Trollbeads Easter 2013 Preview

This Trollbeads blog article brings a preview of the new Trollbeads Easter 2013 collection, characterised by brightly coloured dangle beads.

It has to be said that Trollbeads ensure there is always a new release to anticipate. While today marks the official launch of the Trollbeads Valentine’s Day 2013 collection, images of the Trollbeads Mother’s Day 2013 collection and the Trollbeads Easter 2013 collection have now become available.

For clarity sake, I wanted to split these into their appropriate categories so while this contains an preview of the Trollbeads Easter 2013 release, a similar, dedicated article will follow for the Mother’s Day release.

Many will remember that 2012 saw an Easter release from Trollbeads by way of universal egg style dangles. This theme is continuing for 2013. In addition comes a new Trollbeads Chicken ring that can only really be described as “quirky”. The Trollbeads Easter 2013 release is tentatively slated for March the 8th.

For the benefit of those unfamiliar with the brand, these will fit all major charm and bead brand bracelets, including Pandora.

Trollbeads Easter 2013 Easter Eggs

The Easter egg is a symbol of fertility and new life, and the customs and traditions of using eggs have been associated with Easter for centuries. Here they are with stripes and in the most delicate colours. Universal Easter Eggs are Universal Uniques and are designed with a larger opening to fit all major brands. They are available in bundles of three random colours. The colours in this picture were selected at random.

While the actual concept is very reminiscent of Easter 2012, these new style dangles featuring different colours and patterning. It’s difficult to be entirely sure at present but it’s possible these will vary as enormously as the Christmas ornament dangles.

They’re priced at $69 each or $207 for a set of three.

Trollbeads Easter 2013

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

I was vehemently opposed to the Trollbeads decorative eggs of 2012 and indeed I skipped the entire release. I have to say however, I much prefer the patterning on the Trollbeads Easter 2013 eggs. In addition it rather looks like we won’t be entirely limited to pastel colours. The stock image above displays some stronger hues and also some beautiful contrasts.

There’s no confirmed release date for these beads yet but in contrast to last year, I’ll definitely be keen to locate a few of these. Below is the image of the Trollbeads Easter 2012 pendant for contrast.

Trollbeads Easter

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Trollbeads Easter 2013 Chicken Ring

Chirp chirp! An adorable chicken is chirping and telling us that spring is here. The chicken is made of sandblasted glass

Trollbeads Easter 2013

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

The chicken ring leaves me a little lost for words – quite the rarity! Undoubtedly a cute novelty piece for Easter Sunday but I can’t imagine it seeing much wear outside of this time.

Trollbeads Easter 2013 Summary

My initial opinion of the new Easter Eggs is far more positive than last year. The more vibrant colours appeals to me and I’ll be intrigued to see if these are unique like the Christmas ornaments or if set patterns and colours are available.

The ring will receive mixed feelings I rather suspect. My best advice is to see this as a novelty piece!

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Trollbeads Blog

Please Do Not Reproduce

I’d love to hear what my readers think to these new Trollbeads Easter 2012 pendants. Do you like them more or less than last year? How about the chicken ring? 😉

  1. rainey

    OMG (and NOT in a good way)! I guess, for me, this is another one that falls into the what-were-they-thinking category.

    I don’t like glass dangles but, even so, these are becoming so predictable and boring that I don’t even want to know about them. And the ring? What can you say about the ring except that they probably didn’t price it for 8 year olds so just who is the customer base they designed it for?

    So GLAD to know you’re also previewing the Mothers’ Day release so I can go all Dr. Jekyll along with this appearance from Ms. Hyde.

    • endangeredtrolls

      Hahaha 🙂

      I’ve been sat waiting for some of the comments on the ring to start to pour in as I just know they’re going to be amazing 😀

      So, it’s not on the “must have” list then rainey? 😉

      Kind Regards

  2. Sam

    I have to agree with rainey…..these are a no no for me too!! After seeing the valentine dangles at my LD yesterday I really tried to like them, but I guess I’m just not a dangle person. The chick ring is fun, but again not for me. At least I can save my pennies for the mothersday release instead 🙂

    • endangeredtrolls

      People tend to either love or hate dangles and I completely understand that.

      I think there will be a small percentage of people who absolutely need the chicken ring just as a fun idea for Easter but it’s $91.. so it’s also not cheap to wear for just one or two days I think.

      I’d actually like to physically see it for the giggles 😀

      Kind Regards

      • rainey

        But it’s a glass object sticking up well above your fingers so people are going to get poked and scraped and I’d be willing to bet that chick is going to see the worst of it too. And that’s not even to mention scarred leather purses and shredded hose.

