Trollbeads at the Beach Details & Information

This Trollbeads blog brings the details, information and itinerary for the Trollbeads at the Beach event, just next week at Blooming Boutique.

There’s now a little over one week left until the next Trollbeads at the Beach event hosting by Blooming Boutique, (otherwise known as Trollbeads Delaware.) Their event bead has been unveiled as the Trollbeads Amber Waters, completely exclusive to their event. If you missed the original preview, details of Amber Waters will be included below.

This is the tenth Trollbeads at the Beach event so of course it holds special meaning to the team at Blooming Boutique. There’s always a lot of information regarding these events as they do span three days so I’m going to try and simplify it as much as possible.

Trollbeads Amber Waters

Amber Waters is exclusive to Blooming Boutique and will retail at $45. It will be available in store on Friday and Saturday. On Friday purchases are limited to two per person. On Saturday customers can purchase upto six. Do remember Saturday is the ticketed event. Tickets are $45 and you can still find them here (though I’m told there are now very few left.) Obviously it’s all down to personal opinion but I think the Amber Waters is the best version of this design to date.

Trollbeads Amber Waters

Image Courtesy of Blooming Boutique – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

The ticket price also covers a fully catered lunch and a Trollbeads goody bag. This year they have designed the Trollbeads Toolbox which includes a light-up magnifying glass, re-usable polishing cloth, unique Trollbead, pen, disposable polishing pads, the Trollbeads Bracelet Helper, Trollbeads Spacer Tracker and a rod and endcaps to secure any loose beads. Essentially it includes all of the essentials for a weekend event and comes in super cute packaging.

Trollbeads Toolbox

Image Courtesy of Blooming Boutique – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Trollbeads Gold Peacock Feather

In addition to the lovely Amber Waters, also available will be the Trollbeads Gold Peacock Feather. This is a special edition version of the new design for spring and it would look so beautiful between two of the glass. It’s limited to just five pieces in store.

Trollbeads Peacock Feather Gold

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Trollbeads at the Beach Promotions

The core promotions are quite standard from event to event but I don’t mean that in a negative way. Here’s a quick reminder and these will be available on all three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday.)

  • Trollbeads buy three get one free (excludes spring, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas 2017 collections)
  • Trollbeads free bracelet promotion (with the purchase of a decorative clasp)
  • Trollbeads bangle promotion (free silver spacers with the purchase of a gold or silver bangle)

In addition customers spending over $500 between Friday and Saturday will qualify for a free mystery Trollbeads product valued at $45 or more. Those spending over $1000 will get the free Trollbeads leather collectors case.

There are some more gift with purchase offers available and I’m detailing those a little below.

Trollbeads at the Beach Schedule

Obviously the event spans three days and actually each day has somewhat of a different theme.

Friday is the day for shopping the core collection, new releases and of course Amber Waters. The other more special stock will make it’s first appearance on Saturday so I assume that’s when things become a little more hectic. The advice from the team at Delaware is to shop the standard beads more leisurely on Friday. Friday will also see a number of gift with purchase offers including a Trollbeads at the Beach cheese board, wine bottle opener, and brie cheese tray. There are some items which will be limited to this first day.

Saturday is the main event with the ticket required. It’s also when the more exclusive stock will appear. This includes unique braids, carved ambers, Trollstones and retired designs such as the Seer. Global CEO Patrizia Christensen will be in store hosting a presentation on the upcoming Trollbeads Summer 2018 collection.

Trollbeads glass working demonstrations (and make your own bead) will be on both Saturday and Sunday.

Trollbeads at the Beach Summary

As usual the schedule looks exciting and there is a lot happening. For those of you wishing to participate online there will be specials for those customers between April the 9th and 11th so be sure to follow along on both their website and Facebook page (the link is at the top of the article for that.)

As always I love to hear from my readers. What are your thoughts on the latest news from Trollbeads at the Beach and will you be heading there? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. Faye S.

    I hope it’s super successful! I so wish I could make it to some of these events and meet other bead fans like me. Work and travel get in the way. 🙁

  2. Pippa

    I really like Amber Waters but am still debating if it’s worth 5-6 hours in the car (roundtrip)…

    (Though it occurs to me that I have wasted 4 hrs sitting at my computer trying to get to buy a bead and ended up with nothing. And if the weather is good, the traffic light and I’m feeling well that day the drive could be nice!)

  3. Jamie

    It’s so wonderful they are about to celebrate their 10th TBATB! I don’t get the opportunity to go in the spring so I indulge in the fall. Gotta save up as much money as possible to get the most out of the experience 😊 It’s always difficult to collect the waters beads when your not there in person but I’ve managed to get them all and multiples when wanted. Of course that luck comes from showing up a few months later and purchasing them at the rare table.
    What I’m really sad about missing out on this time is the presentation. I love meeting and hearing the guest talk and this time it’s on the summer collection. Darnit! 😌 What can I say I love a look into the future to see what great items await us!

  4. Helena

    Are there ever any similar events held in the UK? It’s sad that the ‘Waters’ beads are only available in the US. I know they can sometimes be found on Ebay however they have usually quadrupled in price at least by this point. The previous purple and blue waters beads are soo pretty.

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