Key Jewellery Trends for SS2013 – Dramatic, Focal and Geometric Rings Featuring Kranz and Ziegler

During early January, I’m offering a series of mini articles offering an in depth look at the key jewellery trends for SS2013 and how to translate these to everyday wearable pieces. This article focuses on dramatic focal rings.

The trend of stacking rings has been enduring for a few seasons now. It creates a more eye catching look than wearing one ring. A number of the spring summer 2013 catwalk shows took this trend to the next level with finger jewellery taking centre stage.

Focal Rings for Spring Summer 2013

There were two primary trends relating to rings for SS2013. Firstly and as an extension on the stacked ring trend, rings are adorning all fingers and boasting enormous designs that encompass far more of the finger length than is usual. As with most trends, it’s not wholly new. Indeed I remember the character of Carrie Bradshaw making a certain set of Dior cocktail rings fly off the shelves after they featured in Sex and the City.

Dior Cocktail Rings

They made a subsequent reappearance courtesy of Lady Gaga but unfortunately for the many that lusted over them the second time around, these were a strictly limited edition from many years ago (I know, I’ve been trying for years to locate a set.) Apologies for the quality of the image below, it’s a still taken from her paparazzi video.

Dior Cocktail Rings

In their spring summer 2013 catwalk show, designer Balenciaga showed large focal rings worn on every finger.


Image Courtesy of Vogue

Secondly, geometric design is littering the fashion jewellery collections and this has been reflected strongly in ring design.

Bottega Veneta

Image Courtesy of Bottega Veneta

Kranz and Ziegler are definitely one of my personal choice of brands to follow in 2013 and their range of edgy and contemporary jewellery is perfect for recreating these trends. New for the Kranz and Ziegler autumn winter 2012 collection came a set of double rings available in multiple finishes.

Kranz and Ziegler

Image Courtesy of Kranz and Ziegler – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Not only do these rings fulfill the latest cravings for multi-finger designs but also offer a nod to the geometric trend.

For those that prefer more delicate design but are still keen to embrace something a little more fashion forward, the Kranz and Ziegler double ring pictured below is ideal.

Kranz and Ziegler

Image Courtesy of Kranz and Ziegler – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

The metal work is more delicate offering a hint of femininity but the chain detailing and double design is on trend and adds more interest than convention single rings. Finally for those who find the multiple rings a little overwhelming a simple but focal geometric design is available by way of the Kranz and Ziegler Great Pyramid ring.

Kranz and Ziegler

Image Courtesy of Kranz and Ziegler – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

In closing keep your rings large, keep them focal and think contemporary design with sharp geometric patterns to be rocking this key jewellery trend for spring and summer 2013.

  1. Ashley

    Oh Victoria u found my huge weakness….big chunky, tastefully-made rings! I’m in love with the double ring impartially. But what’s always a drag for me is when the size of the rings aren’t adjustable. What were jewelry designers thinking??? Most people can’t wear the same size on each finger! 🙂

    It was a lot of fun to see the pics of the rings u have listed….I love them ALL!

    • endangeredtrolls

      I also adore rings – when I can find them edgy enough for my tastes 😀 My ByBiehl all black sparkle is my favourite ever 😀

      The Kranz and Ziegler double ring is adjustable for precisely this reason 😀

      The gold plated ring is sized off the bottom of the finger so I’m not sure how they scale it. Perhaps that’s my excuse to indulge… “research”


      Hope you’re well Ashley 😀

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