Trollbeads Christmas 2013 Danish Gift Sets

With the festive season quickly approaching, it’s time to begin considering Christmas gifts. This Trollbeads blog article brings a preview of the Trollbeads Christmas 2013 Danish gift sets.

Official Trollbeads Christmas gift sets are generally at the discretion of the individual distributors. The regional distributors appear to have a reasonable degree of control over promotions and it’s become somewhat traditional for them to release beautifully packaged Christmas sets. For reference I’ve already previewed the Trollbeads Christmas 2013 gift sets for the German market, which for 2013 include the retired pink prism.


Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting


Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Today brings a preview of Trollbeads Christmas 2013 gift sets offered to the Danish market.

Trollbeads Christmas 2013 Danish Gift Sets

The gift sets include a complete fantasy necklace or bangle combination, both of which are perfect for either introducing a new collector or for a more seasoned Trollbeads fan. In addition come five boxed selections of beads boasting a four for three price tag.

The boxed bead sets each retail at 630 DKK, offering a saving of 210 DKK from the retail price.


Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting


Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting


Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting


Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting


Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

As mentioned in addition to the boxed bead sets comes two fantasy necklaces (one with the pearl, one with the onyx) and a bangle. Unfortunately the stock images supplied for these are tiny and for that I apologise.

The bangle gift set features the Trollbeads silver bangle, two silver stoppers and the pink trace bead. It retails at 995 DKK with a saving of 285 DKK.


Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

The fantasy necklaces feature a choice of the pearl or onyx chain in either an 80 cm or 90 cm length. Included is the new In your Heart pendant from the Trollbeads Christmas 2013 collection and the red prism bringing a splash of festive colour. Each set retails at 995 DKK, offering an enormous saving of 800 DDK.


Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting


Image Courtesy of Diamonds4Ever – Please Do Not Reproduce

Trollbeads Christmas 2013 Danish Gift Sets Ordering Details

For those seeking to indulge in one of these sets, Diamonds4Ever and Perlen are my recommended retailers. Clicking on the links below will open the corresponding landing pages. Both offer global delivery of course. Please be aware that these sets are expected to begin shipping on Monday the 18th of November.

Trollbeads Christmas 2013 Danish Gift Sets Summary

These sets are presented in official Trollbeads gift boxes though I haven’t personally seen them (nor do I have any pictures.) They lack the book that accompanies the German gift sets however.

The saving on the fantasy necklace particularly is huge and it offers a perfect opportunity for anyone lacking this style of chain. They have fabulous versatility and I’ll admit to wearing my necklaces as frequently as bracelets. With the Trollbeads Night Owl having debuted in October and being designed for the fantasy chain, it’s an ideal chance to indulge or treat a friend.


Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

As always I love to hear from my readers. Are you tempted by any of the Trollbeads Christmas 2013 Danish gift sets? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. dakotacheryl

    Ooooh, those Fantasy Necklace specials are calling my name. Especially with the red prism and black onyx.

    Thanks for the heads up Victoria !!

    • endangeredtrolls

      The price on the fantasy necklaces is very attractive. If anyone is still lacking one (or wants another) I think this is the best opportunity they’re likely to see. Not to mention you get the heart pendant and a prism in there too 😀

      Enjoy Cheryl!

      Kind Regards

      • Fran

        I am not clear on the price for Box 1; the pearl necklace + Pink Prism…
        They are not on Perlen’s neither D4E…
        Or am I wrong and need to clean myglasses? 🙂

        Loooooooove it truly!!!!!!

        • endangeredtrolls

          As per the article, the fantasy necklace with the retired Pink Prism is part of the German Christmas sets, not the Danish 🙂

          Full details of those can be found here:-

          Hope that helps!

