Trollbeads Retirement 2018

This Trollbeads blog brings the full list of beads comprising the Trollbeads Retirement 2018

The Trollbeads retirement 2018 was officially on Friday January the 19th. The list was actually leaked back in December but Trollbeads were adamant that I couldn’t share it however with that in mind for some of you, this isn’t news. I’m also a little late publishing the details as quite frankly last week was crazy with Trollbeads! The spring collection launched, pre-orders started for Valentine’s Day and of course we saw the previews for the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day beads. Something had to take a back seat and it was the publication of this list.

There are a huge number of beads retiring in 2018. Due to the sheer size of this list, I’m not including images of each beads. The editing required for that would take me days.

For those new to the brand, a retirement means production of these beads has now stopped. Don’t expect them to simply vanish however because all those beads in stock at distributors and retailers around the world will remain until every bead is sold out. There’s absolutely no need to panic buy. There is a small disclaimer to this however. Though some retailers now offer amazing live image shopping, this obviously tends to focus on current and new releases. Some of the glass featured on this retirement list are notorious for differing enormously. If you see a version you particularly like, it’s worth grabbing as live image shopping for these beads will dwindle.

Without further ado, here’s the mammoth list of Trollbeads retiring effective immediately.

Trollbeads Retirement 2018

First the silver beads:-

  • Trollbeads Curious Kitten
  • Trollbeads Guardian of the Sea
  • Trollbeads Climbing Frog
  • Trollbeads Blueberries of Youth
  • Trollbeads Indian Elephant
  • Trolbeads Cells
  • Trollbeads Love is Bling
  • Trollbeads Flying Free
  • Trollbeads Life & Love
  • Trollbeads Butterflies
  • Trollbeads Butterfly
  • Trollbeads Cupid
  • Trollbeads Victory
  • Trollbeads Snowman Frost & Lady Thaw
  • Trollbeads Horses
  • Trollbeads Giraffes
  • Trollbeads Labyrinth
  • Trollbeads Harmony
  • Trollbeads Opposites
  • Trollbeads Squirrel
  • Trollbeads Wilful Cat
  • Trollbeads Unicorn
  • Trollbeads Christmas Rose
  • Trollbeads Waves
  • Trollbeads Porcupine
  • Trollbeads Sea Buckthorn
  • Trollbeads Love Dragon
  • Trollbeads Flying Geese
  • Trollbeads Teddy Bear
  • Trollbeads Transformation
  • Trollbeads Easter Dragon
  • Trollbeads Dragon Egg
  • Trollbeads Wild Cherry
  • Trollbeads Take-Off
  • Trollbeads Jugend
  • Trollbeads The Positive No
  • Trollbeads Fawn
  • Trollbeads Two Sides to Everything
  • Trollbeads Go Christmas Crazy
  • Trollbeads Water
  • Trollbeads Snowballs
  • Trollbeads Dandelion
  • Trollbeads Holly Berry
  • Trollbeads Paradise Birds
  • Trollbeads Mistletoe
  • Trollbeads Walk
  • Trollbeads Autumn Splendor
  • Trollbeads Impulsive Mouse
  • Trollbeads Babylonian Nymph
  • Trollbeads Kiwi Bird
  • Trollbeads Mermaid Companion
  • Trollbeads Rabbit of Magic
  • Trollbeads Around the World
  • Trollbeads Strand of Lights
  • Trollbeads Tears of Shiva
  • Trollbeads Singing in the Snow
  • Trollbeads Rolling Waves
  • Trollbeads Ice Bear
  • Trollbeads Lucky Parrot
  • Trollbeads Merman of Wisdom
  • Trollbeads Guardian of Nature
  • Trollbeads Forest Treasures
  • Trollbeads Gekko
  • Trollbeads Moonlight Cat
  • Trollbeads Seal Family
  • Trollbeads Breakfast
  • Trollbeads Mermaid & Seaman
  • Trollbeads Decorative Bird
  • Trollbeads Family of Kittens
  • Trollbeads Decorative Rabbit Baby
  • Trollbeads Family of Puppies
  • Trollbeads Mushroom
  • Trollbeads Butterfly
  • Trollbeads Prayer
  • Trollbeads Night Owl
  • Trollbeads Whales
  • Trollbeads Boheme
  • Trollbeads Tree of Awareness
  • Trollbeads Dolphins Heart
  • Trollbeads Naughty Dragon
  • Trollbeads Ballerinas
  • Trollbeads Rose Pendant
  • Trollbeads Fantasy Fish (both head and legs)
  • Trollbeads Fantasy Frog (both head and legs)
  • Trollbeads Fantasy Elephant (both head and legs)
  • Trollbeads Fantasy Cat (both head and legs)
  • Trollbeads Fantasy Mouse (both head and legs)
  • Trollbeads Feel the Rain Pendant (glass / silver)
  • Trollbeads Leaves of Hope Pendant (glass / silver)
  • Trollbeads Beautyberries Pendant (glass / silver)
  • Trollbeads Queen of Heart

