Retailer Round Up – 16th June 2013

This charm jewellery blog brings a quick round up of what’s new or particularly interesting at my recommended retailers.

Following on from the news round up article earlier, I’m bringing a quick look at what’s new among my recommended retailers. Initially I was going to feature this in the news article but that had already grown to monstrous proportions. Obviously this focuses on the retailers I’m personally involved with.

Retired Trollbeads Zodiacs and Pandora Charms at Perlen Online

Perlen are no longer an authorised stockist of Pandora. While this is terribly sad for many collectors, it does mean they’ve been plundering the treasure troves of their Pandora closets to empty their stock. There have been some rather coveted charms appearing online this week and while I’m not going to attempt to catalogue them in detail (primarily because the stock is selling incredibly fast), I would urge any Pandora collectors to take a browse at the link below:-

In addition they’ve received a small number of the Trollbeads retired Zodiac beads. These aren’t super rare but they tend to be a product that some collectors adore.


Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

For those still coveting the Trollbeads Small & Beautiful beads, Perlen have a few kits remaining with some beautiful designs included. They are only sold in sets of six but some beautiful designs are featured, including Trollbeads Peacocks, Meteors and Galaxies.

Trollbeads Peacock

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Trollbeads Zoo at Diamonds4Ever

Diamonds4Ever are constantly receiving new Trollbeads uniques and they’ve taken the fantastic decision to list at random times. There is enormous debate within the community surrounding so called Facebook Parties, and scheduled listings and Diamonds4Ever addressed this by listing their new deliveries at a variety of times. Trollbeads Critter Uniques are ever popular and this week they’ve added to their category:-

Late last week Trollbeads UK announced three summer promotions including the new Trollbeads Royal Baby Celebration Trio, encompassing the popular three for two format. While this is only offered to UK retailers, Diamonds4Ever have decided to mimic the offer and it can be found at the link below:-

Trollbeads Royal Baby

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Trollbeads Uniques at Trollbeads Studio

Late last week Trollbeads Studio received a delicious order of new unique Trollbeads including critter beads and the still popular Small & Beautiful designs. While many were snapped up quite quickly, there are still some beautiful examples remaining of both types.

Trollbeads Small and Beautiful

Image Courtesy of Trollbeads Studio – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Win a Trollbeads Bangle with Goldmine Boutique

Meanwhile Goldmine Boutique are hosting yet another competition, this time offering the opportunity to win a Trollbeads Bangle complete with beads. Voting closes at midnight tonight so there’s still time to enter via the link below:-

Image Courtesy of Goldmine Trollbeads Boutique - Please Do Not Reproduce

Image Courtesy of Goldmine Trollbeads Boutique – Please Do Not Reproduce

I’ll confess that even I have been tempted out of my bead buying slumber this week and indulged in stunning Trollbeads Small & Beautiful kit from Trollbeads Studio, in addition to a few new critter beads (my personal guilty pleasure.) As always I’d love to hear from my readers. Are any of the above featured products tempting you? Have you already treated yourself to something new this week? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. Mars

    Thank you!

    Just bagged my 4th pearl zodiac as been on the look out for a while at a reasonable price.

    Mars xx

    • endangeredtrolls

      I did think about you when I saw these but wasn’t sure if you were zodiaced-out by now 😉


      • Mars

        I am, have 2 full sets now but had decided a while back I wanted 4 pearl stars and 4 garnet ones in total, so was looking for extras but at a leisurely pace and preferably below RRP…

        It’s been quite hard to get hold of pearl stars so very happy to pick up my 4th at a reasonable price, and haven’t visited Perlen for a while as been concentrating on my Summer Stones… however I did manage to pick up my first RBF silvers for my beach bracelet whilst I was on… Sunday afternoon drinking and websites selling charms… heady mix!

        • endangeredtrolls

          Wow two full sets! I’m so happy this has gotten you a little further. I know how it is to have a project in your head and have to wait for it to slowly come to fruition. I’m still wanting more peacock glass for a bracelet but the small & beautiful appearances appeared to have slowed 🙁

          Which of the Redbalifrog beads did you order? They’re so lovely!

          Your Sunday sounds fabulous! Shame it’s now Monday 🙁 10am here and I’m doing nothing but yawn 🙁

  2. Diane

    Hi Victoria!

    Thanks for posting the round up. Pandora was my “gateway drug” to Trollbeads, so it was fun to check out the retired ones on Perlen. I saw some of my favorites that I bought on eBay because they were already retired here in the US when I started collecting – swan, fish bones, moonstone. I also took a look at the Trollbeads old zodiacs, I’ve seen them on websites before but never really gave them a second look. I also checked out a listing on eBay that had multiple photos, it appears to be a more substantial bead than I thought, with a more rounded shape and a star pattern on the back, too. For some reason I had thought that it was a flatter bead. So I am thinking about it. Do you know if there are any problems with the stones falling out? And do you know what the connection is between the stone and the zodiac? I’m not familiar with zodiac stones, I’ll have to check it out.

