Trollbeads Hidden Gems Campaign Begins

This Trollbeads blog alerts readers to the start of the Trollbeads Hidden Gems campaign at a Danish retailer.

Danish retailer Perlen are garnering quite the reputation for offering some amazing Trollbeads promotions in recent months (this is aside from them already being well known for their large brand choice.)

Recent campaigns have been incredibly tempting and today they’re starting their latest. This time the focus is on gemstones.


Image Courtesy of Perlen – Please Do Not Reproduce

Trollbeads Hidden Gems Campaign

Beginning today (May the 19th) and running until the 25th of June, the Hidden Gems campaign offers a Trollbeads bracelet, a lock and either a ruby, sapphire or emerald gemstone for the total price of $215. The actual value should be $277 so it’s a saving of 22%. There’s a choice of nine different locks on offer and the newest Trollbeads Balance Lily Lock and Trollbeads Water Lily Lock are both included.

Image Courtesy of Perlen – Please Do Not Reproduce

Trollbeads Hidden Gems Campaign Summary

I’ve featured Trollbeads stones and amber a few times over the past week and just last night I was mentioning that these organic materials are still one aspect that sets Trollbeads apart from their competition. Of the three stones on offer here, I’ve always had a weakness for the emerald. Though I’m not usually a huge fan of green, I do like the paler, minty shades so often seen in the Trollbeads Emerald (and it’s so pretty for the summer season!)

You’ll find the landing page for this new promotion below and of course Perlen do ship globally. Those of you shopping from the USA will find the savings higher as VAT will be deducted at checkout.

Happy shopping!

  1. Elizabeth (Lizzie)

    Lovely idea! Great treat for oneself or good starter gifts to stock up on, for people with more gun money than I have. 😉

    • endangeredtrolls

      Perlen always have the most amazing campaigns these days 😀 You can save quite a chunk by taking advantage when they’re on offer 😀


  2. Elizabeth (Lizzie)

    Dangit! That is, of course “fun” money! Blasted autocorrect!! It hates me lately 🙁

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