Sneak Peek at Pandora Fall 2013 Jewellery Pieces

This Pandora jewellery blog brings a brief sneak peek at a couple of the Pandora Fall 2013 jewellery pieces.

A few weeks ago images of the Pandora Fall 2013 and Pandora Christmas 2013 collection were leaked online. Some of the lovely ladies at the Pandora Angels Facebook group managed to snap images of the retailer catalogues. While the quality isn’t great, they do offer confirmation of the designs and what we can expect from the Pandora Autumn Winter 2013 release. Back in the initial Pandora Fall 2013 preview I mentioned a feather collection and a lovely ring was pictured. It’s since emerged this is the Pandora Light as a Feather collection, featuring an open works charm, a pendant and a ring. In addition comes an early glimpse at a stunning new Butterfly pendant.

Pandora Light as a Feather

The entire collection is solid silver littered with clear cubic zirconia.

Pandora Fall 2013

Image Courtesy of Pandora’s Angels – Please Do Not Reproduce

The ring is set to retail at $80 and the pendant at $100. While it’s not visible here, the charm will retail at $55.

Pandora Love Takes Flight

At the bottom of the above image is the lovely new Pandora Love Takes Flight Pendant. It’s basic design features a contemporary feeling butterfly. Two chains hang from the pendant featuring both a cubic zirconia and a fresh water pearl.

The Pandora Love Takes Flight Pendant has a recommended retail price of $110.

As always I love to hear from my readers. What do you think of the Pandora Light as a Feather series? Which is your favourite piece and are any must haves? Lastly what are your thoughts on the Pandora Love Takes Flight Pendant? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. DanaJae

    I am so excited about this feather ring, I have been chomping at the bit since your last post about it! Any ideas on the release date?

    • endangeredtrolls

      Hi 🙂

      The Pandora fall release is due in September. Of course Pandora end to favour staggered releases so at present it’s difficult to grasp an absolute estimate.

      Traditionally it’s landed before the bracelet promotions for the USA and this year they run from the 19th until the 22nd. If they stick to that pattern, we should see the fall release in the first two weeks of September 🙂

      Lovely ring isn’t it?

      Kind Regards

  2. Debbie

    I love the whole feather collection 🙂 My focus is the charm and the ring, although the pendant does look lovely.

    I’m also loving the first glimpse of the Love takes flight pendant as well.


    • endangeredtrolls

      Like you I adore the charm and the ring though the pendant is also super cute. I wish we knew how large the pendant was at this stage though. I think I’d prefer it stacked with other pendants for a really dramatic look. Speaking of which, I should review my Thomas Sabo angel wing pendant as you’d love that!


  3. Melissa

    I have just purchased the new owl bead from the Pandora store in Chattanooga Tn. It’s really cute and I love it! I was able to purchase it before it was put out!

    • endangeredtrolls

      That’s the other charm I really want!! 😀 I’m so jealous! 🙂 Is it as cute as it looks in the pictures? 🙂

      What was your thought on the release Melissa? I’d love to hear your opinions! 🙂

      The collection hasn’t made it’s way to Europe yet so I’m desperate for details from my lovely readers 🙂

      Kind Regards

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