          Kind Regards

          • Fran

            Yeah Stupid me;-)

            I’d read about the German article a little while back and was mixed up when I saw it here, but didn’t read carefully. My Head was chaossssss

            Sorry for the hustle ;-(

            PS: I’d prefer the German Set but with Onyx… Guess that will be out of the question?! Bummer…
            Have to earn money first anyhow…so…

          • endangeredtrolls

            Not stupid, there’s a lot going on at the moment and it’s difficult to keep track – which is my job for you ladies anyway 😉

            I actually think Katzenmaiers have sold out of the retired pink prism set, though I suspect Nadia would be willing to switch the pearl necklace for the onyx. If I were you, I’d drop her an email as she’s utterly lovely and tends to go above and beyond to help. Of course, that doesn’t help if it was specifically the pink prism you wanted but if it’s the box and the beautiful German book, it could be an option.

            I know the feeling about the money 🙁

            Kind Regards

          • Fran

            That was a swift yet nice reply!

            I just checked some stuff on these Sets…
            ut one thing I don’t get;

            Is the Danish price ‘only’ about 133 euros, but than with the red prism???
            But it is easy to choose from pearl or onyx….
            Where German retailers ask 190 euros due to the retired pink prism???

            Correct me if I am wrong!

            But yes, I love the pink one:-) BTW, lokking at a site from some German retailer, I noticed you can also pick another Prism (standard 28 Euros) so than the total of 190 seems way higher than the Danish…


            Glad you help us all out! Nadia…Nadia… Which Retailer does she work for than?

          • endangeredtrolls

            Sorry, Nadia is the lady that owns Katzenmaiers.

            You’re correct regarding the difference in price, the Danish price is more appealing. I was trying to calculate if the price shown at Diamonds4Ever and Perlen included their usual 20% reduction on RRP but the maths doesn’t add up to account for the difference. The German set does come with the beautiful collectible book which I suspect justifies some of the price difference. You can also choose your prism colour from the German set (including the retired pink prism if it’s not sold out but I think it went very quickly.)

            Looks a little unfair to the German retailers really! I admit though, I loved the book sooo.. 😉

            Kind Regards

  2. Anette R.

    just ordered the onyx set …. this is a really great offer, I have already one onyx FN, but 2 are better than one :))) I love FN’s! together with the heart pendant it will look great, I am so happy …..this will match my X-mas bracelet perfectly!

    • endangeredtrolls

      Yay! I also love fantasy necklaces so I think this deal is amazing! The pendant is lovely because you can fit additional beads inside – including silvers 🙂

      I hope it travels quickly for you 🙂

      Kind Regards

  3. Sherry

    Very tempting!

    Pearl or onyx chain… which one to get first? 😛

    • endangeredtrolls

      That’s so tough! I have them both.. and I wear them both 🙁

      I think on balance I probably wear the onyx chain most, particularly at this time of year. It looks lovely with my leather jacket I think. The pearl is quite delicate so I tend to reserve that for summer. That said, the pearl looks beautiful with paler coloured glass beads.

      I’m not much help am I?!

      Let me know what you decide! 😀

      Kind Regards

      • Sherry

        I went to the local store here and check pearl and onyx chain in person, probably choose onyn one with 90 cm long in the end.

        Both are pretty but onyn goes better with my current beads! Pearl chain will still be on my wish list for sure, just wait till more beads collected. 🙂

  4. Nine

    Hi Victoria,

    Thank you very much for this article. I just purchased the black onyx necklace 🙂 I wanted that one for a long time and also the heart, but it was a bit too expensive for me… but now I can afford it. It’s really a great offer and I’m so happy with it !!!!

    Thanks again.

    Kind regards,

    • endangeredtrolls

      It is a really good offer 🙂 I don’t think we’re going to see the fantasy necklaces at this kind of price again, especially considering it comes with the extra bits. Yay how exciting! It’s a lovely necklace, I wear mine so much 😀

      Kind Regards

  5. Boricuadiva

    Thank you for the information on the gift sets/
    Decisions, decisions: which FN to get? What length?

    • endangeredtrolls

      Tough 🙁

      I think regarding which one.. try and think the type of clothes you wear most. I wear a lot of leathers and rock-chic designs so the onyx is ideal for me. I do wear the pearl, but not as often as it doesn’t quite suit my clothes are much.

