Trollbeads Retired Joyful Review

This Trollbeads blog article offers a review of the coveted and rare Trollbeads retired joyful bead.

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

This bead served a long period in the official collection. It launched in 1998 and ultimately retired in 2006. Perhaps it’s the versatility of this bead that makes it so sought after by collectors. It’s spherical shape makes it easy to pair with other silver beads. The depth of it’s pattern makes it eye catching as the sunken areas tarnish over time. It’s truly a master piece as beads go.

I obtained this bead quite recently and my plan for this series of articles was to take snap shots of the bead in action and suggested combinations. Unfortunately, this bead didn’t stay with me for very long and is currently residing on my boyfriend’s leather bracelet. In fact, I never actually got to wear it myself at all. The only silver lining to this travesty was my Bead of the Vikings suddenly becoming redundant to him. (I barely managed to get the Joyful off his wrist long enough to take even these pictures and as it’s currently heading off to Zurich, I won’t have any opportunity over the next few days. Perhaps I can hope it manages to bring back a new friend in the form of a Swiss world tour bead though?)

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

This bead now changes hands for very high amounts amongst collectors but there is good news for newer fans who wish to obtain something similar. The new autumn collection (to be released on Friday – not that I can imagine anyone has forgotten this) features a bead named Silver Whorl. This bead is somewhat similar to the retired Joyful bead. It’s a spherical filigree style silver bead featuring the familiar spiral design from the Joyful bead. It’s not close enough to annoy those collectors who have gone to great lengths to obtain their Joyful but similar enough to be a substitute.

  1. Shannon

    You have some beautiful old retired silvers:)) are any of em for sale, if so, prices?

    • endangeredtrolls

      Hi Shannon 🙂

      I don’t have any old silvers for sale at present however I am visiting two old friends on Saturday. They’re former Trollbeads retailers who’ve been collecting for well over ten years and have stunning collections. As they’re no longer retailers (and as such can’t wear their jewellery to work), they’ve decided to sell parts of their collection. I’ve no idea what they’re specifically selling – their might be little of interest yet. On the other hand there maybe some real treasures.

      If there are any you’re specifically looking for, drop me an email at and I’ll keep an eye out on Saturday.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

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