Trollbeads Price Balancing 2018 Full Details

This Trollbeads blog brings the full details of the Trollbeads price balancing 2018, in effect as of last week.

Rumours of a price increase began back in November after a retailer announced the fact on Facebook. Fuel was added to the fire when a new distributor gave a public interview for a magazine stating that all prices would increase and around six hundred products would retire. Predictably this spread on social media and I was flooded with questions asking for specifics that I just didn’t have. In December I shared as much information as I had which mostly pertained to the US market.

Whether you view the changes as a balancing or an increase is going to depend on where you are located. Simply put, due to inflation and fluctuations in currency exchange rates over the past few years, US pricing was considerably out of line with the European market. Add to that the fact that EU retailers then deduct VAT for those shopping from outside of the European Union and it became significantly more attractive for US customers to shop from European retailers. Obviously that’s neither a desirable situation nor particularly fair on the US based stores.

For the US market, it’s most definitely a balancing and I personally feel it’s positive. For the European market, it’s mostly an increase. For the UK market, it’s most definitely an increase but you can also probably thank Brexit for having an influence on that also.

The new pricing structure went into effect last Thursday so the specifics are now somewhat more clear. This post does come with a disclaimer though.

No official announcements were really made regarding this and in an attempt to try and satisfy a lot of readers, I’m dealing with information across four different currencies (US dollars, Euros, Pound Stirling and Danish Kroner.) I truly wish there was one announcement somewhere that I could just pull information from and say “here you go ladies and gents!” There isn’t. If there are mistakes here I apologise but it seems to be mostly correct. There’s also a lot of information here and you are going to need to sit down and read it if you want the full details. There’s no way I can break this into tiny morsels for you.

Trollbeads Price Balancing 2018

So what’s actually happened? For the US market there have been a lot of very small changes with price brackets altering by one or two dollars either way. There have also been some huge changes. Gold bead prices in particularly have mostly fallen. Bangles have also been reduced and some quite dramatically. There appears to have also been an effort to simplify prices somewhat. It’a also worth noting that at least for the USA, fantasy necklaces no longer vary in price according to the length.

  • Price Group 0 – $25 or €25
  • Price Group 1 – Increases in the USA ($31 / $24 –> $35) || Increases in Europe (€28 –> €35) || Increases in the UK (£25 -> £30) || Increases in Denmark (230 DKK -> 260 DKK)
  • Price Group 2 – Decreases in the USA ($46 –> $45) || Increases in Europe (€42 –> €45) || Increases in the UK (£35 -> £40) || Increases in Denmark (315 DKK -> 335 DKK)
  • Price Group 3 – Decreases in the USA ($56 –> $55) || Increases in Europe (€51 –> €55) || Increases in the UK (£45 -> £50) || Increases in Denmark (380 DKK -> 410 DKK)
  • Price Group 4 – Increases in the USA ($63 –> $65) || Increases in Europe (€58 -> €65) || Increases in the UK (£50 -> £60) || Increases in Denmark (430 DKK -> 485 DKK)
  • Price Group 5 – Increases in the USA ($72 –> $75) || Increases in Europe (€67 -> €75) || Increases in the UK (£60 -> £68) || Increases in Denmark (490 DKK -> 560 DKK)
  • Price Group 6 – Increases in the USA ($82 –> $85) || Increases in Europe (€75 -> €85) || Increases in the UK (£65 -> $75) || Increases in Denmark (560 DKK -> 635 DKK)

Trollbeads Spacers (Plain)

There’s not been much change in regards to the basic Trollbeads Spacers. The decorative spacers have all altered according to their price brackets (see below.)

  • Trollbeads Silver SpacerStagnant in the USA at $20 || Stagnant in the EU at €20 || Increases in the UK (£15 -> £18) || Increases in Denmark (135 DKK -> 150 DKK)
  • Trollbeads Copper SpacerStagnant in the USA at $10 || Stagnant in the EU at €10 || Increases in the UK (£8 – £9) || Increases in Denmark (65 DKK -> 75 DKK)
  • Trollbeads Gold SpacerDecreases in the USA ($90 – $85) || Decreases in the EU (€90 -> €85) || Increases in the UK (£70 -> £78) || Increases in Denmark (605 DKK -> 635 DKK)

Trollbeads Carriers

These have seen really significant changes in the USA, though on the bangles rather than the bracelets. Smooth versions of the bangles have also had their prices brought into line with their Twisted counterparts.

  • Trollbeads Smooth Copper BangleDecreases in the USA ($69 –> $55) || Decreases in the EU (€60 -> €55 || Stagnant in the UK at £50 || Decreases in Denmark (450 DKK -> 410 DKK)
  • Trollbeads Twisted Copper BangleStagnant in the USA at $55 || Stagnant in the EU at €55 || Stagnant in the UK at £50 || Stagnant in Denmark at 410 DKK)
  • Trollbeads Smooth Silver BangleDecreases in the USA ($133 –> $105) || Decrease in the EU (€108 -> €105) || Increases in the UK (£90 -> £95) || Decreases in Denmark (800 DKK -> 785 DKK)
  • Trollbeads Twisted Silver BangleStagnant in the USA at $105 || Stagnant in the EU at €105 || Increases in the UK (£75 -> £95) || Stagnant in Denmark at 785 DKK)
  • Trollbeads Smooth Gold Plated BangleDecreases in the USA ($280 –> $215) || Stagnant in the EU at €215 || Increases in the UK (£185 -> £200) || Stagnant in Denmark at 1600 DKK
  • Trollbeads Twisted Gold Plated BangleIncreases in the USA at ($210 -> $215) || Stagnant in the EU at €215 || Stagnant in the UK at £200 || Stagnant in Denmark at 1600 DKK
  • Trollbeads Star BangleDecreases in the USA ($127 -> $115) || Stagnant in the EU at €115 || Increases in the UK (£95 -> £99 || Stagnant in Denmark at 855 DKK
  • Trollbeads Silver BraceletDecreases in the USA ($46 -> $45 || Increases in the EU (€42 -> €45) || Increases in the UK (£35 -> £40) || Increases in Denmark (315 DKK -> 335 DKK)
  • Trollbeads Gold BraceletIncreases in the USA ($1315 -> $1447) || ? in the EU at €1320 || Increases in the UK (£1054 -> £1225) || Increases in Denmark (9820 DKK -> 9835 DKK)

Trollbeads Price Group 0

We’ve also seen the introduction of a price group 0. Where previously the cheapest beads retailed at $31, €28, or £25, we now have a group with an RRP of $25, €25, 185 DKK or £23. These are the very small silver beads and specifically:-

Trollbeads Gemstones

Most Trollbeads gemstones fall into the price group four category, meaning their price has altered accordingly. This means most increase from $63 to $65, for the EU from €58 to €65, for the UK from £50 to £60 and for Denmark from 430 DKK to 485 DKK.

