Trollbeads Americas Bracelet Debuts (Trollbeads Spring Sunshine Bracelet)

This Trollbeads blog alerts readers to the launch of the Trolbeads Americas Bracelet, otherwise known as the Trollbeads Spring Sunshine Bracelet.

Last Friday saw the launch of the new Trollbeads Americas Bracelet. This is the newest starter bracelet concept, though it doesn’t include new designs but a compilation of older beads at a really good price. It’s exclusive to the American, Canadian and Australian markets. It’s otherwise known as the Trollbeads Sunshine Bracelet. You can shop the bracelet via the link below:-

Do remember that the Trollbeads buy two get one free is ongoing with uniques as well and this week is also the last chance to spend $250 and get the free Trollbeads Umbrella.

Trollbeads Spring Sunshine Bracelet

The bracelet includes the chain, Turn Around Lock, Yellow Prism, Rivers of Life Facet and the Falling Leaves silver for a price of $109. It represents a saving of 45% with the actual value at full retail being $205.

Trollbeads Sunshine Bracelet
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Trollbeads Spring Sunshine Bracelet

There was a little confusion when this was first previewed with some people under the impression Trollbeads were claiming this to be new. It’s not the case at all. What it does represent is really good value for money for anyone who loves these colours. Further to that it complements the Trollbeads Amber Bead Diamond beautifully so there are some good options for expanding upon this quickly. (The Trollbeads Festival also looks lovely.)

It’s also a really easy to wear combination as is for the summer season though some of you may want to add spacers to secure the beads.

Happy shopping!

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