Trollbeads Celestial and Lovesome Spacer Preview (Gold Love Art 2017)

This Trollbeads blog brings a preview of the new Trollbeads Celestial and Trollbeads Lovesome Spacer, decorative gold pieces for the fall 2017 season.

For the last couple of years it’s become tradition for Trollbeads to launch new decorative gold designs alongside a special campaign. 2017 is no different it seems as today I can share the previews of the new Trollbeads Celestial and Trollbeads Lovesome Spacer.

The official release date for these is October the 6th but pre-orders begin on September the 29th. It’s the first time we’ve seen a gold spacer enter the collection but both designs are absolutely beautiful.

Trollbeads Gold

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Trollbeads Celestial and Lovesome Spacer Preview

I’ve instantly fallen in love with both of these pieces. The Trollbeads Celestial is a star shaped design created from hearts making it a perfectly romantic piece. It’s set to retail at $340 or €265 and I suspect this is going to be at the top of many Christmas wishlists this year.

A shining bliss to brighten up the night.

Trollbeads Celestial

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Meanwhile the new Trollbeads Lovesome Spacer is a simple ring of gold open hearts. It will retail at $505 or €390. To clarify Trollbeads renamed all stoppers to spacers in during 2016.

Let love and understanding come with silence.

Trollbeads Lovesome Spacer

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Trollbeads Gold Campaign 2017

The actual promotion is similar in format to previous years. Spends of $500 or more on one particular gold bead will qualify for a free silver bracelet and Soft Wind of Change Lock or a free silver bangle with silver spacers. The promotion will begin on October the 6th and continue until December the 31st.

Trollbeads Celestial and Lovesome Spacer Summary

I’m coveting Celestial already so fiercely despite the fact I normally disregard Trollbeads gold. I lovely stacking different coloured metals too and the new Trollbeads Lovesome Spacer offers a lot of potential there. Picture that on the Star Bangle, which is very dark due to the oxidisation in the texturing!

As always I love to hear from my readers. What are your thoughts on the Trollbeads Celestial and Trollbeads Lovesome Spacer for the gold campaign 2017? Are you tempted by either of these designs? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. Joan

    Does the Celestial thread both horizontally and vertically? If so, it is a really outstanding value for gold!

    • endangeredtrolls

      It *looks* like it to me but these are literally the only images I have right now.


      • Trollbeads USA

        Hi Joan!
        This bead can DEFINITELY be worn horizantially and vertically. With the help of the Bead Stringer it would also make a great splitter bead for you your fantasy necklace.

        • endangeredtrolls

          That’s what we all wanted to hear I think 😉 😉


          • Joan

            Oh, that IS good news!! It’s always nice to have versatility with the pricier beads.

        • Fee

          Trollbeadsusa,that’s amazing!!! I want to use it as a splitter on a fantasy chain! Thanks for the idea.

  2. Gene

    I’m going to add Celestial to my ” wish I could get it but probably won’t ever be able to list.”

    • endangeredtrolls

      I have one of those. It goes well with my “clothes I will fit in one day but not right now…”


  3. Joanne B

    Looks like Celestial will work as a splitter bead as well!

  4. Nereida

    The Lonesome Spacer looks like it has black rubber inside. Is it a stopper?

    • endangeredtrolls

      Yes sorry, anything called Spacer is a stopper 🙂


  5. Jamie

    I think this is the gold bead I have been looking for. What an amazing piece; the size for the price, the many uses. This will be a top many Christmas lists 😄 I know it is for me. A great suprise to see this preview!

    • endangeredtrolls

      Imagine opening that on Christmas morning?! :O :O


      • Jamie

        Oh I’d be in heaven 😇

  6. Lisa G

    I love the celestial!! Might think of getting it especially since I can get the silver bangle and stoppers ($173 value, I think).

    • endangeredtrolls

      Oh it’s a *really* good offer. I know there are always some grumblings about Trollbeads gold prices but they are what they are. IF you want gold, this is the time of year to buy it 😀


  7. Lynne

    I love the celestial bead. I would gladly give up all the silver beads on my wishlist for a gold bead and I think this one is it. My troll beads wish list consists of their silver and gold pieces and their silver and diamond pieces. Where oh where is my money tree.

    • endangeredtrolls

      If you find that tree, throw some saplings this way 😉 I love Celestial.. I loved Wishing Star too. It’s always the stars.. they’ll always get me with stars :p Or moons!


  8. Martha Olavarrieta

    Top of the list Celestial went; perfect for Christmas, 4th of July…….And it will be released the weekend of Trollfest!!!!!

    • endangeredtrolls

      Isn’t it so beautiful? 😀


  9. Megan

    Celestial is definitely a must have for me.

  10. Chainsaw Kitten

    Meh. I’m happy to see a gold spacer, but I’m not really a “hearts” person. I’m also kinda disappointed in the gold beads released in the past few years. They seem very lightweight compared to older gold beads….but the prices aren’t lightweight! That being said, I love TB gold. I’ll continue to buy the old pieces.

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