There is some good news for the more expensive stones for the USA however.

  • Trollbeads Gemstones Group IIncrease in the USA ($34 -> $35) || Increase in the EU (€28 –> €35) || Increase in the UK (£25 -> £30) || Increase in Denmark (230 DKK -> 260 DKK)
  • Trollbeads Gemstones Group IIIncrease in the USA ($63 -> $65) || Increase in the EU (€58 -> €65) || Increase in the UK (£50 -> £60) || Increase in Denmark (430 DKK -> 485 DKK)
  • Trollbeads Gemstones Group IIIDecrease in the USA ($170 -> $155 || Stagnant in the EU at €155) || Increase in the UK (£125 -> £140) || Stagnant in Denmark at 1155 DKK

Trollbeads Locks

Some of the locks have moved in accordance with other beads in the same price bracket. Others have changed quite a bit more. Once again for the US market, nearly everything has seen a reduction in price. The exception is a couple of gold clasps.

  • Trollbeads Best of Both LockDecreases in the US ($59 -> $55)
  • Trollbeads Trunk of Treasures LockDecreases in the USA ($56 -> $55) || Increases in the UK (£45 -> £50)
  • Trollbeads Carolina Jessamine LockDecreases in the USA ($59 -> $55) || Increases in the UK (£45 -> £50)
  • Trollbeads Water Lily LockDecreases in the USA ($59 -> $55) || Increases in the UK (£45 -> £50)
  • Trollbeads Fish LockIncreases in the USA ($54 -> $55) || Increases in the UK (£45 -> £55)
  • Trollbeads Turn Around LockDecreases in the USA ($56 -> $45) || Stagnant in the UK at £40
  • Trollbeads Heaven Crane LockDecreases in the USA ($59 -> $45) || Increases in the UK (£45 -> £50)
  • Trollbeads Go Christmas Crazy LockDecreases in the USA ($69 -> $65) || Increases in the UK (£55 -> £60)
  • Trollbeads Lock of WisdomDecreases in the USA ($56 -> $45) || Stagnant in the UK at £40
  • Trollbeads Soft Wind of Change LockDecreases in the USA ($59 – $45) || Increases in the UK (£45 -> £50)
  • Trollbeads Dragon LockDecreases in the USA ($59 -> $55) || Increases in the UK (£45 -> £50)
  • Trollbeads Wild Cherry LockDecreases in the USA ($59 -> $55) || Increases in the UK (£45 -> £50)
  • Trollbeads Bow LockDecreases in the USA ($59 -> $55) || Increases in the UK (£45 -> £50)
  • Trollbeads Spiritual Temple’s LockDecreases in the USA ($59 -> $55) || Increases in the UK (£45 -> £50)
  • Trollbeads Spooky Bats LockDecreases in the USA ($59 -> $55) || Increases in the UK (£45 -> £50)
  • Trollbeads Sun Moon & Stars LockDecreases in the USA ($59 -> $55)
  • Trollbeads Water LockDecreases in the USA ($59 -> $55) || Increases in the UK (£45 -> £50)
  • Trollbeads Dolphins LockDecreases in the USA ($56 -> $45) || Decreases in the UK (£45 -> £40)
  • Trollbeads Seahorse LockDecreases in the USA ($56 -> $45) || Increases in the UK (£45 -> £50)
  • Trollbeads Lock with BudsDecreases in the USA ($59 -> $55) || Increases in the UK (£45 -> £50)
  • Trollbeads Gold Heart Lock (duo-tone) – Decreases in the USA ($339 -> $200) || Stagnant in the UK at £247
  • Trollbeads Gold Flower Lock (duo-tone) – Decreases in the USA ($339 -> $200) || Stagnant in the UK at £247
  • Trollbeads Plain Gold LockDecreases in the USA ($1458 -> $1250) || Increases in the UK (£893 -> £1125)
  • Trollbeads Swan LockDecreases in the USA ($59 -> $55) || Increases in the UK (£45 -> £50)
  • Trollbeads Troll Tree LockDecreases in the USA ($59 -> $45) || Increases in the UK (£45 -> £50)
  • Trollbeads Lace LockDecreases in the USA ($56 -> $45) || Increases in the UK (£45 -> £50)
  • Trollbeads Freja Knot LockDecreases in the USA ($56 -> $45) || Decreases in the UK (£45 -> £40)
  • Trollbeads Big Flower LockDecreases in the USA ($72 -> $65) || Increases in the UK (£55 -> £60)
  • Trollbeads Lace Lock GoldIncreases in the USA ($1219 – $1250) || Increases in the UK (£777 -> £1215)
  • Trollbeads Mexico Lock GoldDecreases in the USA ($1460 -> $1300)
  • Trollbeads Double Clasp GoldDecreases in the USA ($323 -> $300) || Increases in the UK (£235 -> £270)
  • Trollbeads Big Fish LockDecreases in the USA ($72 -> $56) || Increases in the UK (£55 -> £60)
  • Trollbeads Flower LockDecreases in the USA ($56 -> $45) || Increases in the UK (£45 -> £50)
  • Trollbeads Elephant LockDecreases in the USA ($59 -> $55) || Increases in the UK (£45 -> £50)
  • Trollbeads Double ClaspStagnant in the USA at $25 || Increases in the UK (£20 -> £23)
  • Trollbeads Elephant Lock GoldIncreases in the USA ($1219 -> $1250) || Increases in the UK (£888 -> £1125)
  • Trollbeads Balance Lily LockDecreases in the USA ($59 -> $55) || Decreases in the UK (£45 -> £40)
  • Trollbeads Plain LockDecreases in the USA ($56 -> $55) || Stagnant in the UK at £40

Trollbeads Gold and Duo-Tone Bead Prices

These have always been priced individually, presumably more on the amount of gold used and the complexity of design. I can’t detail the exact price shifts for all of these beads except for the USA (as I have that spreadsheet to hand.) European prices have fallen across the category but I don’t have a list of the old prices.

