Enormous Trollbeads Sale at UK Retailer

This Trollbeads blog alerts readers to an enormous Trollbeads sale at a UK based online retailer, with upto 75% reduction on all stock.

Today sees the start of an enormous Trollbeads sale at UK retailer John Greed Jewellery. They’ve reduced their prices on all stock by upto 75% so this represents truly enormous discounts on collection beads. It’s worth noting that John Greed are a relatively new Trollbeads retailer so there are no retired products available. Equally they never delved into the limited edition market.

Trollbeads Sale

Image Courtesy of John Greed Jewellery – Please Do Not Reproduce

Nevertheless it’s a fantastic opportunity for those of you still coveting collection beads. It’s also worth noting that it sees the coveted Trollbeads Bangle for only £45.00 ($68 / 53 EUR,) exclusive of stoppers which have also been slashed in the sale. The primary criticism of the Trollbeads Bangle has always been it’s price point so for anyone still undecided, this could be the time to indulge.

Trollbeads Bangle

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Global delivery is of course offered and John Greed have always been incredibly prompt at shipping my orders. I sadly suspect this is a clearance sale, though I’ve yet to confirm my suspicions.

As always I love to hear from my readers. Have you found anything to treat yourself to? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. Mars

    I’m actually laughing out loud here… just sat penning a post on beads and budgeting and up popped your article… this might throw my resolve out the window 😀

    I’ve already indulged heavily in bargain bangles… but I know a lady who hasn’t and is about to so will send her the link!

    Mars xxx

    • endangeredtrolls

      I’m really hoping some readers can grab some bargain beads before everyone starts saving for the fall, Halloween and People’s Bead releases – some of those reductions are rather tasty!

      Sadly, I have a feeling John Greed are dropping the brand however 🙁

      Let me know if you decide to buy anything Mars 😉 I quickly shut it down after grabbing the link to avoid any temptation 😉


      • Mars

        I think you’re right on the clearance sale… just read this on their FB page

        “Jgj Care B – Hello Amanda, we sincerely apologise that you are unhappy that we are stopping selling the Trollbeads. We are making way for new lines and have lots of exciting things happening in the near future.”

        • endangeredtrolls

          I did think so 🙁 They’ve found it difficult to keep track of all the limited editions and I know there is no way they have the time to photograph individual unique beads considering the sheer volume of Pandora orders they deal with. It saddens me for obvious reasons but John Greed have an enormous focus on Pandora and in addition, they’re launching their own in house jewellery designs which are looking really exciting.

          Sad for the future but good for my readers right now I suppose!

          • Mars

            Whilst I’ve not indulged…

            I would claim I was being good but it was more the great discounts weren’t on beads I was looking for at the moment

            I did pass on the info to a group of friends and they have been indulging this afternoon, so I’ve been a very good enabler rather than a buyer for today! 🙂

          • endangeredtrolls

            The traffic going out from my site is utterly insane so I’m assuming quite a few people are either indulging, or at least struggling with temptation (as I am). I’d be sorely tempted with the Space Bead (http://www.johngreedjewellery.com/en/uk/trollbeads-silver-and-gold-space-bead-41812/invt/bt2896/) if I didn’t have a new pony to fund very shortly.

            Probably the Onyx Fantasy Necklace too – http://www.johngreedjewellery.com/en/uk/necklaces/fantasy-necklace-with-black-onyx-548010/invt/bt3812/

            I’m still sad they’re dropping Trollbeads though :*( Though I did kinda see it coming I admit 🙁

          • Mars

            All the friends I alerted yesterday are all coming back with reports of how pleased they are with their beads and they are ALL raving about the service from John Greed!

            Just thought I’d pop back and let you know 🙂

  2. Mars

    Ah it’s only the medium bangle that’s £45, the others are £67.50 (which is still good) – had a quick look through the charms, great deal on valentine dangles (not my thing) but think I’m safe 😀

    I think writing the post on budgeting has focused my mind a little, good deals but may not succumb!

    It will be a shame if they drop the brand, still haven’t managed to pop in even though I visit Lincoln a lot, will be there this weekend so may pop in to have a look!

    Mars x

    • endangeredtrolls

      Oh what a shame that it’s only the medium bangle! I never thought to check that of course – though I admit I was rushing.

      It will indeed be a shame if they drop the brand but they’re very focused on Pandora.


  3. Arc

    Hi victoria,
    I quiet liked the trollbeads bangle when I saw your preview but could not buy it because of the price.
    In the link provided i see only medium size reduced to 45£, others are 22.5£ extra. Any idea why? Please help

    • Mars

      Hi Arc

      I see the same thing so I guess it’s only the medium that are half price and 25% off on the other sizes. On closer look a few of the deals are like this if different sizes of bracelets etc.

      Happy shopping!
      Mars x

      • endangeredtrolls

        I’m assuming the stuff they have most of (or sells slowest) will see the largest reductions. I’m in an XS bangle so I guess the medium is quite large – probably too large for many?

    • endangeredtrolls

      Hi 🙂

      Unfortunately my best guess is that they’re offering the largest reductions on the stock they have the most of – I’d assume in this case it’s the medium bangle 🙁

      I only take the XS bangle so the medium must be quite large 🙁

      Kind Regards

  4. Wilma

    I’ve treated myself to 2 beads as I’m collecting red and blue/green beads. Got 2 for the price of 1, very happy 🙂

    • endangeredtrolls

      Hi Wilma 🙂

      Welcome to my blog and thanks for taking the time to comment.

