelets, and because they’re so easy to change I keep most of the charms/beads loose and swap them around almost daily. They’re much harder to control when they’re loose! I am sure they are mating in the bead box as there always seems to be more of them then I remember buying 😉 I also see no point in buying loads of TB/RBF bracelets to have them “ready made”, as I only tend to wear one at a time.

    I know you’ve done storage articles before, but an update with words of wisdom will be much appreciated. I think you mentioned you’ve got some of the white boxes, so will look forward to reading the review of those 🙂


    • endangeredtrolls

      My problem is that I have to generally store my charms loose for photography.. If everything is on a permanent bracelet, I’d be forever dismantling whenever I had a new article idea. On the bad side, storing them loose means if I’m in a rush to get ready and leave the house, I end up wearing my bracelets less than I would like. My Trollbeads Anniversary bracelet largely stays intact but aside from this, I end up wearing more leather because it’s faster to get on.

      However generally speaking, my Pandora bracelets also stay intact where my Trollbeads do not – like you the twisting drives me crazy otherwise 😉

      I do indeed have the white boxes – two of them now and they are beautiful! The only problem is that they’re just not large enough for me so I’m gradually collecting them 😉 Trollbeads do an enormous box but it’s around £300 and I find that just too much to pay for a box 🙁


      • Carrie

        Know what you mean about having to dismantle bracelets to change out beads ……..that is why I only like the bangles. Easy to switch the beads and go. I have 3 bangles (2 silver & 1 copper), and about 50 beads . The only chain type bracelet I have is the one the fits the Deep Ocean and some beads to go with it. ( I was the one so disappointed after being told by a Trollbead store and distributor that it would fit the bangle) Then, I read it would fit the twisted bangle….NOT !
        As far as the Trollbead bead holder case, I prefer the 2 Pandora rectangle boxes I got several years ago, but alas, they are now all full! These fit nicely in my jewelry armoire drawer. I can’t travel with it because too big but I wish Troll would come out with something, not for travel, but a different style jewelry box that would fit inside a drawer. Hmmm, I may be tempted to get the Black Friday bead and copper twisted bangle, although as the regular copper bangle, I have to clean it almost every time I wear it and that I don’t like. Wish it had come with lacquered coating to prevent so much tarnishing but then again, some people like that. I do too but not as dark as it gets on my wrist.

  5. angela

    Hi Debbie,
    Thanks for thinking of me over the last few days, heavens I missed you guys too, try as I might my cell would not connect to the site. It was so frustrating , I usually check this and a couple other Blogs several times daily and felt so out of the loop . Could not wait to get home and catch up with Victoria and all the happenings of the Bead world. The sunshine, beach and food was fun was have done this a few times before add the Goldmine stop… wonderful trip.

    Did not dare say a word to Hubby about my frustration at not being able to read the Blog.As could not stand that he would have gone on and on about my addiction and how nutty we are,that here we were in sunny Florida 85 degrees,(30 degrees and sleeting when we left New York) and I was worrying about beads or anything to do with them. Especially after finding my treasures,should have seen him rolling his eyes when we were at Goldmine as,I was so gleeful that I found my Lady Bug and Bee.

  6. Angela

    The storage nightmare continues, what does the bigger Troll storage look like? It may seem very expensive but we are spending so much money buying storage systems that we quickly outgrow, that I wonder if in the long run we don’t end up spending more. Not to mention the amount of time we spend agonizing about storage and display. I know I have a fraction of the beads you have and I am going nuts, I cannot imagine your collection with all the brands etc.

    I thought I had a workable system but that was 100 beads/charms back.It no longer works, and if the storage system is not good and things are not displayed readily as you said we tend not to switch or wear the charms, as often as we would like. Debbie’s relatives say the same as mine stop buying, we know that is not going to happen.

    I just want a storage system that would have display rods for beads and charms in a case that is secure,has a non tarnish sectioned trays for silvers maybe also a removable tray area so I can work on a bracelet without loosing chars. Seems that after 30 years Trollbead would have an expandable system that could grow with their customers.

    Hubby says we should buy one of those tool work stations they sell at the hardware they have trays, drawers that we could line with anti-tarnish stuff has pockets for screws and bits we could store charms plus a work area and all the drawers we could want. LOL think if I cannot find anything suitable I may have to investigate this option.

