Searching for a Trollbeads Retired Pink Prism? Search No More!

While Endangered Trolls started life as a dedicated Trollbeads blog, it soon morphed into much more and now many brands are represented here. Today’s Trollbeads blog acts as an alert to the appearance of those coveted Trollbeads retired Pink Prisms.

The Trollbeads Retired Pink Prism

The Trollbeads retired Pink Prism has quite an interesting history now. Originally released in 2005, the Pink Prism retired after just two years of service in 2007. It boasts a beautiful soft baby pink colour created via the inclusion of flecks of genuine gold; not a cheap bead to produce I’d imagine.

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In 2011, the Trollbeads American distributor was replaced and during their move to new premises, they reportedly stumbled upon a box of two thousand uncored Pink Prisms. In order to avoid upsetting collectors who had gone to lengths to acquire the original Pink Prism, these beads were stamped upon coring.

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Please be aware that the majority of these stamped Pink Prisms have small marks around the core of the bead. This led to speculation that the box actually consisted of faulty beads initially rejected due to these marks. It’s equally possible that they were acquired during the coring process. The marks can not be seen when worn on a bracelet but for those likely to be bothered by these imperfections, be aware! You can just about make out these marks on the images above as small vertical lines originating outwards from the core.

Initially some of these were dispatched to the Australian market where they were offered as a very limited edition release. Indeed numbers were so scarce that many retailers required a minimum buy before qualifying for a Pink Prism.

They made a second appearance in the US market as part of a Breast Cancer Awareness gift set, comprising of the Pink Prism and the Strength, Courage and Wisdom ring. Needless to say, many collectors were annoyed at the requirement they purchase a gift set to acquire a Pink Prism. For those, like myself, who favour having multiples of the same bead for the sake of balance, this both constituted a significant outlay and resulted in multiple rings.

Lastly, the Pink Prism made a very brief appearance in Europe to celebrate the opening of a concept store. They were offered online and sold out incredibly fast.

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Trollbeads Retired Pink Prism Versus Current Production Pink Prism

The retired Pink Prism was replaced with a newer version which I presume is more economical to produce. The image below shows a comparison between these two beads.

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As the image shows, the colour difference between these two prisms is noticeable. The retired version boasts more of a baby pink shade and the shimmer that radiates from the bead does have a gold hue. The newer version is more of a rose shade.

Trollbeads Retired Pink Prism Availability

Next week sees the USA celebrate Thanksgiving. Immediately after is Black Friday, traditionally marking the start of the festive shopping season for the retailers. Many stores open incredibly early and offer amazing deals to tempt shoppers. Coincidentally, it also marks the release of the Pandora limited edition Black Friday charm for 2012.

As part of the Black Friday celebrations, concept store Trollbeads at the Commons are selling the retired Pink Prism and the retired Snow Man beads (though I suspect the latter is far less interesting to most of us.)

They’re currently accepting pre-orders via the website though please be aware that the bead won’t ship until next Friday. Clicking on the link below will divert you to their landing page for the Trollbeads retired Pink Prism bead:-

For reference (and because I’m sure people will ask), I’m almost certain this has only been offered to the concept stores so local retailers and other major online stores are unlikely to receive this bead.

Be aware that US based retailers are now permitted to ship world wide but they can’t be held responsible for any import taxes incurred when the bead lands in your home country.

For fans searching for that perfect gift for a collector friend this Christmas – this is perfect!

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  1. Mars

    Another collector told me about these last night; they are such a gorgeous colour!

    Hadn’t seen them before yesterday but a definite delight, trying so hard not to add to my current spending spree 😉

    • endangeredtrolls

      They’re beautiful beads – I absolutely adore mine.

      Difficult decision! Personally I’d grab one while you can because collectors have been desperate for these. They sold out so fast in the European store last year and I know of several people that missed out on them 🙁

      Buying at retail price now beats wanting one in two years and paying reseller prices!

      I’m so bad 😉

      Kind Regards

    • Pinky

      I ordered one last night, can’t wait to see how it looks like. Why it is so famous?

      • endangeredtrolls

        Hi Pinky 🙂

        Basically the Pink Prism wasn’t in the collection for a long period of time in the grand scheme of things; just two years and I think it was always a popular bead. I suspect it was removed from production due to the cost of making it as the shade of pink required small flecks of gold within the glass. The prism was replaced with the newer version – a more rose coloured prism which doesn’t require the addition of gold.

