Trollbeads Spring 2012 Collection Arrives!

This Trollbeads blog article celebrates the official launch of the Trollbeads spring 2012 collection.

I still can’t quite comprehend the fact that I’m discussing a spring collection in January but that aside, it’s here! It’s now just after midnight Danish time, marking the official launch of the new range.

This collection boasts a lot of florals and a lot of designs promising fairer weather and the new start that is spring. It’s a little on the whimsical side with some of the beads verging on being quite cute; not something often associated with Trollbeads.

One thing worth noting is that it’s a really large release as you’ll see as this article progresses. While I know everyone is just desperate to see the photographs, I’d recommend grabbing a coffee and taking your time to look through these.

The Glass

As is becoming traditional, two new glass kits join the collection with this release. Each set consists of six beads in total. The first is in vibrant shades of green which successfully conjures up images of new life sprouting all around in nature. Frequent readers will remember that I said fans of the Austrian World Tour Apricot Blossom bead would appreciate this set.

Their names, from left to right are: Wood Anemone, Green Turquoise Armadillo, Forest Flower, Green Striped Bubbles, Snow Drop and Green Wave

This set can be split into three different but complementary shades. Of the two darkest greens (Forest Flower and Green Wave), one features a familiar floral pattern and the second is reminiscent of the “shade” beads seen in both past and current collections.

The next two beads (Wood Anemono and the Green Turquoise Armadillo) are of an almost turquoise hue. One of these again boasts the traditional floral pattern so popular with Trollbead’s (this being the one that most reminded me of the Apricot Blossom bead.) The second is a new armadillo. While this is undoubtedly similar to the existing turquoise ‘dillo, I suspect that “in the flesh” it just takes slightly more to the green side.

The final two beads (Green Striped Bubbles and Snow Drop) in this set are very pale, almost lime green colours. Continuing a strong trend of florals for this release, the first bead has the flower pattern on it’s surface and the second is a wave pattern.

The second glass kit balances out the vibrant and almost zesty greens with a much more neutral pallet. This kit can be split in half in terms of it’s shading. Personally the highlight of the kit for myself is the cream armadillo. This is vastly different from the retired version which had the deep grey base and patterning. The new version is a truly delicate creamy colour with what could pass as almost pink hues within. Of it’s two complimentary pale friends, one features the floral patterning and the second a lovely waves design, very similar to the autumn collection’s Purple Waves. The names of these beads are as mouth watering as their colours, though I’ll state immediately that I wish Trollbeads had thought through their stock pictures more thoroughly as the pale creams on white background are a little painful on the eyes.

From left to right, the bead names are: Cappuccino Flower, Nougat Flower, Chocolate Stripes, Chocolate Polka Dots, White Folding Paper and Cream Armadillo.

The three darkest beads (Cappuccino Flower, Chocolate Stripes and Chocolate Polka Dots)are in delicious coffee coloured shades. The first is again depicting the floral pattern. The second which I think will be incredibly popular, boasts the sought after spotty glass design. The final bead features dark, chocolate coloured horizontal stripes.

As a coffee lover myself, these conjure images of a perfect latte enjoyed in the evening sun of the warmer months. Based on pictures only, I really like the cream glass set (minus the flower bead).

In addition to the two, entirely new glass kits come two kits reminiscent of some old favourites. First is the Desert Sun Set.

Second is the Spring Fashion Set.

If the Spring Fashion Set and the Desert Sun Set look familiar there’s no wonder as they carry more than a passing resemblance to certain beads retiring effective tomorrow.

Could these in fact be the rumoured ten retired beads making a comeback? The Spring Fashion Set certainly has strong similarities to the retiring Aquarelle Kit.

Equally the Desert Sun set is reminiscent of the Caravan Kit.

Honestly as I never saw these kits before their release tonight, I’ll comment more on them over the next few days.

The Stones

These are well represented within this collection. First comes the stunning Striped Onyx kit in dark, chocolate coloured tones. This kit is reminiscent of the pink striped agates from spring of 2011 but this time featuring much deeper colours.

These could be a beautiful compliment to the cream coloured glass set and I suspect will look lovely on a leather bracelet for a more casual summer look.

Secondly is the eagerly awaited Ruby. While this bead is already represented in the current collection, it features a gold core making it an investment bead and placing it out of reach for many collectors. The new Ruby features a more economical silver core while maintaining it’s same earthy, faceted appearance. This bead is sure to be a hit with many collector’s who have coveted the Ruby for years but have been unable to justify it’s cost. With it’s rich colour, it’s also going to be a perfect choice of Valentine’s gift I think. It’s worth noting, however, that this bead still carries a reasonably hefty price tag of 140EUR.

The Pendants

First up is the new Rose Trailer pendant. Slightly reminiscent of Shadow Flower from last spring, fans of that heavy pendant should love this one.

While the next are, strictly speaking pendants, I’m confident that we’ll see the two smaller versions in bracelets regularly. The larger example might just be too large to really work on a bracelet, though it’s hard to truly grasp it’s size from photographs.

The first is another for the Apricot Blossom fans. It’s an opulent, turquoise coloured glass, called Green Flowers, featuring the floral pattern so dominant in this collection. This will be a great accompaniment to the green glass kit, whether worn in conjuction with the beads (on a bracelet) or as a compliment to them as a pendant.

The second is a really dark, inky coloured glass ball called Purple Flowers, which I believe would be an excellent match to the existing collection Blue Flower ring.