    • endangeredtrolls

      You can see the Trollbeads large collectors case here:- and it holds a few hundred beads but it’s an expensive storage solution, particularly when you consider how many beads you could buy for the same amount 😉

      I think the problem depends on whether you want pretty branded boxes or are happy with something functional but less attractive. I know many ladies that use the small toolbox systems designed for screws and nails. Attractive? Not really. Functional and cheap? Yes.

      At the moment mine are in a dedicated chest of drawers though thanks to the lovely Beth at Trollbeads Studio, I now have two of the white boxes. These are incredibly pretty but don’t hold the amount of the Trollbeads Collectors Case so I’m certainly going to need quite a few more. That said, I think I’d need multiples of the Collectors Case too :/

      I visited a retailer for the first time in literally months today. They had one of the large, beautiful black retailer display cases with all the drawers underneath. They also had a far smaller selection of beads than I do meaning most of the display was empty. I even asked specifically if they had anything tucked away underneath but they didn’t so easily 80% of it was going to waste. I actually asked about purchasing one of the smaller retailer displays a couple of years ago when my local store shut down. It was actually rented from Trollbeads but they still offered to sell it to me. Unfortunately they wanted 6500 DKK (just short of $1200) so I declined 😉

      I’ve certainly considered making my own box before along the lines your hubby has suggested. My problem is I just do not have the time. I rarely even have a weekend off these days so I just don’t know how I’d ever get it completed.

  7. Angela


    What a gorgeous case the $300 one is maybe I would buy it ,but can’t honestly knowimg that if Hubby had the time he could make something for a fraction of the cost.Plus the s/h would be hefty.

    Also what are the white boxes you mentioned?

  8. Angela

    Your storage system is wonderful It is more along the lines of what I was looking for, Thanks so much for the idea…please repost it here. Also I loved your bead selection. They are so coordinated.Plus the idea of using stoppers to create a 3-4 station bracelet nice? I on the other hand have such a riot of colors in my collection, my son says without sun glasses could blind you.BTW you have quiet the craft/work room wish mine was so neat. .I commented on your page… I am AIM2

    You ought to see the marvelous idea that Miss rainey came up with for storage and display it is absolutely grand. I actually contemplated the $300 one from Troll , but it was not really what I wanted so I hesitated especially as it was out of stock and I could not put it in cart to get an accurate s/h.
    Bought 8 trays from a dealer who had discontinued Trollbeads for $30 and $15s/h. Imagine for Less than $5, (as I have all the other stuff on hand) I will have a storage and display system I love and will be what I truly want.

    • endangeredtrolls

      Hi Angela 🙂

      It was posted here by rainey quite some time ago and yes, it’s an amazing idea 🙂 There was a lot of discussion around it at the time 🙂

  9. Angela

    Should read less than $50 not $5

  10. stacecase

    I know I’m a bit late joining this conversation, but since I have both the bronze and the black travel case, this might be useful to someone else.

    I too love the looks of the bronze case, and it works to sit somewhere, but definitely would NOT work to put in a suitcase, bag or carry-on. The pieces do not fit snug enough together, I’m sure they would come apart with some jossling and you know how heavy beads and bracelets can be, so it would definitely come open if not secured somehow.

    Therefore, I will keep the black one for traveling. It is secure and has never let me down.

    With regards to storage solutions…I recommend Angel’s DecoStudio ( highly. I have two of her boxes (my collection outgrew the first one so I upgraded to a “villa” ;)) and they are absolute works of art. They are also customizable to your specifications.

    • endangeredtrolls

      Hi Stacey 🙂

      Firstly welcome to my blog and secondly, thank you for taking the time to comment!

      I received the bronze case at the same time as my Summer Stones Kits and I’d agree with everything you said. It’s lovely but if you were travelling with it I think you’d want to wedge it in the corner of a case with stuff pinning it down. It’s a shame they didn’t add the elastic of the black case I think (which I admit I do not have.)

      I’ve seen that lovely lady’s work and I’ll admit I’d love one of her larger boxes. I think she is incredibly talented and it’s so nice that people can order much more individualised boxes than is available in the Trollbeads range. I really hope she continues to have success with her work because I’ve a frequent visitor to her page (and her new website) just to look at the pretty eye candy 😉

      I’m rather jealous of your box! I love her Trollbeads styled boxes with the campaign images – they’re to die for!

      Kind Regards

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