Trollbeads Halloween Inspiration

With the spookiest night of the year creeping ever closer, today’s Trollbeads blog article offers a little inspiration for a Trollbeads Halloween bangle.

We’re now mere weeks away from Halloween and by all accounts, many charm and bead collectors are incredibly enthusiastic about the holiday. Part of the fun of charm bracelets comes from the ability to celebrate holidays in jewellery. Today brings a little inspiration by way of a Trollbeads Halloween bangle with photography courtesy of the lovely Beth at Trollbeads Studio.

Trollbeads Halloween Bangle

Obviously the highlight of the bangle are the Trollbeads Inner Glow beads. With the days shortening considerably, these beads are given more chances to glow. Beth combined them with the Trollbeads Spirit Light from the People’s Bead 2012 collection and used the Trollbeads Pumpkin as the focal piece.

Trollbeads Halloween

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads Studio – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Obviously the photography here makes the combination look ludicrously spooky and utterly perfect for the Halloween season. Have you started to create your Halloween charm bracelets yet?

  1. rainey

    I hope someone will explain the attraction of GitD beads. I’m sincere in wondering. How often do you go from an environment that light enough to one that’s dark enough to get the effect? When it does happen isn’t it distracting and possibly even annoying to others past the moment when you go “Oh! That’s neat!”?

    I actually went out and bought a string of conventional round GitD beads to see what I thought of them. I was/am going to one day make a pair of ear wires with GitD beads that my Spider TB charms can sit on but it’s really just for the novelty of it. I can’t make myself take them seriously enough yet to actually do it. One day my Halloween bracelet will be all filled up and I’ll have Spiders hanging around to make use of but I’m not holding my breath for that moment.

    Hooray for everyone that they make happy! I’m serious about that part too. I’m HIGHLY in favor of the things that make people feel a little childhood happiness. But I just don’t get the concept. ::says the senior lady who recently sunk a young fortune into Lego sets:: ::yes, I *am* an ass and I freely acknowledge it::

    • endangeredtrolls

      Well, I can only speak for myself of course but I’m happy to share how I’ve worn mine 🙂

      I’ve tended to use them when I know I’m going to be outside during around dusk. I wore them for Halloween at Tivoli last year and also a horror night that we went to. (Staged Halloween events at a local castle with actors recreating various “scenes” such as a lunatic asylum, a vampire nest etc.)

      I’ll also admit I’ve had fairly limited use from mine but I do still love them! 🙂

      Lastly, I tend to wear them on a fantasy necklace rather than a bracelet – purely because they’re more visible there as the weather here generally requires jackets by now!

      On an unrelated note, I think they’d look awesome for my pole dancing but they’d need charging first of course 😛

      Frankly I think it’s one of those things that either they’ll appeal to people or they wont and I don’t think you should feel bad or apologise for that. As for Lego.. every time I see a Lego Harry Potter set, part of me yearns for it so don’t you dare criticise yourself!


  2. Angelaa

    rainey and Victoria you guys crack me up about Legos. I guess from habit of buying them for my boys still check them out.Amazing how they have changed over the years and I miss the days when they were playing with them. When I saw the first shots of the X rubber link all I could think of was the links that were on their Viking drawbridge from the Lego setcirca 1980’s
    I did get one Glow bead last year,a few weeks back had the top off of my storage tray and when I woke up during the night there was that strange little glow, I am looking and wondering what on earth is that. Turned on the light and OMGoodness there was the Glow bead charged from being exposed all day.During the year have worn it whenever I needed a neutral but textured bead as in daylight it has a crackled look. Had there not been such great beads offered this Fall I would have bought a couple more of them as I think it would be nice to have several on a Halloween Bracelet.Will be buying Blizzard though.

    • endangeredtrolls

      Well I don’t have kids so I’m not sure what my excuse about Lego is :< I do have a thing for Harry Potter though 🙁 I'm pretty sure my fiance would have me committed if he came home and found me sat on the floor building Hogwarts 🙁 /hugs

  3. rainey

    OMG! That’s such a funny image and so easy to get the visual. I guess that answers the question about how long the effect lasts… ;>

    LOL about the Legos too. They are an amazing toy! They never lose their potential for fun and creativity and we’ve got Legos that have been in storage for 2 decades that came out of their bins ready to go. The colors still matched and I found 2 pieces out of thousands that had warped a bit. Long thin pieces — a ladder and a suspension bridge that had warped slightly under pressure and heat out in the garage. I put them in some really HOT water, snapped them onto regular bricks to get the right positioning and they’re back in action!

    Meanwhile, my 26yo (my youngest) has started building with them again as an adult and I just spent a young fortune on the Winter Village buildings. Check them out! They are sooooo adorable for a Christmas display/play.

    Soooo, you intrigued me and I rummaged around until I found my GitD beads. Maybe I’ll fool around with making those ear dangles for Halloween. I’m gonna have big spaces on my bracelet tho if I pull off both Spiders with nothing to replace them.

  4. Angela

    My youngest is also 26, but it is my oldest 32 who reall loved Legos, he has all his sets in their boxes.Had severe health issues when he was unable to go out to play it was Legos and Construx that kept his company.

    Will have to check out the Winter Village.I did not get the Spider but I have 4 Pumpkins.rainey have you tried eBay for the Spiders, there are several Troll dealers who are selling off their stock. I am not a fan of Spiders but what Halloween bracelet would be complete without a Spider so off to combing eBay for one.

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