Trollbeads People’s Bead 2018 Begins

This Trollbeads blog alerts readers to the start of the Trollbeads People’s Bead 2018 event.

Today marks the start of the Trollbeads People’s Bead 2018 event. There are yet more changes for this year as Trollbeads once again seem to be handing over further control to the community. The event begins not with submissions but with a vote on the actual theme.

Trollbeads People’s Bead 2018

Beginning today (March the 5th) and continuing until March the 12th, voting is open for the theme of the People’s Bead 2018 event. The choices are as follows:-

  • Future – Things you look forward to
  • How not to be alone
  • If you ruled the world
  • I dream about…
  • Life
  • Love
  • Inspiration / Inspired
  • Mindfulness
  • Soulmates
  • Reimagine / reinvent

This is the tenth year of People’s Bead and there’s a wide variety of themes there. In fairness the themes rarely seem to limit submissions too much as there’s always a high degree or personal interpretation. You can now head over to the official website to cast your votes.

They’ve also unveiled the timeline of events and it looks like this.

Trollbeads People's Bead 2018

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

The actual submission phase begins on March the 19th, with voting beginning on April the 11th. The bead is ultimately released on September the 7th which could be a strong indicator of the Trollbeads Fall 2018 launch date too.

As always I love to hear from my readers. What are your thoughts on the potential themes for the Trollbeads People’s Bead 2018 event? Do you like this slight modification to format? Will you be participating? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. Pippa

    The theme choices make me I feel like I wandered into the self-help section of a book store. Some of the possible themes are too broad or vague and others just odd. I’m not sure about the new vote on a theme part. The list of theme choices is just not very interest in my opjnion. Some seem so broad or vague as be almost meaningless, such as Life or Inspire. Love is broad too, and seems pretty well covered by existing Trollbeads, and Soulmates just seems a sub-theme within the Love theme. And I have no idea what the are thinking with, “How not to be alone” – it seems almost insulting to their customers or maybe just depressing but I certainly don’t it would help their efforts to appeal to millennials. Looking over the list I think they could have made this year’s theme “Introspection” and moved on.

    Personally, I would like the idea of voting on theme more if the the choices were more distinct and literal, like “space” (as in outer space) but I’m not sure that that’s really in line with their concept for the People’s Bead.

    And I’m at a complete loss as which to vote for…

  2. Lola

    Totaling that list, this year’s real theme is Navel Gazing, or My Shrink is on Speed Dial.

    I’d like to see a series of glass beads celebrating great artists; art that affected, and still affects the world — Picasso, Matisse, Van Gogh, Dali, Warhol … It would be brilliant.

    • Zhanna

      Lola, your idea is absolutely amazing!

      • Lola

        If only I could execute the beads myself! How happy I’d be! 😀 But alas, I’m a photo-artist and not a glass artist. 🙁

  3. Lisa G

    It really is quite a spectacular list. How not to be alone? If I ruled the world? The first is insulting and weird and the second makes me want to submit a little Dr. Evil bead from Austin Powers. One MILLION dollars for that bead…lol

  4. Tanya

    I just want a popcorn bead! Lol

    • Lisa G

      You ask for so little:)

  5. Jamie

    This is an interesting way to start off the competition. I can appreciate that they are trying to allow the fans to be more and more involved. I have to agree the themes are a bit odd. I thought to myself what would make the most sense for this competition or what could fit for most entries. I know a lot of people resubmit each year or have ideas on hand so it would make sense to have a theme different yet accommodating enough to work. I also know a lot of people complain about too many hearts and feminine beads. Especially with the father’s day bead this year I’d like to see a more unisex design. Something bold and trollbeads classic design.
    I chose “I dream about..”, let’s see what the troll community agrees with 🤗

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