Retired Ohm Beads & True Beadz Parties at Great Lakes Boutique

This Ohm Beads blog alerts readers to two live image parties at Great Lakes Boutique featuring retired Ohm Beads and True Beadz glass.

A short time ago US based Great Lakes Boutique listed two live image online parties. One features a small assortment of retired True Beadz glass (find those here,) the second a selection of retired Ohm Beads glass, (find them here.)

Amongst the True Beadz selection are just three beads from the Big City Lights collection, three Almost Aquamarine and a very small number of the Blue Mist shade.

True Beadz

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For Ohm Beads there’s a huge mix but fortunately they are listed in pairs which makes styling them very easy.

Ohm Beads

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Blue Mist is one of my favourite of the True Beadz shades and I was so sad (and a little shocked) to see it retire. I sorely wish I’d gotten a second set for myself too. It teams beautifully with both Shadow and Linen. In the image below Blue Mist is the the left, Shadow in the centre and Linen to the right of the lower two bangles.

True Beadz

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Incidentally the stock count of the entire True Beadz range has just been updated on the Great Lakes Boutique website. If you were waiting for something to come back into stock, it’s worth checking.

Happy shopping!

  1. Faye

    Blue Mist’s retirement was the greatest loss in True Beadz glass in memory to me. It was on the top of my list and poof it was gone! Very sad!
    Thanks for the heads up.

    • endangeredtrolls

      I feel your pain! 🙁

      Absolutely lovely colour and it sold out SO fast after the announcement was made :O


  2. Gene

    I was very lucky to have gotten a Blue Mist Touch at literally the last minute. I love it with Linen and Shadow.

    • endangeredtrolls

      The Blue Mist colour is so beautiful. You watch.. next year I bet everyone is clamouring to find it! 😛 It’s going to be a classic in the True Beadz museum I’m quite sure.


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