Trollbeads Spring 2012 Gecko Review

As my Facebook followers will already know, last weekend saw me off shopping for new beads and charms. I had one firm intention to buy the Pandora limited edition charity charm (feather) since the event ends tomorrow. Aside from that I had assumed that my local Trollbeads stores wouldn’t yet have the spring collection as they’re generally very slow in receiving new releases.

I was shocked therefore to stumble across nearly the entire release in a store that I don’t generally rate highly. Sadly, they’d only had one of each bead and the new lock had already sold so I didn’t get the chance to take a look at that. (This was particularly frustrating as I was wearing the new *Redbalifrog* Heart Lock and would have loved to compare the two.)

My first impression regarding the new silvers is that they’re so small. The new collection was all together on one rod within a Trollbeads display rack and it was very easy to see the size difference between these silvers and the older ones (the barrel silvers being the exception of course.) The green glass kit is incredibly vibrant in it’s colouring; they’re real eye catchers but as I assumed, the heavily floral patterns just weren’t to my taste. That said, I quite liked the Cappuccino Flower and wouldn’t be surprised if one eventually joins my collection for a coffee themed bracelet.

Despite the small stature of the silvers and the heavy floral themes in the glass, I still had problems choosing what to buy. Ultimately, I settled on the Gecko – one of the new barrel shaped silvers. Due to the cost of this bead though, I did only buy one item from the spring collection.

The barrel silvers appealed to me immediately. I’d heard reports that they seemed almost over polished and that their surface engraving was hard to see. This clearly isn’t a problem with all examples of these beads as the set I saw had a lot of contrasting between the surface pattern and the oxidised background. I was absolutely torn between Gecko and Contrasts (or Opposites, as it seems to have become on Trollbead’s UK’s site.) The Flying Geese just didn’t appeal to me again, it’s a tad whimsical for my taste.

I will say that I think the price tag for these beads is very high and I did leave the shop feeling a little galled (which is really not like me.) I’d love Contrasts but with the high price tag, I suspect it will be quite some time before I indulge.

Price tag aside, here are some pictures of the lovely Gekko.

As can be seen in the above image, the contrast between the highly polished silver pattern and the oxidised background is really quite distinct.

The above picture shows the hallmarking which is positioned on the side of the bead, rendering it quite subtle when worn on a bracelet (and thankfully it doesn’t effect the beautiful pattern.)

Finally, nestled between two glass beads (neither are from the spring collection, just for reference), you get a better idea of it’s actual size. It’s a really large focal bead.

I would still like a couple of the other silvers despite my initial shock at their size. The Coffee Mug and Tea Cups are still a must and I think a couple of the Chocolate and Cream glass kit.

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