Trollbeads Carved Amber at Trollbeads UK

This Trollbeads blog alerts readers to the launch of the Trollbeads Carved Amber at the official Trollbeads UK website.

Earlier in the week there was an interesting occurrence when a selection of Trollbeads Carved Amber beads were listed on the Trollbeads UKicon (affiliate link) website. They’re actually advertising it as a new limited edition collection which feels a little inaccurate considering these would be better described as uniques and though new styles keep appearing, they’ve now been in reasonably stable circulation for some time. Precisely due to the individual variation however, it’s essential these beads are offered with live images and that’s precisely what has happened.

There’s a lovely assortment of designs offered and the website does state that they’ll be replenishing for the immediate future. They’re retailing at £65 though please be aware that they won’t ship outside of the UK.

Trollbeads Carved Amber

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

It’s worth remembering that late last year Trollbeads UKicon (affiliate link) hosted a couple of “unique weeks” where they posted a number of individually photographed beads on a daily basis so it’s a little exciting to see them progress now to the amber beads.

As always I love to hear from my readers. Are you a fan of the Trollbeads Carved Ambers? Do you like seeing distributors offer live image sales or do you prefer to shop with a preferred retailer? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. Marisa

    Hello, yes it was a very pleasant surprise to see these appear. Do you know how long they will be available? Because after the Great Lakes Boutique event my budget has gone for this month 😕
    – Though I do have my eye on the Dianthus Dark…

  2. Jo Ann

    Hi V, though not in the U.K., still interesting to me to view the variety of different carved ambers on their site. Never before seen some of these designs. Lucky U.K. folks, the prices seem very reasonable too.

  3. Matie

    Love seeing these, even if not available outside the U.K. – so jealous! The prices look great too. In the US if the overall diameter of the amber is just slightly larger than a glass or stone bead, or the carving is anything beyond faceted or engraved, the amber is considered a “giant” and end up priced in the $275 range – even in a Trollbeads brand store. I wish the determination of a carved versus a giant carved amber was better defined, especially seeing this level of price disparity on an item at its’ regular price versus a region specific discount. Maybe someday, in the meantime I can enjoy watching the fun carved designs of the Amber uniques.

  4. Polly

    I ordered one of these when they were first listed, although I haven’t seen it yet as it is stuck at the sorting office till I can either collect or find a reliable day to book a redelivery, hey ho. But I did want to note one small correction – these are *not* live-image listings, they have merely photographed a representative example of each design/colour-range. As they say on the website: “All beads are hand carved and unique. Each design will differ slightly and we cannot guarantee the bead you receive will be the bead featured.” I will let you know once I get my bead how close it is to the stock image! 🙂

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