      As for length – personally – I like my fantasy necklaces long. Quite a few of my tops have details around the neck line so I like my pendants to drop well below that (otherwise everything just blends into one large mush!)

      Does any of that help?

      Kind Regards

      • Boricuadiva

        Thanks for the advice Victoria!
        It was tough, but I went with the pearl FN. Was considering the black Onyx to Rock up my style, but the pearl fits me a bit more.
        Who knows? If I fall in love with it and the offer is still around by next month, I may have to indulge with the Onyx.

  6. rainey

    Very pretty bead combinations. If anyone in Denmark wanted to be my Santa I’d take any of the first 4. Seriously, I love them and that must be why I bought just about all of them. ; > But always interesting to see how other people put them together.

    Love the box for the German set as well. Such a sweet graphic.

    • endangeredtrolls

      The German sets are so beautifully presented. I have one with the retired Pink Prism and will be featuring it in an upcoming article. The book included in the set is absolutely darling. The German distributor produce some lovely books for their market. I really wish the other markets would follow suit. I might feature the actual seasonal books at some stage too as I have a couple now.

      I’ve no idea what the packaging is like for the Danish sets. I’m hoping at some point that they’ll appear on the official site with images of the boxes. It would be nice if as much effort had gone into them as the German sets!


      • Fran


        I went to Germany once to get the set of 2010 and last year I had it sent from Germany… And yesssss, boxes and booklets have been stunning!!!

        But this year it is TBG that gets my hard earned X-mas money, even though I have a hunger for Retired Pink Prism PLUS In your Heart….


  7. Emma

    Oh, I love that necklace but I have also been fancying a bangle… which to ask Santa for as I can’t have both?!

    • endangeredtrolls

      Another tough choice 🙁

      Are you generally a bracelet or necklace girl?

      The Trollbeads bangle is great for daily use if you find a full bracelet a bit of a hindrance.

      The fantasy necklace is great if you happen to work in a field where bracelets just aren’t practical at all!

      I get enormous use out of both my bangles and necklaces so I’m not sure what I’d choose 🙁

      Kind Regards

      • Fran B.

        Marketing strategy or Underastimated the quantity of Orders???

        One retailer in Denmark told me, that the beginning of this week they had quite some orders coming in,
        and it is hard for them to provide to the customers, because the supply is lower than demand!
        Poor them! It looks like they have to sell no’s and/or maybe’s:-(
        I checked elsewhere by posing the question… But that question stays unanswered.

        Please, everybody…. Do not get angry with the sellers if you get to hear this… This is no fun for them either!
        I’d rather see this great giftbox coming as well, but it doesn’t change a thing when you get annoyed. It only gives you stress…

        Best of luck and congrats to those who got the Beautiful Box!

    • Fran

      Hi Emma!

      I waited a long time to get me a pearl necklace as well, years ago…
      And with Luck I found an amethyst necklace at Tivoli (were I had never been before).

      Last year I was lucky to get the Bangle from the German X-mas Set…Good Deals they are!

      THAT is how I do it;
      Look for the best bargain besides an emotional blink of the Eye:-) First hunch is the best!!!
      But I must be able to pay it…

      I went for a 2nd Bangle, thnx to Aurora… More TB Fans have 2 bangles…
      But for me it was the wrong choice. And unlucky enough I find nobody who would like to buy my 2nd UNWORN Bangle… PLUS Stoppers, even though I thought the Price of my Offering was attractive.

      Now that is a terrible BIG loss for one bead.I could have spend that money on these sets now/X-mas Beads etc… I am not a girl for 2 bangles, but necklaces yessss. Variaty of lenghts, BTW! But: WHAT TO DO WITH THE LEFT OVER BANGLE?!

      • endangeredtrolls

        These sets are definitely an amazing price for those still wanting the necklaces. I doubt we’ll see anything quite as appealing any time soon. It’s so wonderful that quite a few of you ladies have been able to indulge in these. I wear my necklaces so much!

        I think the Aurora set annoyed a lot of people. Everyone seemed to love the bead but hate the way it was marketed and I can understand that.