The duo-tone beads:-

  • Trollbeads Strawberries
  • Trollbeads Sun Bead
  • Trollbeads Happy Universe
  • Trollbeads Climbing Hydrangea

The gold beads:-

  • Trollbeads Berry, Gold
  • Trollbeads Triangles, Gold
  • Trollbeads Little Acorns, Gold
  • Trollbeads Golden Wreath, Gold
  • Trollbeads High Heel, Gold
  • Trollbeads Spot, Gold
  • Trollbeads Mistletoe, Gold
  • Trollbeads Brew of the Moor, Gold

The glass beads:-

  • Trollbeads Grandmas Favourite
  • Trollbeads Pure Heart
  • Trollbeads Dream Away
  • Trollbeads Silver Trace Pink
  • Trollbeads Blue Petals
  • Trollbeads Mixed Green Armadillo
  • Trollbeads Desert Flower
  • Trollbeads Forest Flowers
  • Trollbeads Purity
  • Trollbeads Milan
  • Trollbeads Flaming Meditation
  • Trollbeads Balance of Nature Kit
  • Trollbeads Autumn Foliage
  • Trollbeads Peach Flower
  • Trollbeads Flower Kit
  • Trollbeads Crispy Green Kit
  • Trollbeads French Anemone
  • Trollbeads Rainbow of Luck
  • Trollbeads Forest Anemones
  • Trollbeads Blue Desert
  • Trollbeads Antique Flower
  • Trollbeads Spring Fashion Kit
  • Trollbeads Fantasy Flower
  • Trollbeads Lavender Stripe
  • Trollbeads Scarlet Bud
  • Trollbeads Autumn Rays
  • Trollbeads Black Silk
  • Trollbeads Stamen of Life
  • Trollbeads Dreams of Freedom Kit
  • Trollbeads Cool Dusk
  • Trollbeads Coral Wave
  • Trollbeads Strength of Sunset
  • Trollbeads Beach Ball
  • Trollbeads Red Prism
  • Trollbeads Bright Prism Kit
  • Trollbeads Sand Beach
  • Trollbeads Sandstone
  • Trollbeads Green Waves
  • Trollbeads White Petals
  • Trollbeads Brook Flower
  • Trollbeads Power of Hope
  • Trollbeads Spiritual Cone
  • Trollbeads Light Turquoise Prism
  • Trollbeads Coral Kit
  • Trollbeads Blue Fantasy
  • Trollbeads Mist Bubbles
  • Trollbeads Mist Ripples
  • Trollbeads Florence
  • Trollbeads Violet Flower
  • Trollbeads Northern Forest Kit
  • Trollbeads Tuscany Kit
  • Trollbeads Flowers on Indigo
  • Trollbeads Shades of Peace
  • Trollbeads Swaying Straws
  • Trollbeads Peach Bubbles
  • Trollbeads Desert Sun Kit
  • Trollbeads Green Prism
  • Trollbeads Stone Flower
  • Trollbeads Green Stripe Bubble
  • Trollbeads Cliffs
  • Trollbeads Rocky Beach Kit
  • Trollbeads Golden Thread, Brown
  • Trollbeads Hopeful Poppies
  • Trollbeads Snowdrop
  • Trollbeads Khaki Stripe
  • Trollbeads Drifting Seeds
  • Trollbeads Pebbles
  • Trollbeads Lakeside Forest Kit
  • Trollbeads Bright Red Prism
  • Trollbeads Unbreakable Ties
  • Trollbeads Fossils
  • Trollbeads Pastel Flower
  • Trollbeads Purple Prism
  • Trollbeads Beige Moonstone
  • Trollbeads Peach Stripe
  • Trollbeads Happy Summer Kit
  • Trollbeads Turq/Purple Chess
  • Trolbeads Pink Fantasy
  • Trollbeads Coral Opal
  • Trollbeads Strawberry Stripes
  • Trollbeads Light Green Flower
  • Trollbeads Light Green Stripe

