Trollbeads Summer 2018 Live Image Pre-Orders

This Trollbeads blog alerts readers to live image pre-ordering options for the Trollbeads Summer 2018 collection and specifically Blue Ocean.

Though the community is abuzz about the unveiling of the Ohm Beads Black Coffee today, the Trollbeads Summer 2018 collection launches on Friday. Pre-orders started last week but for the initial few days, retailers were not permitted to offer live image pre-orders. That has now finally been lifted.

Understandably many collectors have been wanting to select their own Trollbeads Blue Ocean beads. Deep Ocean did vary.

Trollbeads Summer 2018

For those of you wanting to select from live images, the following retailers are now offering that option. Do please remember they still cannot ship until the release day on Friday.

Trollbeads Summer 2018 Summary

I’ll be sharing live image comparisons of Blue Ocean a little later in the week. They’ll be worth the wait. If Deep Ocean is anything to go by the variation is not just in the size and shape of these barrel beads but also in the positioning of those fish. If you’ve yet to see how these beads are made, the video below is fascinating. (Be warned if you’re at work, it does have music.)

Happy shopping!

  1. Hi there Victoria 😊 we are offering live images of Blue Ocean online at

  2. caroline

    Wow, I wasn’t sure I’d get the Blue Ocean, but after watching the video, I am intrigued!!!!!!!

    • endangeredtrolls

      Stop watching it :p Or you’ll end up watching it over and over and over 😀

  3. Sorrel

    Thanks for the links; I am looking forward to receiving Blue Ocean and the Crab lick from Exclusive Bead Store.
    I have Deep Ocean and love looking at the wee aquarium worked in glass. And I wear it sometimes as well 😀 organising beads and admiring the designs is just as much fun as wearing them.

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