  • Trollbeads Lovesome SpacerDecreases in the USA ($505 -> $390) || Decreases in the UK (£412 -> £350)
  • Trollbeads CelestialDecreases in the USA ($340 -> $265) || Stagnant in the UK at £285
  • Trollbeads Dancing Dragons (duo-tone) – Decreases in the USA ($345 -> $315) || Increases in the UK (£252 -> £280)
  • Trollbeads Family LoveDecreases in the USA ($505 -> $270) || Increases in the UK (£340 -> £440)
  • Trollbeads Nodes of JoyDecreases in the USA ($372 -> $330) || Decreases in the UK (£340 -> £299)
  • Trollbeads Dancing ButterflyDecreases in the USA ($505 -> $390)
  • Trollbeads Opposites AttractDecreases in the USA ($662 -> $600) || Increases in the UK (£520 -> £540)
  • Trollbeads Pursuit of Happiness (duo-tone) – Decreases in the USA ($231 -> $205)
  • Trollbeads Day 2016, GoldDecreases in the USA ($521 -> $475)
  • Trollbeads Joy, Peace & Love (duo-tone) – Decreases in the USA ($116 -> $105) || Increases in the UK (£90 -> £95)
  • Trollbeads Soft Heart, SmallDecreases in the USA ($333 – $310) || Increases in the UK (£242 -> £280)
  • Trollbeads Hearts GaloreDecreases in the USA ($372 -> $330)
  • Trollbeads Path of LifeDecreases in the USA ($714 -> $650) || Increases in the UK (£520 -> £585)
  • Trollbeads Lucky Love (duo-tone) – Decreases in the USA ($345 -> $315)
  • Trollbeads Eternal LoveDecreases in the USA ($675 -> $615) || Increases in the UK (£492 – £555)
  • Trollbeads Live, Love & ForgiveDecreases in the USA ($550 -> $490)
  • Trollbeads First SignsDecreases in the USA ($480 -> $390)
  • Trollbeads Wishing StarDecreases in the USA ($480 – $390)
  • Trollbeads NeverendingDecreases in the USA ($333 -> $310)
  • Trollbeads Stay PositiveDecreases in the USA ($505 -> $270)
  • Trollbeads Little AcornsDecreases in the USA ($544 – $495)
  • Trollbeads Coral BranchDecreases in the USA ($507 -> $390)
  • Trollbeads Swarm of ButterfliesDecreases in the USA ($998 -> $650) || Decreases in the UK (£615 -> £585)
  • Trollbeads Bougainvillea with DiamondsDecreases in the USA ($1155 -> $900) || Increases in the UK (£752 -> £810)
  • Trollbeads Mountain FlowerDecreases in the USA ($675 -> $615)
  • Trollbeads Mistletoe – Decreases in the USA ($675 -> $615) || Increases in the UK (£492 -> £555)
  • Trollbeads Bouquet of HeartsDecreases in the USA ($806 -> $600) || Decreases in the UK (£588 -> £540)
  • Trollbeads Maternity with Gold (duo-tone) – Decreases in the USA ($547 -> $495) || Increases in the UK (£390 -> £445)
  • Trollbeads Whorl – Decreases in the USA ($856 -> $850) || Decreases in the UK (£780 -> £765)
  • Trollbeads Paternity with Gold (duo-tone) – Decreases in the USA ($588 -> $495) || Increases in the UK (£398 -> £445)
  • Trollbeads Four SeasonsDecreases in the USA ($844 -> $650) || Decreases in the UK (£615 -> £585)
  • Trollbeads OrnamentalDecreases in the USA ($1248 -> $950) || Decreases in the UK (£909 -> £855)
  • Trollbeads MeshDecreases in the USA ($544 -> $390) || Decreases in the UK (£396 -> £350)
  • Trollbeads Little PreciousDecreases in the USA ($505 -> $450) || Increases in the UK (£369 -> £405)
  • Trollbeads Golden WreathDecreases in the USA ($544 -> $495) || Increases in the UK (£3396 -> £445)
  • Trollbeads Mini HeartDecreases in the USA ($234 -> $215) || Increases in the UK (£170 -> £200)
  • Trollbeads Angel’s FeathersDecreases in the USA ($945 -> $860) || Increases in the UK (£688 -> £775)
  • Trollbeads Hallelujah (duo-tone) – Decreases in the USA ($588 -> $535) || Increases in the UK (£429 -> £480)
  • Trollbeads High HeelDecreases in the USA ($828 -> $700) || Increases in the UK (£603 -> £630)
  • Trollbeads Forget-Me-NotDecreases in the USA ($1210 -> $1000) || Increases in the UK (£882 -> £900)
  • Trollbeads Strawberries (duo-tone) – Decreases in the USA ($225 -> $205) || Increases in the UK (£164 -> £185)
  • Trollbeads Three SiblingsDecreases in the USA ($1033 -> $920) || Increases in the UK (£752 -> £830)
  • Trollbeads EndlessDecreases in the USA ($471 -> $400)
  • Trollbeads LotusDecreases in the USA ($480 -> $390)
  • Trollbeads Three FlowersDecreases in the USA ($855 -> $700) || Increases in the UK (£623 -> £630)
  • Trollbeads Flowers (duo-tone) – Decreases in the USA ($306 -> $190) || Decreases in the UK (£223 -> £115)
  • Trollbeads Stars with Diamonds (duo-tone) – Decreases in the USA ($976 -> $760) || Decreases in the UK (£711 -> £685)
  • Trollbeads Stars (duo-tone) – Decreases in the USA ($306 -> $190) || Decreases in the UK (£223 -> £170)
  • Trollbeads WisdomDecreases in the USA ($1178 -> $1000) || Increases in the UK (£858 -> £900)
  • Trollbeads YesDecreases in the USA ($1503 -> $1300)
  • Trollbeads TrianglesDecreases in the USA ($875 -> $800) || Increases in the UK (£637 -> £720)
  • Trollbeads 2+2 (duo-tone) – Decreases in the USA ($783 -> $715)
  • Trollbeads Sun (duo-tone) – Decreases in the USA ($306 -> $190) || Decreases in the UK (£223 -> £170)
  • Trollbeads Planet (duo-tone) – Decreases in the USA ($424 -> $390) || Increases in the UK (£309 -> £350)
  • Trollbeads Daisy (duo-tone) – Decreases in the USA ($345 -> $315) || Increases in the UK (£252 -> £280)
  • Trollbeads 2+2Decreases in the USA ($850 -> $720)
  • Trollbeads BerryDecreases in the USA ($480 -> $390)
  • Trollbeads Faith Hope & CharityDecreases in the USA ($550 -> $490)
  • Trollbeads BouquetDecreases in the USA ($806 -> $735) || Increases in the UK (£588 -> £665)
  • Trollbeads TreasuresDecreases in the USA ($1018 -> $870) || Increases in the UK (£741 -> £785)
  • Trollbeads Lucky KnotDecreases in the USA ($571 -> $550) || Increases in the UK (£417 -> £495)
  • Trollbeads Around the WorldDecreases in the USA ($414 -> $330)
  • Trollbeads CherubDecreases in the USA ($1070 -> $950) || Increases in the UK (£780 -> £855)
  • Trollbeads RoyalDecreases in the USA ($530 -> $490)
  • Trollbeads Happy UniverseDecreases in the USA ($720 -> $650) || Increases in the UK (£525 -> £585)
  • Trollbeads HydrangeaDecreases in the USA ($521 -> $490)
  • Trollbeads HeartDecreases in the USA ($417 -> $650)
  • Trollbeads SpotDecreases in the USA ($891 -> $810) || Increases in the UK (£649 -> £730)
  • Trollbeads Space (duo-tone) – Decreases in the USDA ($136 -> $125) || Increases in the UK (£99 -> £115)
  • Trollbeads Hearts, SmallDecreases in the USDA ($333 -> $310)

