Trollbeads Easter 2013 Promotion from Trollbeads UK

This Trollbeads blog article alerts readers to a new Trollbeads Easter 2013 promotion courtesy of Trollbeads UK.

For Valentine’s Day 2013, Trollbeads UK offered a themed bundle of beads as a special three for two style promotion. These predictable didn’t include the new Trollbeads Valentine’s Love dangles but offered a fabulous chance for adding some classic designs to your collection.

Trollbeads Promotion

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

For Mother’s Day 2013, a similar promotion was offered in the UK and again this was met with delight by collectors.

Trollbeads Mother's Day 2013

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

With what seems to becoming a tradition, a Trollbeads Easter 2013 promotion is being offered in this same style and ideal for those finding the new Easter Egg pendants uninspiring.

Trollbeads Easter 2013

The Trollbeads Easter 2013 collection boasts a new series of Trollbeads Easter Egg Pendants in addition to a rather controversial chicken ring (both pictured below.)

Trollbeads Easter 2013

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Trollbeads Chicken Ring

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

While I personally find this year’s Trollbeads Easter Egg pendants a vast improvement on the 2012 version, there’s been a generally underwhelming response from readers and collectors in general.

Trollbeads Easter 2013 Promotion

As an alternative basis for those Trollbeads Easter 2013 bracelet combinations comes the new promotion from Trollbeads UK. The bundle comprises the adored Trollbeads Lamb, the seasonally appropriate (and retired) Trollbeads Buttercup and lastly, the Trollbeads Lime Prism. The price is just £46 ($70 / 54 EUR / 401 DKK) meaning one bead is entirely free.

Trollbeads Easter

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

To clarify, this promotion is being offered by the Trollbeads UK distributor, meaning the bundle (at this price) will only be available via UK based retailers. Fortunately they are able to offer global shipping so everyone is able to participate.

My recommended retailer for all things Trollbeads in the UK is John Greed Jewellery though please be aware as this offer has only just launched, it may take some time before it appears on the website.

The promotion runs from Monday March the eighteenth through until Monday the eight of April.

As always, I love to hear from my readers. Were you uninspired by the Trollbeads Easter 2013 collection? Will you perhaps be more tempted by this promotion? Lastly do you like the new style themed promotions being offered by Trollbeads UK? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. Sam

    Yay!! I love these promotions, I think they are great 🙂 Sadly I already have two of the three beads, so won’t be taking advantage of this particular one. The lamb is sooooo cute I’m wearing him today on my TB bangle in defiance of the rubbish wear we’re having in the uk lol 😉

    • endangeredtrolls

      I think the Trollbeads Lamb is an absolute classic and I agree with you regarding the promotions – I really hope it’s something Trollbeads UK keep offering 🙂

      If it makes you feel better, we have a snow storm moving in. We’ve got gale force winds and heavy snow set to continue until tomorrow night 🙁

      I actually set off to go and see Jack at hospital and had to turn around. Even the main road was dire so I don’t think I could have managed the small roads between myself and the hospital 🙁 It took me an hour to cover a distance I’d normally do in 15 minutes.. It usually takes me 45 minutes to reach the hospital and I wasn’t even a third of the way there when I gave up 🙁

      • Sam

        Oh no that’s terrible….. I’m glad you made the decision to turn around, being stuck in a snow storm is no fun!! Big hugs to Jack 🙂

  2. Sam


  3. Jennifer Wr

    I like the buttercup bead. 🙂

    I’m so sorry to hear about your weather Victoria, and that it prevented you from seeing Jack. That stinks.

    • endangeredtrolls

      It’s retired too!

      I’m hoping the weather will let me get out tomorrow 🙁 It doesn’t feel much like spring right now 🙁

      • Jennifer Wr

        No, it doesn’t feel like Spring. :(. I just heard that our forecast tomorrow is another eight inches of snow. I am starting to feel fed up and a bit grouchy about it… 🙁

        I hope tomorrow is better for you!

        • endangeredtrolls

          Oh Jennifer 🙁

          It looks like the huge snow storm we were due has skipped us by but it’s still snowing lightly and bitterly cold 🙁 I need to attempt to get out to Jack again but I’ve no idea if I can make it there 🙁 Part of the way is main road but another half of the journey is country roads and I’m a little unsure of how they will be 🙁 Just to clarify to everyone though, he’s being cared for! There are vets, grooms, nurses on site all day and it makes absolutely no difference to his health and well being whether I’m there or not! (I don’t want anyone thinking I’ve left my horse to starve..)

