Trollbeads Christmas 2011 Details

This Trollbeads blog article brings news pertaining to the Trollbeads Christmas 2011 release.

Trollbeads Christmas 2011

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Saturday saw my weekly shopping trip though due to my fiance being caught at work, I was alone. This gave me the opportunity to indulge in some really lengthy Troll hunting – the kind that sees you saying “open up all of those drawers please, I want to see the lot.” It was in a store that I don’t generally bother with that I found my second universal unique armadillo; a beautiful grass green example that I’m tucking away for some Christmas combinations. There are a couple of reasons that I don’t generally visit the store. Firstly, they’re very new to stocking Trollbeads so generally their stock levels are poor. Secondly and somewhat related to the first reason, their staff aren’t Troll collectors and they know absolutely nothing about the product, dealing with them is actually quite painful. The first time myself and my fiance visited the store, we were haunted by a very old sales lady who seemed concerned that we were going to steal her stock if she took her eyes off us. This resulted in her hovering within eerily close personal space distance.

I pointed out the bead that I wanted and the young girl told me it was one of the new collection beads. I told her I was quite sure it was a unique but she disputed this and took it off to the counter. What followed was fifteen minutes of her trying to establish it’s price (as needless to say, it’s picture wasn’t in the autumn collection section of her folder.) While I was waiting we talked a little and I mentioned that there was a new collection due on Friday. She informed me she’d just seen the pictures the day before and asked if I wanted to take a look while she tried to price the bead. I wasn’t about to inform her that Trollbeads generally prefer to keep their collections out of the public eye so she found the email and handed me the laptop.

Coincidentally, Trollbead’s have released an official “sneak peak” photograph this morning also so everything ties in rather well.

The release consists of two glass kits, each containing six beads. The first kit is primarily red (with some green, white and gold thrown in) and the second is primarily blue and white (but again with some gold.) The choice to split these kits is down to the discretion of the individual retailer. The red kit featured two red glass beads with flower patterns on the surface, one predominantly green bead with small red dots (these could have been slightly raised buds in all honesty and this bead was undoubtedly meant to feel like holly), a red bead with white patterning around it’s edges and then two beads featuring a gold pattern. One of these latter beads had quite heavy dark gold almost scallop patterning on it’s surface and was the real eye-catcher of this kit for me.

From the blue and white kit were two beads I particularly liked. One being a deep blue glass with a similar gold pattern on it’s surface (this bead is the one featured in the “sneak peak” released by Trollbeads today.) The second was a pure white bead featuring the gold pattern.

Trollbeads Christmas 2011

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

(Incidentally in addition to the blue and gold glass bead mentioned above, the bead next to this in the above sneak peak is the new gold mistletoe.)

As predicted another glass bead joins the collection and just like last year, it’s a beautiful diamond bead. This year’s shade is perfectly on trend for the colours seen throughout the fashion world and it’s a beautiful and very opulent blue. The shade in the picture looked like it would be similar to the current production armadillos, so a tad lighter than the Milkyway bead and perfectly matching the new blue and white Christmas kit.

In addition to the glass beads is a lovely spherical mistletoe bead that I think will prove particularly popular. This bead is available in either gold or silver. There’s (yet) another teddy bear bead that appeared to only be available in silver. The bracelet pictures I saw featured a gold heart bead but to me it looked an awful lot like the existing collection Heart (and the silver Snow Man was also featured so I’m not convinced this is a new heart.) If it is new, I have to wonder why they’d add another heart bead though.

In addition to the glass and silvers comes a new stone and this was the real highlight of the collection for me. It’s a beautiful red faceted Tiger’s Eye gemstone. The blue Tiger’s Eye has proven a popular addition to the range after it’s autumn launch and I firmly believe that it’s red counterpart will be one of the most sought after from the Christmas collection.

Finally this launch sees a new lock joining the collection. I mused a couple of weeks ago as to whether they would take the opportunity to introduce another gold and silver lock as there’s now just one remaining in the range. Christmas is the perfect time for this as gold is undoubtedly a festive feeling colour. The new lock looks very similar in shape and size to the existing Gold Flower with the flower replaced by a small gold heart.

My personal opinion of this release is a little conflicted. I’d like to state clearly though that I only saw the pictures and I haven’t seen the collection in the “flesh”. There have been countless occasions where I’ve been uninspired by pictures and then loved the product in it’s actual form.

