Trollbeads Gold Promotion for Great Lakes Boutique Bead Bash on the Lake

This Trollbeads blog brings a last minute addition of a Trollbeads gold promotion for the Great Lakes Boutique Bead Bash on the Lake event.

Though all of the promotions for the Bead Bash on the Lake were announced some time ago, there is one last minute addition to the line up. Beginning at midnight tonight there will be 25% off all Trollbeads gold beads. This will continue until midnight on Sunday May the 6th. For those of you visiting in store, the same will apply there. Please be aware that the Trollbeads Guiding Star in Gold is excluded from this offer.

For those of you who have coveted the gold beads on my own bangles, now is the time to indulge.

Trollbeads Bangles

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Happy shopping!

  1. Nereida

    Hi. Is the Guiding Star the same price as it would be if it were special ordered? Can Guiding Star be special ordered in gold after Bead Bash?

  2. Lisa G

    Nereida, you can always order any trollbeads product in 18k gold at any time. I don’t know if there is special pricing for Bead Bash.

    • Sorrel

      I agree with Lisa; however if you order just one special order gold bead Troll will quote a crazy price. Some LDs will be helpful about negotiating a better price. If you order more than one copy of a gold bead, the price per bead comes down considerably.

      If you really want this bead and can afford it right now, getting it from GLB is probably your best option. Alternatively, if you have friends who also want it, try getting a group order together and shop around for the best deal.

      Good luck!

  3. Ilse

    I love this. I ordered hearts galore, which I hope will look good with the new vine-bracelet and with the gold wishing star I already have. Can’t wait to play with it 🙂

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