The jewellery pieces:-

  • Trollbeads Crystal Bubble Ring
  • Trollbeads Blushing Bubble Ring
  • Trollbeads Jungend Pearl
  • Trollbeads Eye of Aphrodite
  • Trollbeads Blueberries of Youth Ring
  • Trollbeads Strand of Lights Ring
  • Trollbeads Blueberries of Youth Studs
  • Trollbeads Strand of Lights Studs
  • Trollbeads Snowflake Earrings
  • Trollbeads Snow Flower Earrings
  • Trollbeads Blueberries of Youth Earrings
  • Trollbeads Beige Leather Bracelet
  • Trollbeads Pumpkin / Grape Leather Bracelet
  • Trollbeads Yellow / Light Pink Leather Bracelet

The gemstones:-

  • Trollbeads Tiger Eye
  • Trollbead Rose Quartz, Round
  • Trollbeads Snowflake Obsidian

The locks:-

  • Trollbeads Sun Moon & Stars Lock
  • Trollbeads Spiritual Temples Lock
  • Trollbeads Spooky Bats Lock
  • Trollbeads Go Christmas Crazy Lock

Trollbeads Retirement 2018 Summary

As usual there are some surprises here where other designs are a little more predictable. On a personal level the Rocky Beach Kit has been a long favourite of mine, as has the Balance of Nature Kit, though the latter varies enormously. It’s worth noting that the new Trollbeads prices are in effect as of Thursday. For those of you in the USA, for the most part it’s really good news with quite heavy reductions on carriers and gold in particular. I’m aiming to bring more in depth details of that tomorrow.

For those of you keen to go and shop, you can do so directly with Trollbeads USA (please note this link is affiliate,) but they can only ship within the US. You can also shop via my retail partners detailed below:-

I’m planning on hosting a small retired party over at Great Lakes Boutique a little later (don’t rush, I haven’t even photographed the beads yet) and Blooming Boutique have been doing similar.

As always I love to hear from my readers. What are your thoughts on the Trollbeads retirement 2018? Are there any beads on this list that you know you need? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. Lola

    Wow it’s a huge list. French Anemone and Fantasy Flower are two of my fave beads; like watercolor paintings. I’ll have to order a couple more right now, just to make sure I get them.

    Canada’s price on the silver bangle hasn’t lowered yet. 🙁

  2. Martha Olavarrieta

    Wow, that’s a huge list. Thanks for posting Victoria. BTW, how’s your horsey Victor?

    • endangeredtrolls

      Victor is good thanks 🙂 And yes, huge list!

  3. Linda Jo

    The collection had gotten so huge that a big retirement is probably wise.

    There are a few classic Trollbeads retiring that collectors will definitely miss–
    Happy Universe, Jugend, Harmony, Victory, Transformation, Two Sides to Everything.
    A few useful, smaller silvers that collectors might want to consider now are Cells and Christmas Rose.
    The Naughty Dragon pendant and the Jugend pearl ring are another two classic pieces that collectors should seriously consider while they’re still around.

    I am disappointed that they are retiring the Feel the Rain, Leaves of Hope, and Beautyberries clip-on pendants. I fear it means the end of the changeable fantasy necklace. Apparently it never caught on and became popular.
    It’s not crucial to the brand, however.

    Glasswise, I am dismayed at the retirement of the Rocky Beach kit, the Lakeside Forest kit, Azure Bubbles, Khaki Stripe, and Black Silk. But they’ve all had a good run. I’ve already been hunting down some more of these glass beads, especially Rocky Beach and Black Silk. The Dreams of Freedom kit may become like the Tibet kit, not popular until it’s gone.

    • endangeredtrolls

      I agree with you about the changeable fantasy necklace. I think it’s a great concept but it felt as though they released those three pendants and sort of abandoned it… I think if they’d kept offering more options, it might have had more of a chance. Who’s to say that it’s the concept at fault and not those three pendants? At least that’s my take 🙁

      The reason I’m so sad to see the Rocky Beach Kit and Black Silk actually, leave is that they’re so unique. Rocky Beach is so very organic and there’s not really much substitute for it in my opinion 🙁

      • Linda Jo

        DOH! I forgot, they just offered another clip-on pendant this winter! The star. Not that they’ve promoted it much.

