Trollbeads Jewellery Box Promotion at Beads Fanatic

This Trollbeads blog alerts readers to a Trollbeads jewellery box promotion at Beads Fanatic.

Starting today Spanish retailer Beads Fanatic are offering a Trollbeads jewellery box promotion. Spends of €129 or more on Trollbeads via their website will qualify for a free travel case. These are super useful for those of you who find yourselves travelling with your beads. They’re also great for taking a selection of your own collection to a local store if you’re searching for very specific beads. If you’re shopping for Christmas gifts, they make a super cute storage solution for newer collectors.

Trollbeads Promotion

Image Courtesy of Beads Fanatic – Please Do Not Reproduce

Remember Beads Fanatic ship globally and they’re also an authorised retailer for Ohm Beads, Redbalifrog, Chamilia, Elfbeads and Aurora. The promotion currently has no expiration date but do remember we’re now close to Christmas for postage.

Happy shopping!

  1. Susan Kalil

    Hi Victoria,
    I have learnt so much from “Endangered Trolls”. Are you associated with Bead Sensation? Is there any thing you can tell me about this supplier? Wishing you a happy holidays. Thanks,

    • endangeredtrolls

      Hi Susan,

      No I have no association with Bead Sensation. The retailers I feature here are all stores that pay for advertising with me (since my blog is my full time job and I have to earn money somehow ;))


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