Trollbeads Day 2017 Date Confirmation

This Trollbeads blog brings the confirmed date for Trollbeads Day 2017.

Right now Trollbeads fans are both anticipating the launch of the Trollbeads Spring 2017 and Trollbeads Mother’s Day 2017 collections. Both are incredibly strong releases and the brand are certainly showing an impressive start to the year. Ultimately collectors aren’t known for their patience and people always want to know “what’s next?”

For the past three years Trollbeads have celebrated their annual Trollbeads Day and today I have the date confirmation for 2017.

Trollbeads Day 2017

Yesterday European retailers received confirmation that Trollbeads Day 2017 will fall on Saturday June the 17th. This is likely to be the only details we’ll have until very close to the release as the brand tend to be very secretive about these beads.

Trollbeads Day 2017 Summary

For the benefit of the newer collectors, the Trollbeads Day 2014 bead was the silver trolls. The Trollbeads Day 2015 bead was a pastel faceted glass bead. Finally the Trollbeads Day 2016 bead was the gold clover. I’ll admit I’m still slightly saddened that the gold bead had such a prohibitive price for many of us.

Trollbeads Day Beads

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

If the prospect of a Trollbeads Day 2017 bead is enticing, here’s a reminder of where you can find the older beads. Do remember they’re all limited editions.

As always I love to hear from my readers. What are you hoping to see for the Trollbeads Day 2017 bead? Have you collected them all to date? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. Jamie

    Oh this is exciting news, I’m glad they are continuing the celebration. It would be nice if they offer a silver this year. Knowing them it could even go to a diamond bead?! Guess we will have to see. Now if it happens to be silver I hope it’s another troll. Maybe a full body wrap around design that looks like it’s sneaking around, nothing big though 🙂

    • endangeredtrolls

      I’m not wanting anything too expensive this time. I missed the gold – obviously – and that’s still making me sad as it’s always going to bug me that there’s a “hole” in my Trollbeads Day bracelet. Particularly since they’re all dated!

      But yes it’s great news that they are actually continuing it 😀


      • Jamie

        Yeah that did come out of left field, and I wish it hadn’t been a bead that was already a special bead. But it could be a toss up with price. I wonder if they are trying to make an overall theme or just making a bead they like each year.
        Guess we won’t know till June?!

        And hopefully something comes along that you can get your hands on one 😀

        • endangeredtrolls

          I have no idea what the thoughts behind their design process are at all to be honest! I might have seen this years bead 😉 And I might be more than a little in love 😉 And that’s also absolutely all I’m divulging 😀


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