          I hope somehow the weather has also been a little kinder to you too 🙁 Doesn’t feel like March does it 🙁

          /warming hugs

          • Jennifer Wr

            Victoria, I’m glad the storm there was not as bad! I know that Jack is safe and loved there, but I know his Mom wants to visit too! :). How frustrating. We did get snow, but I’m not certain how much. Too much! Our last heating bill surprised me – over $100 US more than usual. 🙁

            Warming hugs to you too

          • endangeredtrolls

            Hi Jennifer 🙂

            I managed to visit! 😀 I got ten minutes of nuzzles and hugs before I could actually start checking him over and I left him with a trough full of carrots (and extra hay I smuggled him in.)

            Someone else being hit with high heating bills 🙁 Horrible isn’t it? We had a delivery of wood pellets this morning and of course, we’re just burning them 🙁 On the other hand I find being cold at home absolutely miserable and I feel the cold quite a lot anyway 🙁

            Let’s hope this current spell is the last for both of us 🙁

          • Jennifer Wr

            Awww, that is so sweet! I’m so glad that Jack got to see you today. I have my fingers crossed for tomorrow! 🙂

          • endangeredtrolls

            Thank you 🙂

            We have a decent covering here and it’s still snowing but I am going to at least attempt to reach him 🙁

            Hope you’re staying warm over there


  4. Debbie

    Sorry to hear about the weather for both Victoria and Jennifer ugh! I am feeling very grumpy as spring should be here now and I am having to budget for extra heating because of the continued cold snap – when that money could go towards beads 🙁

    It’s good that Trollbeads UK are doing these special offers, and it maybe because I’ve not wanted any of the charms on the three they’ve done so far – but I think they’re a bit boring, and I would prefer offers like the US trunk shows of buy X beads and get one free etc.


    • endangeredtrolls

      Fortunately our snow storm warning got cancelled late last night and instead we have light but persistent snow today. I’m still not sure I can reach Jack though and that alone makes me VERY grumpy 🙁 I hate driving in the snow to begin with. I wouldn’t even contemplate it for any other reason bar him 🙁

      I understand the issue with the heating 🙁 We use a wood pellet heating system which has advantages and disadvantages… Pellets are paid for as they’re needed so we avoid huge bills that suddenly appear. By now though I honestly thought the heating could be off a little during the day 🙁 I’m running it from 8am until midnight and like you, it’s a lot of money 🙁 Usually by March it’s on in the mornings and late afternoon with a break during the day but it’s just so bitterly cold! 🙁

      I’ve often wondered why the UK don’t employ the trunk show type promotions… I know individual country laws are a lot to do with some regions but to my knowledge, there’s no issue with this for the UK. Obviously it’s great that the US retailers can offer global shipping these days but on the other hand, we then get hit with import taxes 🙁


  5. Debbie

    Awww so glad to hear you made it to see Jack. I bet Mum’s hugs and kisses made him feel a whole lot better, as there’s nothing quite like being looked after by Mum 🙂

    On the Trunk shows, probably down to Fable Trading not being very proactive! Lovelinks have done the buy 2 get one free promotion in the UK and that certainly made me buy more glass (as if I need any excuse!). And of course the Supermarkets employ the delightfully abbreviated BOGOF promotions, so there’s no law against it in the UK as far as I know.


    • endangeredtrolls

      I was so happy I got there today too. I felt awful last night 🙁 Like I’d abandoned him 🙁 I’m cursing a little tonight as the stupid snow won’t stop and at the moment, there’s a decent covering. Hopefully it will disappear enough in the morning that I can get to see him again 🙂

      You’re absolutely right regarding the promotions of course – I’d never considered it that way. And so you’re probably also correct that this lies with Fable. I have to say though.. there’s a handful of large US based online retailers – I’m thinking Goldmine, Trollbeads Studio, Trollbeads Gallery – that are very involved in their own marketing and promotion. They run their bead parties on Facebook and promote their trunk shows. I wonder if Fable feel there is a lack of this in the UK? The more I think about it.. the way retailers handle Trollbeads in the UK compared to the USA is quite different. (And yes, I admit I’m jealous of those who have the aforementioned US dealers so close!)


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