      Which beads were there? Would you care to share? 😀 I love hearing what everyone has been buying! 😀

      Kind Regards

  5. Wilma

    hi, I bought the Eye bead (61458) and scarlet armadillo (61451) but as I then realized that it wasn’t just the beads on sale, I also treated myself to the leather brown/beige bracelet and a plain lock 🙂 I have been looking at the leather bracelets but as I already have 2 silver ones, I always thought it was a bit extravagant but at 50% discount I couldn’t resist 😀
    I bought my first Trollbead bracelet in Holland, before they were on sale in England.

    • endangeredtrolls

      Hi 🙂

      I think absolutely everything Trollbeads is on sale with them as they’re dropping the brand so want their stock gone 🙁 It’s such a shame as I hate seeing stores drop Trollbeads but I guess some of my readers are at least treating themselves! 😉

      I’ve been wearing my red leather quite a bit this summer – just with one bead or completely empty usually 🙂

      I’m also trying desperately to resist the John Greed sale! 😉

      Kind Regards

  6. wilma

    I went for the brown/beige leather bracelet, as i’ve got some brown and amber beads and thought they would like on that, at the moment my bracelets are very bright with reds, blues and greens, just right for sunny summer weather 🙂


  7. janey

    Thanks for the heads up on the TB John Greed sale!
    l kept my promise and have bought the xs bangle plus 2 silver stoppers. Total cost was £90 inc
    p&p but l don’t really know how much of a saving this is because l had never priced bangle or stoppers
    up. Any ideas Victoria?

    l am sooooo pleased there are no more releases for me to lust after for a few weeks now!

    And lm so delighted to hear of your exciting arrival Victoria – Barney will be wonderful lm sure! Why the veto
    on the name-change? You need to call him Barney so everyone else will as well…just don’t mention his
    ‘real’ name!!!

    Kind rgds

  8. Debbie

    Very tempting, and I nearly succumbed to the Rocky Beach kit, but I was good and closed the webpage before I got carried away! I’ve spent far to much this month already 😉

    Sad that a TB retailer is stopping selling 🙁 Hope other readers got some yummy bargains 🙂


    • endangeredtrolls

      I also had to close the page down quite quickly. Anything I spent at the moment is less to spend on Victor and he needs looooads of stuff! 😉

      I agree that it’s so sad though 🙁 I think they spent so much time and energy on Pandora though.


  9. Bethany

    Thanks for letting us know!! My bank balance would be much safer without you, but all these pretty beads make me so happy 😀 😀 😀

    I restricted myself to things that were at least 50% off and had been on my wishlist for a long time so picked up Wave of Dreams and the Giraffes 😀 I’ve had a bit of a spree recently with the sales and have also picked up Mushrooms and Baltic Wolf from Perlen and Rolling Waves from Swag, all with very nice discounts 😉

    My lovely husband has bought me Ol’ Ram from RBF to add to my TB Lamb so I definitely need to get a few more Lambs…the flock is building…baa…

    Bethany x

    • endangeredtrolls

      Hi Bethany 🙂

      I’m sorry! There’s just temptation everywhere at the moment! I’m so glad you managed to treat yourself to something you really wanted though 🙂 I can’t wait to see your flock bracelet. It’s such a cute concept 😉 I actually don’t have the Redbalifrog Ram. I do have the Pandora retired Ram though and I love him!


  10. Emma

    I have been good as I keep telling myself I am getting myself the Pandora Royal baby charm soon but I was tempted!

  11. Wilma


    what a fantastic service from John Greed, order placed on 4th received today! All in tissue paper in Trollbead bags, very impressed !!

    Wilma 😀

  12. Ginger

    Had a cart full of Trollbeads, created a login and went to checkout and all Trollbeads were at $0 and aren’t available. Don’t know if it’s because of my US address or whether they are really gone.

    Guess I’m going to be good!

  13. Amanda

    There were some insanely low prices there today – up to 90% off. Would be worth keeping an eye on their website in case they do that again.

  14. wilma

    wow!!!! found some fab beads at amazing prices, some beads I had on my wishlist for ages 😀

  15. Jordan

    Hi Victoria

    Well I have been very good lately and not brought anything. However did just brake and brought the sliver pumpkin as it as only £21 and the green shade glass bead for my Halloween bangle design that I’ve been holding off from buying until near Halloween.

    Have you brought anything from the sale?


    • endangeredtrolls

      The sale is ridiculous – I can understand anyone giving in and buying something 😉 I personally haven’t as my new pony arrives this week and all my funds will be going towards him rather than beads.

      Stock is very very low at John Greed now however so anyone wanting anything should be quick!

      Kind Regards

  16. Heather

    Ginger… I too live in the US, and the exact same thing happened to me when I checked out. It went through the whole process, and then my receipt said that the beads were 0, and the site charged my paypal account for shipping only. I then got an email back to an inquiry I sent to John Greed saying “we do not ship Trollbeads internationally which explains why the charms were coming up as £0.” They automatically refunded my shipping cost. How disappointing to not be able to indulge in their sale! 🙁

    • endangeredtrolls

      They aren’t shipping them internationally?! Really? That is so weird 🙁 I’m sorry ladies I had no idea.

      They’re dropping the brand so the sale is a one off too 🙁

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