Trollbeads Guiding Dolphins Bracelet Preview (America’s Bracelet July 2019)

This Trollbeads bracelet brings a preview of the upcoming Trollbeads Guiding Dolphins Bracelet, the America’s Bracelet for July 2019.

At the beginning of May a new starter bracelet launched for the American market (which also includes Canada and Australia.) It’s called the Trollbeads Spring Sunshine Bracelet and is a starter bracelet but not a designer bracelet. The latter is the new name for those bracelets that feature exclusive, new pieces like Vine of Dreams, Wishful Sky and Hues of Wonder.

For anyone wanting the Spring Sunshine Bracelet, you can find it over at Great Lakes Boutique via the link below:-

Trollbeads Sunshine Bracelet
Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

I also published a mini editorial for The Spring Sunshine Bracelet over at Great Lakes which shows a few styling options.

It seems this might be a new style of promotion for this market as today brings a preview of another bracelet, this time scheduled for a launch in July.

Trollbeads Guiding Dolphins Bracelet

The Trollbeads Guiding Dolphins Bracelet will retail at $120 and that price represents a 40% saving on the full retail price of the components (which would be $217.) Please note these prices account for the upcoming increase but there’ll be more on that later. It’s official launch date is July the 19th and it will only be available across the USA, Canada and Australia.

Trollbeads Guiding Dolphins Bracelet
Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

The bead features the Trollbeads Light Blue Braid, Lime Prism, Playing Dolphins, Dolphins Lock and of course the bracelet.

Trollbeads Guiding Dolphins Bracelet

There’s no pre-order for this bracelet as there haven’t been for any of the recent releases.

As always I love to hear from my readers. What are your thoughts on the Trollbeads Guiding Dolphins Bracelet and do you like this new style of promotion? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. Linda Jo

    These starter bracelets are a good value, IFF you like all the components. (That’s the mathematical IFF, meaning if-and-only-if.)
    I bought a Spring Sunshine starter bracelet. I did not have a River of Life faceted glass, and the other beads and the lock are all versatile or neutral.
    But I’ll pass on this new Guiding Dolphins starter bracelet as I dislike the Dolphin lock and really cannot use an extra of any of those 3 beads.

    • Lisa G

      I agree. With no new components the bracelets are less of a good value. Especially if you already have or don’t want the beads.

    • Lola

      Even if you have the beads // locks and can’t use more of the same, or don’t have them but don’t like them, it’s good value for giving the beads // locks as gifts. I did that with Sunshine, I bought two and spread the Sunshine around. 😀

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