Special Edition True Beadz The Thing Preview

This True Beadz blog brings a preview of the upcoming special edition True Beadz The Thing, exclusive to German retailer Star Bijou.

Today sees pre-orders begin for the upcoming and special edition True Beadz The Thing. This bead is identical to the original in core design but it’s offered with a choice of coloured glass inclusions. Where the originals were a chocolate brown shade, the special edition offers the colours of the True Beadz catalogue. This version is completely exclusive to German retailer Star Bijou and will be made to order only. It will retail at €45.

True Beadz The Thing

Image Courtesy of True Beadz – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Special Edition True Beadz The Thing

The colour options available are as follows:-

  • True Beadz Taiga Thing
  • True Beadz Baby Pink Thing
  • True Beadz Royal Viola Thing
  • True Beadz Gooseberry Thing
  • True Beadz Baby Blue Thing
  • True Beadz Eastern Sea Thing
  • True Beadz Dragon Green Thing
  • True Beadz Princess Kiss Thing
  • True Beadz Pumpkin Thing
  • True Beadz Marmor Thing
  • True Beadz Purple Dream Thing
  • True Beadz And Quiet Flows the Don Thing
  • True Beadz Shadow Thing
  • True Beadz Siberia Thing
  • True Beadz Sky Blue Thing
  • True Beadz Strawberry Thing
  • True Beadz Stormy Heavens Thing
  • True Beadz Terracotta Thing
  • True Beadz Sunflower Thing
  • True Beadz Sunlight Spot Thing

True Beadz The Thing

Image Courtesy of True Beadz – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Special Edition True Beadz The Thing Ordering Details

Pre-orders start now and Julia will be making to order. The pre-order period lasts for three weeks and after that time, the bead will no longer be available.

Special Edition True Beadz The Thing Summary

This is a cute idea and should allow fans of this design to customise it to complement their favourite bracelets. Do remember that this bead is only made to order so you must get those pre-orders in if you’re coveting the design!

As always I love to hear from my readers. What are your thoughts on this special edition version of the True Beadz The Thing? Will you be indulging and if so which colour are you choosing? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. Elizabeth

    How fun! Marmor for sure, stormy heavens next and dragon green. This is going to be really difficult to choose! Thanks Star Bijou and Julia for allowing us the opportunity to do this. And we didn’t need to panic over how fast our internet is.

    • endangeredtrolls

      Nope! Three weeks to make your decisions! πŸ˜€

    • Julia

      thank you, Elizabeth! haha no need to panic=) we thought 3 weeks is just enough to think a little and make a good choice

  2. Jane

    Has the pre-order already run out or hasn’t it started yet? When I follow the link I get an β€œUnfortunately this item is not available anymore!” There definitely are some version I’d like to order

  3. Noemi

    What a wonderful idea!
    Thanks Julia and Star Bijou for giving us time to order, not making us rush to place an order. πŸ™‚ I love stormy heavens and purple dream, luckily there is time to decide, but I may just get both! I like the Sunlight spot too, but my original The Thing is beige so it may look similar.

    • Julia

      thank you, Noemi!
      I would say Sunlight Spot looks really yellow, but if you have the original one, I would really recommend to look on the darker colours..

  4. Gene

    The Thing wasn’t a bead that I had paid too much attention to before, but I am really liking it. Won’t be getting one now, but the original version is in my list now. FYI- I actually got the same message that Jane got when I went to the link.

    • Julia

      thank you, Gene <3 always something to be added to the wishlist =)))))

  5. Katie

    Wow, how fun!! I will definitely order a couple of these. It is wonderful that there is time to think about which colors would work best. I’m going to go through my collection and figure out which colors would be best. Fun, fun!!

    • Julia

      thank you, Katie! yes, there should be enough time to decide what bracelet is missing the Thing =))) <3

  6. Lisa G

    These are very nice and affordable idea, which is nice for my wallet! Will be getting stormy heavens and terracotta!!

    • Julia

      thank you so much, Lisa! <3 we will do our best to send the stock to Star Bijou as soon as possible, so everyone will have the beads soon after preorders are over

  7. Nereida

    I LOVE the idea of making special editions to order. It seems such a hassle free, enjoyable way to shop.

    • Julia

      thank you! also very comfortable for us too!

  8. Pippa

    Oh wow! Love this. I had been eyeing Thing for a while but wasn’t sure that I would use it. Now I want a whole bunch!!! This might involve some hard choices. I’m a little afraid of the math.

    I agree with others that True Beadz is AWESOME – this idea of making special editions to order is such a great solution and to give us TIME. It’s just outstanding!

    (Now, to figure out what I want. FUN!!!)

    • Julia

      thank you=)) we thought it might be a comfortable way for everyone – for customers, for Star Bijou and for us too. so why not to try and make everyone happy =)))

  9. Pippa

    This is hard (in a good way) – I want to play around with beads and try different combos to get a look I’m going for. I want to design a necklace (but with a lot less beads) – I’ll have to decide what chain or cord to use but first I need to chose the colors. I see myself wearing it in the summer and for me this means a lot lightweight cottons and linens of white and gray/taupe/tan neutrals with black or a often something bluish greenish. Soft styles – not tailored. Maybe also a very simple bracelet with just one Thing.

    I know I want some neutrals but I want to have a little color too. I’m trying to decide among Taiga, Gooseberry, Eastern Sea or maybe even baby blue. I’d really like two colors- one lighter and one darker. I clearly nead more True Beadz so I can try combos out. Fortunately my Bead Bash beads should be here soon.

    • Julia

      if you want a darker and a lighter one that you can wear together, I would say Taiga+Eastern sea… OR! Any of those two +Shadow/Linen to look good with your summer outfits=)

      • Pippa

        Julia, thanks for the color ideas. Very helpful – I already ordered Taiga and I love Eastern Sea so I’m glad to know it will work well with it. And now I like the idea of adding some Shadow and/or Linen to create more options! I love the full necklace you created but I did the math and think I need to work on a necklace design that does’t have beads all the way around. πŸ™‚

  10. Joan

    Any idea how long this bead is?? I want several, but don’t want to over-order.

    • endangeredtrolls

      A *tiny* bit short of 2cms in length.

      • Joan

        THANK YOU!!!!πŸ’πŸ’

  11. Joan

    Julia, since you’re answering questions, mine is about the Sunflower. I have Sunflower in the Taste beads, and it’s very sunny and bright. The photos are showing it a bit darker and more muted. Is it true to the Taste color, or is this going to be a bit different?

  12. Agi

    I have ordered The Thing in Baby Blue today and I am looking forward to it very much.

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