The Countdown to Steffan’s Online Trollbeads Convention

(Please note that all images used here are with kind permission of Steffan’s.)

For those collectors who were unable to attend their physical convention, there is just two days left until the Steffan’s Online Trollbeads Convention! At midnight on Thursday the 2nd of December, Steffans will begin selling some very special beads. These include rare, retired and special unique beads.

Obviously, the store aren’t going to divulge the exact details of their stock but their marketing team did unveil some hints yesterday.

In the email dispatched from their marketing team was pictured the beautiful and vibrant Trollbead’s Limited Edition Chinese bracelet from 2009. This bracelet is becoming increasingly difficult to find in it’s entirety as so many were split to make them more affordable.

In addition is the following quotation:-

This special release will include an exclusive opportunity to get your hands on one of the, as yet unreleased, 2011 Trollbeads Gemstone Kits.

From the picture in the email, these kits look like they comprise a mixture of the Limited Edition Picasso Jaspers from 2010 and the Limited Edition Gemstones from earlier in 2011. The gemstones particularly have been highly sought after due to their very restricted geographical releases. Initially just Belgium, Holland and the United Kingdon saw these gems for sale with Italy being added more recently. (Indeed it was Steffan’s where I bought a kit of these when they were first released as they never came to Danish shores.)

These beads are online exclusives and are not available in their retail stores. If you’re looking for an opportunity to either supplement your own personal collection with some rare additions or perhaps searching for a very special present for a Troll crazy friend or family member – this is it.

Their retail store convention was a huge success with Trollbead’s fans and collectors managed to get their hands on retired Chick in the Eggs, Hens, Roosters, Pigs, Six Bands and Pyramids. There was also a good selection of now retired limited edition beads (including Crazy Lace Agates and Pink Russian Ambers) along with some lovely unique glass beads including at least one Universal Unique Turtle bead (and how many of us wouldn’t kill for a turtle.)

In addition to the special Trollbeads that will be available, I’d just like to mention for any Pandora fans in Europe that have had issues obtaining the full range of Pandora Lady Bug beads, Steffan’s have them all and ship abroad.

I’ve no idea what precisely is happening with the Lady Bugs but Danish concept stores, for example, still haven’t received stock and are only due to receive one colour out of the full range.

Once again, if any further information regarding the online convention comes to light I’ll be updating the blog with the details.

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