Trollbeads Price Balancing 2018 Summary

That summarises the increase for the US, European, UK and Danish markets. Beyond those regions I’m pretty ignorant as to what’s happening I’m afraid (and once again if there are minor errors in the above, I do apologise.)

As I stated at the start how the prices look is going to depend on where you live. Certainly for the US I think it’s mostly good news but then all of this was designed to aid the US retailers.

As always I love to hear from my readers. What are your thoughts on the Trollbeads price balancing for 2018? (Keep it clean please.) Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. Nadja

    What a lot of information and certainly useful for US costumers to plan their shopping. Due to costums issues, I can only shop in the EU, so for me it’s more of a shrug of “what you gonna do about it?”. Thank you for your hard work!

    • endangeredtrolls

      You’re most welcome! 🙂

  2. Mars

    Well done on pulling all of this together in such a comprehensive fashion Victoria.

    From a UK perspective I’m a bit stunned to see it all in black and white as it makes for very stark reading.

    It will definitely have a big impact on my buying habits – as I’ve tried to spend more wisely in 2017 and these prices just compound this even more.

    Be interesting to look at the composition of what beads I buy in 2018 to 2017…

    Mars xx

    • endangeredtrolls

      I felt a bit like that for the UK when I was writing it…

      Ever since the rumours first started I’ve been all “calm down, it’s not as bad as you think.” Maybe that should have come with a disclaimer “unless you’re in the UK.” There’s no getting around it, for the UK it’s an increase 🙁 All hail Brexit 🙁

  3. Lola

    Will Canada get the decreases? We haven’t yet. We have the new lowest price in the new collection, but everything else is still the same.

    • endangeredtrolls

      I have absolutely no idea. My best advice would be to contact the distributor directly

      • Lola

        Ugh, I was hoping not to have to deal with Trollbeads Canada. My dealings with them to date have shown them to be not very honest. But I did email them.

  4. Jennifer T

    Thanks for all the information – however I agree with Mars, it does make very stark reading for those of us in the UK. I appreciate prices do need to be adjusted sometimes – however a lot of retailers have dropped the brand including John Lewis, House of Fraser and Beaverbrooks and I know of six independent jewellers that are no longer stockists…. Trollbeads Cambridge also suddenly closed down permanently at the end of December. I think Trollbeads are going to struggle in the UK with their new pricing.

    It will definitely have an effect on what I buy and when, and yes I know I need to buy less… I am just glad I have bought what I have, as the new pricing will certainly take some of the fun out of bead buying.

    • endangeredtrolls

      I had no idea that Beaverbrooks had stopped working with Trollbeads and that’s sad to hear 🙁 I was aware of Trollbeads Cambridge and again, it’s sad news.

      I don’t really know what’s going on in the UK. I was about to say at least you can order from Europe (or the USA) easily enough but how is the exchange rate at the moment? I’ve lost track a little bit but I know it was shockingly bad 🙁

  5. Martha Olavarrieta

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write all this information Victoria, it’s very helpful.

    • endangeredtrolls

      You’re most welcome 🙂

  6. Pippa

    Wow, in the US it looks like some of the gold beads are going to be much less. I’m going to look more carefully and I’m trying to prioritize retiring beads from Trollbeads and Truebeadz but I may chose one to splurge on. I admit to having already a twisted gold bangle at the new prices.

    Also for UK shoppers can’t they order from the US as their prices are increasing?

    And one more thing that UK & EU shoppers might not fully understand in terms of “fairness” that most states in the U.S. have a sales tax that is add to your total purchase price. We can often avoid it by shopping out of state – but if we want to shop at Trollbeads online which I do on occasion when they are the only ones with stock or there have been times where they would allow one to combine promos and sales that most retailers wouldn’t allow but the if they have a store any where in your state even if no where near you, you have to pay sales tax. (Btw, the main issue I had was during the bangle B1 Get 1 at 50% off which was before I discovered GLB)

    And it really is true that it was unfair – years ago I remember trying to by all my silver from a Danish retailer who priced beads 10-20% under the prices set by TB, ran an ongoing Buy __ Get 1 free. And had frequent other sales. Combined with the deduction of VAT and free shipping, it was hard to resist. When I returned to collecting beads in 2017 the savings didn’t seem as large and my budget wasn’t as tight and with other changes such as Party Times and being able to shop live pics it plus some strong additions to the online retail market, and they weren’t treating online shoppers as secondary customers. Now I generally shop first in the US and go to UK dealers mostly when hunting for something or special events.