        IF they felt they HAD to do something Easter-ish (and thought they could have gotten an adult to buy and wear it…) they could have done a compact bunny with his ears tucked against his body that would do no harm. Or they could have crouched that chick into a nest that would have grounded it and made less of a weapon of it.

        As for dangling elements, I LOVE dangles. They add dimension and movement to a bracelet but I’m DONE with the glass blobs. Some interesting silver if they please like RBF’s lovely Christmas Star.

        • endangeredtrolls

          A lady commented on my Facebook page stating that this design has been around for quite some time. Hopefully she won’t mind me quoting the details of her post here:-

          The same exact ring was published in a book I own called 1000 Glass Beads (ISBN# 9781579904586, Lark Books, 2005)
          Page 160 is that exact ring with the caption:
          LISE AAGAARD
          Chicken Ring 2000
          Lampworked, sculpted, sterling silver (lost wax technique)
          and this comment from her: “In my work I always try to combine glass with silver or gold-to make my work distinctive-and I don’t mind a bit of humor.”

          So it seems this ring design has been around for quite some time and I guess they were waiting for the perfect opportunity to release it. I’ll admit I’m now desperate to see it because it’s just going to be so controversial among collectors. You are correct about potential wear and tear though 🙁

          I have to admit, I laughed out loud when you referred to it as a weapon though 😉

          You make a fair point regarding the glass dangles. Perhaps we have seen too many recently. I’d love to hear what everyone else thinks on this point – over done at this stage?

          Kind Regards

          • rainey

            2005! I guess it has been around for a while.

            You know, as an object, as opposed to a ring, this could have been adorable sitting on a desk or in a curio cabinet. I just don’t think it works well as a ring. Partly because it’s impractical and largely because it just sits there on top so ungainly. But, again, as a free standing object it would have been cute.

          • rainey

            I have now seen the photo page from that book and I am chastened because it is VERY nice glasswork. Serioulsy. VERY nice. I still don’t want the ring but I can appreciate the skill with which molten glass was handled to make a very credible and appealing Easter chick.

          • endangeredtrolls

            I have to say (and part of me is appalled for admitting this), I want the Chicken Ring 🙁

            It’s so cliched and unbelievably quirky and strange that part of me yearns for it 🙁

            Last week Copenhagen Fashion Week; this week Chicken Ring!

            Kind Regards

  3. Jennifer Wr

    Uhhh…my purse is safe from these releases. 🙂 I don’t care for glass dangles in general. But the colors are definitely better this year. As for the ring – I can be quirky myself, but I will have to pass! Oof.

    • endangeredtrolls

      No takers on the Chicken ring yet it seems!

      I’m curious as to whether these dangles will feature lots of uniques like the Christmas ornaments or not. I never managed to find any of the really special Christmas ornaments which annoyed me a little 🙁 So I’ll be on the look out for some interesting variations of these if they do prove unique.

      Kind Regards

  4. cindy

    Oh no no no! While I must say the dangles are MUCH better this year, I also still don’t care for glass dangles. I do love the pocket watch from the World Tour collection and the dangling cross on the Rosary from the People’s beads and wish they would do more along those lines.

    As far as the chicken ring ……… I would like to see it, but would not wear it even if they were giving them away. If it were possible and I don’t know if it is, wouldn’t it make a cute bead, with hole drilled through the body side to side? That I would consider.


    • endangeredtrolls

      Seems a few of you ladies would prefer to see more silver dangling beads than the glass. I prefer the brighter colours this year but I’m already dreading the rush trying to find the more unusual examples (none of which I managed to get for the Christmas release!)

      I actually have neither the pocket watch nor the rosary yet they’re both designs I really do like.

      I’m just still in so much shock over the Chicken Ring that I’m desperate to see it also! 😉 You may be right, maybe it would have been better as a bead.

      Kind Regards

  5. dakotacheryl

    I love the new glass dangles…the ring…ummm…not so much.

    • endangeredtrolls

      Hahahaha 😀 I think most people are really quite shocked about the ring 😀 I honestly thought it was a joke at first 😀

      Still part of me wants him just for the giggles 🙁

      I’m also a fan of the new glass dangles but I’m dreading trying to find nice examples of them!

      Kind Regards

  6. Debbie

    These dangles are much nicer than last years’, and although I don’t usually do glass dangles I might indulge myself and buy one.

    Chicken ring…. oh dear!! hahahahaha!! Too funny 🙂

    • endangeredtrolls

      I far prefer them to last year’s version due to the colouring. I’d love that green and purple version at the very forefront 😀 But if it’s anything like the Christmas ornament dangles, I’ll have no chance of finding the unusual ones 😉

      I’m loving the reactions to the chicken 😀

      Kind Regards

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