        A dealer told me that the Rocky Beach kit didn’t sell very well. Maybe the beads’ beauty is too subtle to stand out and catch the eye in a bricks-n-mortar retail display.

  4. Mary B

    which butterfly? the cute little silver one by Louise Rimpler?

    • Linda Jo

      No, not the Dancing Butterfly bead by Louise Rimpler.
      The retiring butterflies are the older ones — Butterfly, Butterflies, and the Fantasy Butterfly pendant/splitter.

    • endangeredtrolls

      As Linda Jo says below 🙂

  5. Sunny

    Sad to see some beads go like the Happy Universe. I remember when I got it, it’s been such a milestone back then.

    Surprised about the Rocky Beach set.

    All in all I am quite relaxed, must be a first, as I luckily do already have all the beads I wanted from that list.
    In fact I am more concerned about the price increase, especially the price of the precious stones do hurt me.

    • endangeredtrolls

      The Rocky Beach Kit really surprised me 🙁 It feels such a classic and it’s so very different to anything else out there – at least in my opinion!

  6. Faye S.

    Blue Desert?!?! OMG I only have 8! 😉

    • endangeredtrolls

      😀 😀
      There’s never too many of those 😉

  7. Lisa t

    Victory. I’ve been coveting that bead for many years and was waiting for a certain event in my life to conclude before adding it to my collection. Now, I must wait no longer. Do the retired beads get reduced in price at all, Victoria? Thanks for sharing this list. Incidentally I just got Rocky Beach Kit for Christmas! I love it and that was good timing.

    • endangeredtrolls

      Nope no price reduction. Many of these were part of the Trollbeads Winter Sale for the USA but unfortunately neither myself nor retailers were allowed to advertise that fact.

  8. Pippa

    The current collection has gotten huge and and hard to keep track of and a big retirement seems to make sense. I think some of these were over due for retirement, in fact I thought some were 🙂
    As to the choices I’m actually okay with them retiring *some* older classics, I’m going to have to go throw the list with a catalog. I’m particularly bad with the names of the glass.

    I agree with others that it is too bad about the Rocky Beach Kit and am going to be looking to shop live pics of those and Golden Thread and Black Silk as others have said the are nice because they are so different. They are also all rather neutral and can be used in many ways and I like the texture and different finishes too. If Cool Dusk is the one I think it is that is also a disappointment.

    As others have mentioned, it’s worrisome to see the glass and silver pendants for the Changable Fantasy Necklaces go. But then the Christmas collection had a new one – all silver. Maybe they are changing there approach to these. I liked the glass & silver but thought most were on the small side. I’m crossing my fingers that they will be releasing more pendants soon.

    I really need to review the list against my catalog but I’m hoping they’ve cleared out some of the recent but not very recent beads to make more room for beads like we’ve been seeing since last fall.

    And I also notice the tiara collection survives…but I am clearly not the intended audience, I just never seem to go to any events requiring one.

    • Ilse

      So happy to hear I’m not the only one not going to events where tiaras are required. 😉 You never know, though. What if Tiara-Tuesday gets invented at workplaces?

      • endangeredtrolls

        Now come on ladies. You mean you AREN’T wear them to do the grocery shopping?

        The tiara is lovely, it’s just SO niche. That said, I do wear some of the spacers on bangles. The Budding Pearl and the Leaf Spacer are both really lovely for bangles!

  9. Nikki R.

    I’m so glad I got my Night owl bead I’ll try and get the no bead but right now im working on getting the Lucky Dragon and the never ending bead. Always something on the retired list isnt there.

  10. Elise

    I have to admit I thought some of these beads were already retired! 😄 The Rocky Beach kit is a surprise. They are some of the most versatile beads. I eventually want that duo tone Strawberry flower, Christmas crazy lock and another Christmas rose silver.

  11. Jamie

    Wow that was a list! I’m suprised that some beads made it over others but I guess it’s about the selling numbers 🤗 who knows.
    I spent all night marking out my catalog so I can visualize what we are loosing this year. Not as bad as I thought. The occasional outburst of WHAT or WHY but my “to get list” is rather small.
    With this and the price balancing I’m going to need a new catalog so I can get straight with my inventory and numbers again. Nothing like a good mix up to start the year 🙃

  12. Joyce

    Great idea to mark the catalog with the ones that are retiring. Thanks Jamie.

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