    It does seem like in an increasingly global market that all retailers me on equal footing.

    I can only home that Trollbeads may someday consider such fairness for their customers and make sure that ALL regional releases/exclusives are available for online purchase from the region with global shipping. If demand is high, make more.

    • endangeredtrolls

      Yeah the situation for the US retailers was not good. By the time VAT was deducted at checkout, along with prices that were already a little off, it was considerably cheaper to shop from the EU.

      UK shoppers can indeed shop with retailers in the USA but they do risk import taxes. Due to the fact that EU customers are meant to pay VAT (or whatever their country equivalent is,) the tax authority have the right to check packages coming into the EU from anywhere outside of it and to then apply taxes based on the value of the products inside.

      In fairness it doesn’t always happen but it does deter some from shopping with US retailers.

      I agree with you in regards to regional exclusives. The online market is so prevalent now…

    • Pippa

      I have to admit I didn’t review the prices changes in the UK that carefully. I just did and the again EU too.

      I’d be upset about the increases too. And they are not small.

      And stores closing. When I first started collecting Trollbeads there were so many more places to shop, more independent retailers and concept stores. I miss having B&M stores to shop at for beads. In the U.S. at least this is happening with so many retailers – online shopping here is just so easy and frequently significantly cheaper. We have almost no B&M bookstores left.

      The economics of globalization are so complex, I think I would have to go back to college and take some additional courses to even begin to understand. And the more I think about theses price changes to more I realize how many people are effected and in different ways.

      I’m really not sure what Trollbeads should of done and the only way to make everyone happy (and maybe not even then) would be to lower prices 🙂 Of course, they are in business to make money. And I don’t really think they are price gouging (one can go to ebay for that) – yes the manufacturing costs are minimal compared to the final prices but there are so many other costs added along the way. I do think they offer a generally high quality product and which I appreciate. And other bead companies prices seem to be creeping up too.

      There system of pricing and doing this extreme “Price Balancing” all at once is somehow transparent and confusing at the same time. I just am going in circles thinking how it could be done better. I think clothing prices are going up too, but since they just keep releasing whole new lines it’s not as obvious and each increase is small but it adds up – I have a 7 year old boy who constantly needs new clothes. My point being that they can’t really “hide” their increases and adjustments. Maybe it would be better if they didn’t lock themselves into price groups and just price the beads when they are released and and leave them at those prices and then just work price increases into new releases. That seems to be what Ohm is doing and may others do with their silvers. But I’m not sure how that would work for retailers. And they are so much bigger and have such a large line. And I assume these other companies have issues with global pricing too.

      Doing all the price changes at once particularly in markets that are getting mostly sizable increases is going to upset customers. After reading and realizing the amount of work this creates I don’t think smaller annual adjustments go over well either. I wonder what Pandora does.. but really I think I need give up and stop blathering on. It’s just that my “mind reels.”

  7. Lisa G

    The price drops for the gold in the US are certainly dramatic! I also like that the most expensive gemstones have dropped in price. Thanks, Victoria!

  8. Jenna

    Just looks like a way to increase prices overall, while calling it “balancing”. Very clever.

    • endangeredtrolls

      Well did you read it all?

      As I stated it depends on your market… you can hardly call the changes a simple “increase” for the USA when prices go down on ALL gold, nearly all carriers and several locks. How is that an increase?

      If you’re in the UK, sure. If you’re in mainland Europe… mostly… I guess… depends what you’re buying. But the USA? Hardly.

  9. Jamie

    My goodness you have been busy with all this information! Thanks for keeping up with everything 😊 Being in the US as a whole these prices are very welcomed. I would have to save up for such a long time or hope for an incredible deal to get the bigger items. Now I can sneak in a more “expensive” item here and there without feeling so teribble.
    The gold, bangles and gemstones definitely have my attention. I can’t believe some of the gold prices, it adds up! Lovesome spacer and lucky love have moved up on my list for sure! Never thought I’d say this spacer would be on my radar.
    I know this change hasn’t been very welcomed by all but for me I needed this. Now I’m not happy about the few price increases but you have to take the good with the bad 🤗

    • endangeredtrolls

      For the USA it’s mostly good news I think. There are little increases on some things but they’re not major and then there are decreases on others that again, aren’t major. But the gold and the carriers are great news and the more expensive stones and the locks is also really good!

      I didn’t actually realise the extent of the changes until I was updating GLBs website and had to go through *every single product*. I was a more than a little shocked :O :O

      • Jamie

        Yeah I’m sure that was a task! After talking with blooming boutique I knew they had some long days ahead with changing tray stickers, computer inventory and then the website. That’s the part I feel bad about. I know when I was selling trollbeads and I had to do all that.. fun days 😅 But yes this changes things for my want list and I don’t think my husband is too excited. I’ll behave myself as best I can though. It’s just hard when an opportunity presents itself, it’s nice to treat yourself and now the prices are becoming more realistic for me. Not saying I can throw down $300 for a single bead any day but for a special day with some saving up it could happen 😇

        • endangeredtrolls

          Oh it’s been awful 😀 I love my job SO very much but oh my life… Now the GLB website is really date (don’t get me started,) so we don’t have any way to update prices in a group. There’s no pricing categories etc. *Every* *single* *product* had to be opened by hand, have the price edited, saved and move onto the next. Just to make it worse the products just show as a huuuuuuge long list on the backend of the website. It also won’t allow you to edit in a new window on the internet browser. So everytime you edit and save, it reloads the list and puts you back to the top. So 1) you need to remember WHERE in that list you are. 2) After a couple of hundred products, you have to sit and scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll because actually that’s faster than using the find function.

          I swear… it’s take me.. I think I’m at closing on 37 hours now of doing that. Even now someone posted on GLBs page earlier saying “some of your prices aren’t changed” and I kinda cried a bit.