        As for your bangle, I’m not sure what to suggest really. I’ve been wearing two together recently but if you don’t like that look, it doesn’t help much!

        • Fran

          I found a suggestion for your suggestions…

          You take my bangle being your 3rd, and I will even lower the price I had in mind even more….

          Than I get closer to afford the German Set, Onyx, for sure:-)

          If not… tough really tough luck and all this has to pass:-(

          Poor us;-)

          • endangeredtrolls

            Wish I could as I love bangles!

            Unfortunately I’ve been struggling to buy blankets for my new pony as we go into winter. Today I had to order him another one 🙁 Which was VERY hard after I got drenched wet through and still haven’t ordered myself any new riding clothes because he needs things!

            We need a lottery win I think 🙁

  8. Fran

    Hear hear!

    I agree; like my pets and DH come 1… TB way later. Their care is most important of all!!!

    In the previous century I did horse backriding as well.If I’d seen this issue in my glass ball I would not have thrown out the clothing, and made the deal easier on you.

    Take care of your Precious, thnx for your understanding…

    If any one out there understands my Bangle situation and can help me, I will make sure you get a nice fair deal out of it. I have it put a side safe and dustfree, it still shines that gorgeous piece of silver.

    Good luck to all! If the Lottery hits me I will help YOU out;-)

    • endangeredtrolls

      Absolutely! I was blessed to have trained with some wonderful horsemen and women in my teens and while they were incredibly strict with me, I’m eternally grateful for the discipline they instilled.

      I never sleep in because the horses are always my priority in a morning. I get up, I ride and I put Victor in the field for a couple of hours while I clean all the stables I then bring him in, put the donkeys out and only then do I actually have some food myself.

      The evening schedule is similar. Victor is groomed, fed and put to bed before I eat and he is the last thing I check at night.

      Even when I’m ill I know I have got to take care of the horses. It’s a lifestyle choice but I’d not have it any other way 🙂

      I have leaking riding boots at the moment, but at least he’s warm and dry 😉

  9. Angela

    Fran .. If you still want to sell your bangle and stoppers I am interested request Email address from Victoria.

    • Fran

      I am honoured, Angela!

      I hope we can help eachother out at these expensive weeks of the year:-)

      And Thnx eer so much Victoria, if you could help us get together!!!
      I mean, this is a beautifull forum blog, and it should not turn out as a House to sell…

      But who knows you might make two ladies incredibly happy!!!


      • endangeredtrolls

        I’ve dropped you ladies an email, where you’re both CC’d 🙂 Hopefully you can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

        Don’t worry Fran, I have no issue with you selling your bangle from here. It’s hardly like you were commenting for no other purpose that to sell. If you both end up happy then I think it’s great 🙂

        Kind Regards

        • Fran

          Hello Victoria!

          You understood exactly my purpose of my previous reaction including the Bangle.
          It is still for sale though! 🙂

          Besides me, my retailer and other TB-people around me thought I asked a fair price, but there are (non-retailer) sites on internet that provided for a better price in the past.
          I am not in TB for Selling, just a TB lover that had had bad luck;-)
          Today I saw prices higher than mine on some site… But that’s okay. My time will come, LOL!
          I guess Angela is very good in how to (internet-)TB Shop where I sometimes have my lack of trust; she’ll find her 7th bangle to her satisfaction for sure:-)

          I do not have everything in multiples, and I can’t buy big quantities to sell later on for low prices and still gain.

          Angela, you’ll find what suits you well, I’m fine with it.
          Victoria, Thnx for your help and understanding!


          PS: Now back to your beautifull blogs and (p)reviews, saddling horses and putting them on blankies!!! Yihah:-)

  10. Angela

    Victoria thanks for the info on the gift sets. Not really a silver necklace person, usually wear gold, but like the look of the Fantasy Necklace.Should look good with turtle necks.I have several of the Pendants but always thought the necklace was a bit too pricey.
    The gift set with the heart,Prism and necklace seems more affordable especially as I intended to buy the heart.Just have to decide which I like most Pearl or the Onyx sigh… as usual I like them both.

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