        As is often the case, the bead grew in popularity after it retired and just before it was re-released as a limited edition last year, it was selling on ebay for a few hundred dollars.

        When this “new” version appeared, collectors went CRAZY for it because it was a retired bead at a reasonable price. The quantities released to Australia were so small that the bead vanished in days. When it was released in the USA, the retailers there at that time were not allowed to ship to Europe. Thus the only way to get one was to recruit a US based friend (which not everyone has access to) or buy at a premium through Ebay.

        It did appear briefly in the EU but again, the quantities didn’t meet the sheer demand and it vanished so fast.

        I think everyone had assumed the pink prisms were utterly exhausted until Trollbeads at the Commons received a shipment for Black Friday. I have no idea how many they received or any of the details but in collectors terms, it’s quite big news 🙂

        I’m sure you’ll love it when it arrives 🙂

        Kind Regards

  2. Mars

    …and I follow so easily, pre-ordered!

    I’ve got more into prisms as time has gone by and when I saw these last night I was really tempted then, however you’re right, as I would have been kicking myself to miss out now I’ve discovered them.

    Right now to work out what I’m giving up instead 😉

    • endangeredtrolls

      Really it had to be done – you would have regretted it so much in the future and it would probably have cost you more in the long term anyway!

      Look at it this way… more jewellery, less food, less temptation to gain weight again ;p At least that’s my very warped theory 😉

      Can’t wait to see your pictures 🙂

      Kind Regards

      • Mars

        My concession is usually less money for my new boiler fund, but as I sit here typing listening to a very noisy old boiler I do wonder if I should dip into it *quite* so much 😉

        • endangeredtrolls

          Oh I know 🙁

          My boiler is very unpredictable 🙁 The pilot light frequently goes out but no one can actually detect what the damn fault is.

          Last year the stupid thing leaked while my fiance was away and left me with no heating when we were having -30 degrees outside! While he did rush home after work, he does work two hours away and by the time he arrived myself, the dogs and the cats were all hauled up in the kitchen with the oven open as the only source of any heat 😉 Even my Siberian Huskies were feeling it a little I think 😉

          It’s such a boring thing to have to spend money on though isn’t it! I mean.. a BOILER! 🙁 Necessary but utterly boring!

          I hope you’re well 🙂

          Kind Regards

  3. venus

    Ordered one after reading your post :). now thinking should i get another one..
    i love the candy pinky color.
    should i… should i not…

    • endangeredtrolls

      I always like my glass beads in pairs so I can balance out a bracelet 🙂

      The question is, when they disappear, will you wish you’d bought two?

      I would! 😀

      • venus

        Just an update…. another one is ordered…. hahahaha >///<

        • endangeredtrolls

          Hahaha 🙂

          I’m sure you won’t regret it and you’ll save money in the long run! 😉 At least, that’s how I usually justify these things.. (I bought three when they were last available! :P)

          I hope they’ll travel fast once they begin posting 🙂

          Kind Regards

          • venus

            hahaha 😀 yes, i know i wont regret since i looking for it i first saw it in your previous post 🙂
            but i doubt they will travel fast as it’s xmas super peak period… hahah 😀

            Thanks for all your posts and updates … enjoy reading them ^_^

            venus ^_^v

  4. margriet

    Would love to have a few…where can I order them? And will they ship to the Netherlands?

    • endangeredtrolls

      The only store selling them is Trollbeads at the Commons 🙂 The link is in the article but yes, they will ship to Europe.

      Be aware though that they are a US based store so you might receive taxes on import!

      Kind Regards

  5. Angela

    Really loving this bead and I am not a pink person, must be the flecks of gold and the “Retired/Limited availability” tag. Ordered one but now wondering if I should have ordered 2 or 3. Hummm could be a really good investment.

    • endangeredtrolls

      I love this bead and while you can’t see the gold flecks, it definitely has a very unique shimmer to it – far different from any of the current production prisms.

      Personally, I’d order another because it’s difficult to say when or if they’ll be available again 🙁 I suspect they’re going to be very popular.

      I’ve never regretted buying mine at least!

      Kind Regards

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