          At the same time I’m working on a totally new website for us so I’m sat there grumbling to myself about how I could have spent 37 hours on that instead 😀 I’m so pleased Trollbeads don’t do this often 😀 So I feel for the girls over at Blooming Boutique too 😀

          • Jamie

            Aw well keep your head up and keep doing a great job! I totally understand how hard your working. Some people just don’t understand what work goes into a website and all. I do hope this is the last huge chance for a while so everyone can feel sane again 😋

  10. Giulia

    Brexit? Seriously, Victoria?
    So Uk people have to use more of their money for Tb because of the Brexit…
    Now tell me: are the Italian on the way to leave Europe, so to justify the increase of the anemone flower pendant of €30?
    I hope you are joking.
    Why don’t we start to speak the truth, the fact Trollbeads cares about USA market?
    The way the company is dealing with the shops in the Uk, including the unpleasant, unbelievable and the awful behave they had with Cambridge staff, is just the proof of how much care.

    • endangeredtrolls

      Of course Brexit is going to have an effect on UK prices. Whether THIS is the effect.. who knows. But the UK is going to suffer on products it imports from elsewhere.

      As for mainland Europe..that’s already been explained. It was cheaper for US customers to shop with European retailers. How is that Trollbeads only caring about the US? Some US retailers could have been arguing for some time that actually, it felt to them that Trollbeads were favouring the EU and hence their customers were more tempted to shop there than their home market.

      I have no first hand experience as to how Trollbeads UK have dealt with anyone so I’m not going to comment on that. However that is the realm of Trollbeads UK as a distributor or do you believe they themselves are favouring the US market too?

      • Giulia

        Of course Brexit will have an effect on prices, but not now. If it was about Brexit, other brands like Pandora, or Elfbead, will do the same, but they aren’t. Chamilia new collections is affordable and I don’t think they work for the glory. Also, as I said before: what about other countries like Italy? Are they leaving Europe? Nope, they aren’t. Trollbeads can rises its prices anytime, only they can’t say it is about Brexit.

    • Nereida

      I NEVER purchased Trollbeads in the US unless I needed Live photos. Much cheaper to shop in EU, so I did. I actually had a Winter Forest kit ordered from Perlen when they stopped carrying them. US stores absolutely saw us purchase in Europe. Now there is less reason to.

  11. Amanda Mac

    Thank you for the immense amount of hard work you have put into this.

    The UK situation is pretty dreadful at the moment – and I’m not just talking about these prices. Shops – including the only two proper concept stores in Newcastle and Cambridge (ie only sold Troll) – are closing down all over the place and big retailers like House of Fraser, Beaverbrooks, John Lewis etc no longer stock the brand. There used to be numerous retailers in the Bristol/ Bath areas – now there is only one shop listed on their map, and they haven’t bought new stock for many years, and therefore don’t really count.

    I think the truth is that the USA market is huge and they do cater for that, understandably to some extent. For example, we never had a significant price re-balancing when the UK was much more expensive than the USA – and that was the situation for many many years – actually until relatively recently. Normal glass beads were £14.50 when first introduced to the UK around 2006 – so this price hike to £30 is far higher than inflation, and therefore seems and feels pretty unfair. Of course, UK trollies will simply shop abroad again, to the detriment of those few retailers now left in the UK. Or stop altogether – no-one forces us to buy beads! All very sad for us. I can understand the aim of making things balance – but its difficult to get it completely right, and I don’t think they have for the UK. Perhaps we will see a price decrease! This has happened before, although it was only a hike down from £26 to £25. I live in hope, and also hope TB Denmark reads your posts and thinks about this problem seriously!

    • endangeredtrolls

      I was so sad for the UK when I was writing that article. I mean.. I hadn’t really received much for the UK initially. I’d assumed they’d see mostly increases because the EU had mostly increases but ohhhh when I was writing it :'(

      Now I knew about Trollbeads Cambridge though I’m a little confused about exactly what happened there as that store was sold to a third party going back.. I think it was around 18 months. (I worked with them for a while.) Now I’ve no idea if it was sold *back* to Trollbeads HQ? Or if that third party then decided to cease trading with Trollbeads Cambridge? Either way it’s a horrible thing 🙁

      What did shock me was when someone mentioned earlier that Beaverbrooks were no longer stocking. I’ve always been a little against department stores and the like stocking the brand as I always felt it needed more knowledge and involvement from the staff to really sell. But I know one lovely girl at Beaverbrooks (I know thats ONE out of a huge chain) but she was always so enthusiastic about the brand and I’d see her comment and tag her colleagues and I just got the impression there was a genuine warmness for Trollbeads there.

      Shopping in the EU is certainly easy for you guys for sure but how’s the exchange rate at the moment? I know it was DIRE for a while so although shopping with an EU retailer seemed obvious, it was pretty painful for you :*(

      I do hope something is addressed for the UK. Unfortunately I don’t have much contact with the distributors over there anymore but let’s hope they manage to give retailers some love soon

      • Amanda Mac

        I don’t know what happened at Cambridge except that it closed very quickly with virtually no notice. I think it was the third set of owners in a short space of time, but nothing to do with TB HQ or TB UK as I understand it. (Of course TB UK kept them supplied with stock!) Newcastle also closed very quickly.

        Yes, I know what you mean about chain stores, but there were some enthusiasts at my local Beaverbrooks too: I’ll miss them.

        The exchange rate is better than it has been, it can only get better!! (She says hopefully!) x

        • endangeredtrolls

          Yes.. I worked with them when it first opened and it was Trollbeads UK owned at that time I believe. Then they “vanished” off my radar and I didn’t hear a word from them. I was then contacted by the new owners who worked with me for a while.. then they stopped and given the reasons they’d told me, I kinda gathered things weren’t so good. But then I lost track of what happened. I don’t know if they sold it on or if it’s them that closed it so suddenly or what. From what you say it sounds like it was passed on again.

          It’s a real shame and of course for the staff involved as none of this is their doing. To find out any time of year that you’re suddenly jobless is awful. To find out either just before or after Christmas – when I think most people are feeling the financial strains a little – is horrible.