The final pendant is the larger one that I initially mentioned. Called Snowdrops Tassel, this is an oval shaped clear glass bead with turquoise flowers within. Once again this will be a lovely addition to the green glass kit.

The Lock

People always get the most excited about new locks I think. Two new locks launched with both the autumn and the Christmas collections in 2011. Both however, were duo-tone and with the price of gold these days, even the very small amounts utilised on the two locks result in a prohibitive price tag. Furthermore, they were quite plain designs. Both the Heart Lock and the Golden Flower lock were based on the plain lock design but featured a small gold pattern on the surface (a heart and a flower respectively.)

This new lock is in silver which should delight fans looking for a more economical alternative. It’s heavily textured with smaller silver hearts dotted across it’s surface. Again I suspect this will be another great seller for Trollbeads as a Valentine’s Day gift and a welcome new addition to the currently available silver closures.

The Silvers and The Gold

The silvers in this release are really interesting and are also incredibly varied.

Firstly and in due acknowledgement of the new season comes two cute rabbit beads. These feature patterned surfaces, somewhat similar to what was seen with the Decorative Bird in the autumn release. The first is the sitting or perched Decorative Baby Rabbit.

The second is the Jumping Baby Rabbit, designed in a running or leaping stance.

Continuing the floral theme that runs strongly through this collection comes the Mountain Flower. This is available in either silver or gold and should add a seasonal twist to any bracelet.

With a subtle acknowledgement to Valentine’s Day comes the new Organic Heart bead. Featuring a small bouquet of hearts wrapping around the bracelet, this subtle design should prove to be another popular gift for Valentine’s Day.

The next three beads can be grouped together in a “tea party” themed set. The Coffee Mug, the Tea Cup and the Cake Tin all conjure images of picnics and afternoon tea enjoyed in the warmer summer weather. The Coffee Mug and Tea Cup will be great silver compliments to the cream coloured beads and if you want to go all out on the theme, you could always add the popular Weiner Melange bead from the Austrian world tour collection. Alternatively, embrace an Alice in Wonderland style theme and add the Tea Party bead from the UK world tour collection. (You could, in fact, add the new bunny beads and pretend they’re the White Rabbit. ;))

The Cake Tin I’m a little unsure of until I can see it in “the flesh” as I think if it was removed from the context of the other beads, it would be a little difficult to decipher what it’s meant to be representing. Never the less, it’s twisted design makes for an interesting looking bead and will add a fabulous touch of texture to a bracelet (as indeed will the coordinating Tea Cup.)

Bringing a touch of fantasy that Trollbead’s is so famed for comes the Phoenix bead. While this bead seems completely abstract compared to the rest of the collection – not really fitting in anywhere, I don’t think he needs any real justification. I think this is going to be loved by all the fantasy fans (and undoubtedly the Harry Potter fans) and is the very “Trollbeads” feeling addition to this collection.

Finally come three huge barrel shaped beads featuring very heavy surface texturing. All three of these beads are inspired by the work of MC Escher so if the designs look familiar, this is why. The first is Gecko and as the name suggests, this features a lizard patterning on it’s surface.

The second is Flying Geese and once again, it’s name is suggestive of it’s patterning.

Lastly is the chillingly spooky Contrasts, depicting an angel and devil pattern. (I can’t wait to see this on some Halloween bracelets later in the year.)


I’ll admit I was quite disappointed in the idea of florals for spring. It’s terribly cliche and we seem to have seen a lot of floral glass from Trollbeads recently (or perhaps it just feels that way to me since I dislike them so much.) I do like the actual colours utilised in this release however. The greens are zesty and vibrant for a new season and will be a nice compliment to the jewel tones seen in many pre-spring fashion collections. The neutral palette should suit many fans and they’re a fantastic idea for new collectors as they’ll be a truly versatile start to any glass collection.

The silvers have really grown on me since I first saw them. My personal love of coffee results in an attraction to the two coffee mugs. While I think the cake tin is quite bizarre and near impossible to identify if removed from the the context of this collection, I love the textured twisting pattern of it. The three large silvers are lovely and I think they’ll have the additional advantage of appealing to the male collector’s out there (who might be feeling otherwise isolated by so many floral designs.) The hippogryph is a perfectly eccentric and fantasy inspired design from Trollbeads and I think will prove to be a real favourite with fans of the older style beads.

I’m going to avoid forming an opinion on the lock until I’ve seen it as I suspect it’s a design you need to see and touch to truly appreciate it. It’s certainly a welcome change to the recent quite mundane feeling locks. I do have a slight suspicion that I’m going to love it (and want it) when I actually see it. I’m thrilled that Trollbeads opted to release this design as a silver lock rather than duo-tone as it’s felt like a long wait for a silver lock.

I’m thrilled with the release of two new armadillos. Many will know that with the exception of the slightly abstract (like my recently acquired turtle), armadillos are by far my favourite glass design. I know I’m far from alone in this; they’re incredibly collectible.

This concludes the review of the Trollbead’s spring collection. They should be in stores from tomorrow (Friday) morning. My local stores never have new collections in store that quickly. If I do decide to buy some of these, I’ll post my own pictures at some point in the future.

  1. Heidi Schuster

    Hi – see a short lovely video with the new beads on Youtube – we love them all 🙂

    • Endangered Trolls

      Hi Heidi 🙂

      Thanks for directing is to the video. I’m doing another article tomorrow once I’ve seen more pictures and I’ll be sure to include it 🙂

      Reminds me that I need to order some certain Redbalifrog limited edition beads from you 🙂


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