I think the blue diamond bead will be as popular as all it’s previous incarnations. The colour is perfect for this year’s autumn and winter fashions and often people that generally avoid sparkle are drawn to it for Christmas time. It will perfectly coordinate with the blue and white glass kit for people that choose to delve into that. Alternatively it will look beautiful with existing blue and white beads on a more winter themed bracelet.

The faceted tiger’s eye was the other highlight for me. It looked a beautiful deep auburn colour that reminded me slightly of roasted chestnuts.

The two kits I think will receive mixed reviews and will lead a lot of collector’s to searching for dealers willing to split them. There were a couple of the beads in both kits that I would adore; mainly the ones featuring the gold patterning. Certainly in the red kit were a couple of beads that I would immediately dislike at any time of year except Christmas. As such, I think their use outside of the festive period would be extremely limited. The red kit contains a primarily green bead with some red dots or buds (I’m not quite sure which) and this bead would make a beautiful “holly” addition to Christmas bracelets but I just can’t see it’s use after the festivities. The blue and white kit I think will be slightly more popular just due to it’s versatility. Once Christmas is over, these beads could still be used and I think that will make their appeal somewhat greater.

The mistletoe bead will be very popular I think. People tend to like the spherical beads and as it’s available in silver it will be an affordable festive addition for most collectors.

The lock is a difficult one to judge the popularity of. It looks quite dainty and generally I’ll be the first to say that I prefer the large chunky Troll designs. The fact it features gold will undoubtedly see it priced high and this is going to limit some people regardless of whether or not they like the design. I have to admit, I liked it. I imagine it being quite a touching gift from a loved one at Christmas (though again the price will limit this accessibility I think) and it’s a lock that could be utilised outside of the festive season. It’s nothing really new, different or mold breaking but it is cute, pretty and succinctly festive.

I’ll be honest and say that I have no idea why another teddy bear bead appears to be in this collection (it’s possible that it was the autumn teddy bear bead but this one did look different to me in the picture). The Hugging Bear that launched just a couple of months ago replaced the previous teddy bead and now we seem to be getting another. While I do appreciate that bears can be seen as festive (ish), I think they could have drawn inspiration from a lot of other areas.

In previous years I’ve heard some fans complain that Trollbeads don’t have a great many festive beads. If you compare their collection to say, Pandora, this is true. Some of Pandora’s beads are very overtly Christmas themed and I think this can leave Troll collectors a little jealous sometimes.


Image Courtesy of Pandora – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

I wish this release had just been a tiny bit larger. I would have liked to have seen a couple more silver beads added to the range. I think the lock is very sweet but will leave a lot of collector’s disappointed, particularly those who wanted a really festive themed lock adding. As much as I like it, it would arguably be more at home in a Valentine’s release. Despite this, a couple of the new additions are truly lovely and I think they’ll be sneaking their way onto many collector’s Christmas wish lists.

I still think the other bead brands have the edge on festive beads. Chamilia recently unveiled their new Christmas collection and while their style is very different to Trollbead’s I think their fans have more to look forward to for the festive season. I understand that Christmas trees, angels, sleighs and the like don’t appeal to all collectors but I do think a couple more holiday themed silvers would have been nice. All this said I do think there will be something for everyone though, even if that something ends up being just one bead. I’m personally going to be seeking out retailers that will split the kits because I couldn’t justify the entire red kit for the one bead I particularly like. While I’d be tempted with the whole blue kit these sets don’t come cheap and I clearly have two favourites in the set.

There’s not long to wait now until the Christmas collection is officially unveiled with it’s release date being the eleventh. Hopefully, Trollbead’s will continue to post their official “sneak peak” pictures this week to whet the appetites of collector’s a little more.

  1. Miss E

    I actually bought the diamond blue bead the other day and have it on a premature, Christmas blue and white bracelet and I simply cannot stop looking at it! Stunning!

    • Endangered Trolls

      Oh wow!

      Do you have any pictures of it? What kind of shade of blue is it? From the pictures I saw it looked like it was a bit lighter than the Milky Way bead and closer to the production blue Armadillo. I love the diamond beads so I really can’t wait for this bead to appear. I think this is the main reason I’m leaning more towards the blue kit and then the blue diamond bead – you can use them far more than the very festive red kit (in my opinion.) I love wintery bracelets so I bet yours is lovely. If you do have any pictures, I’d just love to see them :)) I’m glad you’re so happy with your new bead 🙂 Did you see the others in the release? Any thoughts on them? 🙂

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