  12. Lisa G

    Pardon my (perhaps) lack of knowledge, but everything, it seems to me, is more expensive in the UK. Of course the UK never went to the euro, but I’ve traveled to the UK many times and have seen the pound equal up to $2.00usd. And the prices were no lower, so if a pizza was £16.95, comparable to the U.S., it was really $34.00 for us. Even things *made* in the UK were cheaper in the US. I don’t feel very surprised that the UK trollbeads prices are so much more. Pandora is the same: $45.00 usd is hardly comparable to £40.00 (best case scenario equal to around $60.00). You guys should buy from here or from the eurozone.

    • endangeredtrolls

      It depends where in the UK you go. The northern counties are generally cheaper. London and it’s vicinity is horrific. Anywhere touristy on the southern coast is too.

      The UK has suffered terribly with the value of the pound after the Brexit announcement and though I stopped following it towards the latter half of last year it really was awful for a while.

      The UK collectors are paying VAT of 20% so you always have to account for that too. That’s also the risk of shopping from the USA. They can potentially get hit by VAT on their imports. Just to make it worse – I *think* it’s the same in the UK as here, you also get a “handling fee” and then here we then get charged taxes ON that handling fee too. So you can end up paying more for the beads than if you’d purchased at home anyway. That said… a lot of packages do slip through without taxes too. (Clothes on the other hand.. I learned to stop even trying :p)

  13. Sunny

    Thanks for your great work, Victoria!
    I am located in the EU so not happy about the adjustments. And I really feel sorry for the UK collectors.
    Worst for me is the gemstone increase. I guess I will only buy gemstones now if I find a real stunner.

    The twisted gold plated bangle was 190 Euro before the prices changes, know this very well as I took the plunge and ordered it hours before the change.

    • endangeredtrolls

      The gemstones is a real mixed “thing” for me. I love stones.. so even a small increase makes me sad. On the other hand the reduction on the higher priced stones is really really welcomed. I only wish the Golden Rutilated Quartz were still around in abundance NOW 😉

  14. Amanda Mac

    Just a final thought. I wouldn’t be surprised if the UK prices were the recommendations of the UK distributor, based on what is selling well. If you look at the bangles, for example, some go up a lot in the UK but others relatively little. So it’s not really to do with inflation or the exchange rate it seems, more what they think they can charge in future without adversely affecting sales? I guess that’s business! But I think – if that is the case – they have miscalculated because I think this will have a bad effect on sales. I’m certainly not going to be buying nearly as much except when items are on sale or from abroad.

    • endangeredtrolls

      You could be right. Honestly I just don’t know. I was told it’s a price balancing to address the inequality of retailers globally – particularly for the US trying to compete with EU based stores (which was predominantly a VAT deducting issue.)

      Are there other factors at play? Probably. Will any of us ever know? Doubtful.

      I do hope someone does take a look at the UK though. It’s obvious that the concept stores were well thought of amongst the UK collectors so clearly they were doing a good job. While we don’t know why they closed, it’s still leaving a void.. and with the exchange rates and potential import taxes it’s not as easy as saying “well you can just shop abroad.” And no matter how efficient the Trollbeads official websites become, unless they start offering a lot of live image photography… (and of course that’s *completely* ignoring the fact that some collectors just prefer to shop in person.)

  15. Jenna

    Trollbeads needs to stop these ridiculous price increases. They are already overpriced.
    The minuscule price reductions were used to distract from an increase overall. Don’t just look country by country. Worldwide it is a Price increase.

    • endangeredtrolls

      You’re understanding that some prices have dropped significantly right? Some gold are down by over $100. Also in Europe.

      Bangles are all down. Locks in the USA are nearly all down. Duo-tone locks are down by a lot. The higher end gemstones are down a lot.

      The INCREASES for the USA are a $1-$2 on some categories while other categories are then down $1-$2.

      Of course it depends on the individual market. If you’re a collector in the USA right now, it’s mostly very favourable. If you’re a collector in the UK, it’s pretty horrific. It’s incorrect to say that what just happened for the USA is an increase and just because it’s then an increase for the UK, doesn’t mean you can call it an increase globally.

      • Joanne B

        I was shocked to find out that the Flower Meadow Pendant was increasing from $48 to $65. It was my understanding that originally these were to be paired with the Vintage Pendant on a necklace, and that was why they were priced a little lower than some pendants. Luckily I discovered the price increase while I was still able to order a pair at the lower price. A $17 increase is very steep, in my opinion, for one item.

        • endangeredtrolls

          There was one other odd increase (at least odd in my opinion) and that was the Anemone Pendant which has also randomly leaped up $20. It stuck in my mind as I checked like three times to make sure it was right when I was editing the prices. I’m not sure what the logic is there.

      • Nereida

        That’s the part that makes no sense. If it were merely a matter of price balancing, then logically they would det 1st mine the p ET centage that needs to be reduced in one country and increased in another. The US wouldn’t see any price increases as ths point was prices wee higher than in EU, and nothing wluld have steel price decrea see s. Everything would go down and up by the same percentage degree. As that isn’t happening, and in the US some prices increased, it is clear that the prices were “balanced” based on sales of items, not price discrepancies. It is obvious troll prices are not tied cost of manufacturing. They did eliminate the reason US shoppers shop in EU, especially by increasing the prices in EU. They will probably lose sales however.

        • endangeredtrolls

          They did say they also wanted to simplify the price brackets and I guess they have done that – or at least once everyone gets their head around the new structure.

          I’m still not convinced though, you say they’ve altered pricing based on what sells best, yet bangles in the US have dropped and they *really* sell. Gold prices did desperately need addressing and it’s great to see they’ve fallen. I’ve always felt Trollbeads gold was too high. What I really liked seeing was fantasy necklaces all pulled into line so they don’t vary per length.

  16. Maryrose

    Just a little plug from me for Trollbeads Norwich. I live on the Isle of Wight right at the bottom of England, uk , but I always order online from Norwich and they are just brilliant. I’m heartbroken about the price increases too but I still think a hand made glass bead for £30’is worth having. I just won’t be able to have that many. But I still think trollbeads are beautiful and worth every penny I have 😍😍

    • endangeredtrolls

      As someone who is also now working in retail, I’m betting they deserve it. Trollbeads collectors are really demanding now! (Not that I blame them, I know how they feel 😉 ) But all the individual images needed to help people choose the right glass – for what is actually a pretty low ticket item – is staggering :O On the other hand so few people buy glass or stones from stock images – and we all know why. But it’s a very involved process 😀 So kudos to Norwich if they’re the ones left flying the Trollbeads flag for the poor UK.

  17. Marisa

    Thanks Victoria, in some ways this seemed to have been a bit of a thankless task but you’ve made things transparent.
    From the UK perspective, I did think ouch. It’s really going to make me think about what I decide to buy. I found out about Beaverbrooks during the Christmas / New Year sales, having only recently discovered them. But one trend I have seen with a number of UK retailers is that once they sell their stock they are not re-stocking…That’s worrying, but I guess even more reason to support those who provide great service like the team at Trollbeads Norwich.

    • endangeredtrolls

      It’s actually kind of funny Marisa. Last week was crazy busy. Aside from the Trollbeads spring release we had the previews of the Mother’s & Fathers day collections. I had a lot of work at GLB and the prices had to be altered too. So I wanted a really “easy” article for Monday. Trollbeads price increase.. no photography required.. perfect! 😀 Of course that wasn’t a well thought through plan and I think it took me the better part of Sunday to pull it all together 😀

      And as usual of course people are angry and I’ve had some really grumpy emails and messages, a couple of whom seem to think this is all my fault.

      For the UK, it’s horrible 🙁 There’s no getting around it. I feel for you guys 🙁 Your point about retailers not restocking is kind of what I tried to make elsewhere but it got completely taken the wrong way. It’s a brand that does need a lot of investment from a retailer. New product launches are frequent – that’s if you ignore uniques all together – if you want an online presence you probably need to do a lot of photography.. that’s quite a unique skill set, not every retailer is going to happen (total dream job for me) but it does require a staff force that get behind it. It’s not a matter of stocking it and restocking once in a while 🙁 You need to *love* it. (Also why I’m sad for Beaverbrooks because although they didn’t offer the more personalised online service, it seemed some of their staff truly loved the brand.) This is why I see logic in the concept stores. It’s just sad that you ladies in the UK have lost two of yours :'(

      • Abi

        I’m sad to hear people have been taking out their frustration on you. People need to remember you’re not a Trollbeads employee!

        Given how poorly they have communicated details of the retirement and price changes, TB are reliant on community leaders not just to disseminate information but also to interpret it for customers. I personally feel the fact that they don’t have a human face or even an official blog damages their reputation, because when decisions like this come out some collectors are inevitably going to feel ignored. The fact that so many shops are closing just makes that worse.

        • Lola

          I wish information was easier to get. I can’t get any answer from Trollbeads Canada about prices. Our prices so far remain the same, extremely high compared to the US. If Troll Canada is trying to send Canadian customers to the US market, not matching US prices in the way to do it. There are legit ways to import from the US without any cost above exchange, which right now is far cheaper than buying in Canada.

  18. Emma

    Sad about Beaverbrooks, picked up the say hello bangle amazonite set for 50.00 from them.

  19. Maria

    In my opinion this “balancing “ thing is just an excuse for a price increase… I’m sorry for you Victoria to be the bearer of this bad news. I got an email from Trollbeads to announce the spring collection but they didn’t mention a single word about the price increase or why the prices increased.
    I’m in the EU and used to have lot’s of well stocked retailers within travel distance, it was fun to go Trollbeads shopping, I always came home with at least one bead more than I was intended to buy 😀
    After the last price increase most of the retailers stopped with Trollbeads , the investments were too high and the sales became too low. Now I’ve only two stores left, very nice stores with knowledgeable salespersons who love Trollbeads themselves but I also know that those two stores have a very hard time and that this “balancing” thing won’t make it any better.

    What’s also started happening after the last price increase: Lots of stores who had huge amounts of stock started to sell them on a secondhand internet site to get rid of them. They offer brand new beads for a reduced price, even the last Christmas beads were put up for sale for little of the original price. Those are the genuine beads of renowned jewellery stores, not copies.

    As for me, I love the silver Trollbeads, but lately they get very small and now they become even more expensive. I recently bought two Radbalifrog pine cones and was pleasantly surprised by the price, size and the high quality 😀
    I will still follow your blog Victoria but from now on with a little more attention to Redbalifrog.


  20. Lynne

    Shocked to discover that Steffans, who used to be one of the major UK stockists, are dropping Trollbeads (they hosted a Trollbeads convention a few years ago) along with Beaverbrooks, etc. A lot of small jewellers who used to stock Trollbeads aren’t bothering to carry the new releases. It seems that Trollbeads are likely to virtually disappear from the UK.

  21. Ernesto

    I took advantage of the low prices and bought several stones, gold beads and engraved ambers. The prices have been excellent for me.

    Thanks for the info 🙂

  22. Veroniek

    Now that we have seen the “price balancing”, it would be nice to see a “Promotion balancing” aswell. Same promotions, same gifts with purchase same starter bracelets… Promotions or gift are very rare over here (Belgium), and ordering in the US is quite a risk when your order doesn’t fit in a small envelope.

    • endangeredtrolls

      The problem here – and one many customers don’t realise – it that is the realm of each regions own distributor.

      Trollbeads USA is it’s own business just as Trollbeads UK is and they obviously act entirely independently of each other. Promotions and marketing are the responsibility of those distributors and not so much Trollbeads HQ (though of course they are the ones providing stock and campaign images to everyone.)

      Promotional items – such as the travel cases in the USA last year – are sourced by the distributors. They are the one coming up with the ideas, finding manufacturers and ultimately then offering them to their retailers.

      There are even deeper issues at play. Depending on where precisely you live, it can actually be illegal to offer gift with purchase promotions as it’s seen as incentivisation. Of course it IS incentivisation but that is against certain laws.

      It’s a very grey area and not always a black and white one either 🙁 And though Trollbeads HQ can do things such as dictate retail prices, I doubt they can make demands such as “you must run x number of promotions per year.” At least I don’t think they could.

      • Veroniek

        Thank you for this information! I wasn’t aware of any of this.

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