    But I did just finish my Summer Stones set – my local retailer got more in this past week. I’m very happy with all of them – I got a nice jade, a nice medium purple amethyst, a mud jasper with some pretty red marbling and also an interesting lighter colored area, and a zebra jasper that is mostly creamy beige/yellow with light brown stripes and a brown patch. I’ve been wearing them with some Rocky Beach beads and the snowflake obsidian, and ocean/beach themed silvers, and loving all of them together. I have 2 more Rocky Beach beads left to get, I’ll try to wait until the next trunk show.

    Good for you for getting a Small & Beautiful kit and some critter beads on Trollbeads Studio! I was admiring their uniques the other day, they had some gorgeous ones. And that is new for them, I think, for posting the unique kits. The beads do look lovely together.

    Kind regards,

    • endangeredtrolls

      Hi Diane,

      I don’t personally own any of the retired Zodiac beads. I think there’s always a chance that a stone does fall out. The best advice is to keep them away from water as jewellery glue isn’t waterproof and exposure will cause decomposition over time. Regarding the stones used, you can read a little about them here:-

      Birthstones have changed over years and across cultures which is worth noting.

      It’s great to hear that you’ve been enjoying the Trollbeads Summer Stones Kits – nearly everyone I’ve heard from is loving this release so much which is always nice to hear. I’ve really been enjoying hearing not just the variation they’ve been finding but also how they’ve been using their stones.

      In regards to Trollbeads Studio – generally they list individual beads so I was also quite shocked when I saw kits show up. I was online as they were listed and there was a stunning selection – I was absolutely torn! I don’t have a huge amount of the Small & Beautiful beads but one kit had both a Cream Meteor and a Cherry Blossom also. What tipped the scales was a Black Spiro being included. It’s a quite autumnal feeling kit but that’s fine for me as I have to think way ahead when it comes to planning for blog content 😉 (If you want a nosey at the kit I bought, it’s here –

      The Critters I snagged were fairly standard – no butterflies or anything super exciting like that. A couple of bees, a lady bird and a turtle if I remember rightly. I know Critters are either a love or loathe thing but I’ve always had a weakness for them 😉

      I’m glad you enjoyed the retailer round up anyway 🙂

      Kind Regards

      • Diane

        Hi Victoria,

        Thanks for the information on keeping the silver and stone beads away from water, and for the link to the birthstone information. I also found some information on zodiac stones on a gemstone retailer site. I think I’ve decided not to get the TB zodiac, there are too many other beads on my wish list right now. 😉

        The Small and Beautiful kit you bought is stunning!! The cream meteor is one that I’ve been especially admiring, but they are so hard to get. Good for you for getting one, and the cherry blossom is especially pretty, too. I love the colors in the cherry blossom bead, the orange/red in the petals against the pale yellow is very striking. And I had never heard of the spirograph – the black one is very cool! I love the colors in your kit, can’t wait to see how you put them together in a bracelet. 🙂

        Kind regards,

        • endangeredtrolls

          Hi Diane,

          You’re most welcome 🙂 I must admit the retired Trollbeads Zodiacs have never appealed to me enormously but I know a couple of collectors that absolutely adore them 🙂 I totally relate to the “too large a list” problem – unfortunately, I don’t think it ever goes away either 😉

          I’m glad you liked my Small & Beautiful kit! It will be my first Meteor bead so I’m terribly excited for it’s arrival 🙂 I appreciate the issue with sourcing these. To make matters worse, many stores don’t seem to be receiving further deliveries at the moment 🙁 I sincerely hope this lull doesn’t mark the end of these unique beads as I think they’ve been the nicest thing to come out of Trollbeads in quite some time!

          Kind Regards

  3. Jordan

    Hi Victoria

    Thank you so much for writing about the pandora retired charm on Perlen. I’ve just managed to buy ethe RAM!!!! I’m really excited and so pleased I got him at a near retail price. It was £50 which I think was really good as the prices for a used one on eBay is soooooo much more. I’m on a no bead buying at the moment but I couldnt let the ram get away I would have regretted it afterwards.

    I love the critter beads too. I have a bee and ladybug plus a rainbow collection of the turtles ( these are my favourite ) now which I love putting 3 on the bangle to make a summer look.

    Thank You


  4. Christina

    I stopped counting my small and beautiful collection about a month ago. But that didn’t stop me from indulging in more. I picked up a pair from Trollbeads Studio last week. Although I have a bunch of pink swirly beads I brought home another do I could get the pink taffy/Turkish delight bead that was sold with it. (picked up the same pair from Trollbeads Gallery the week before). I also bought a set from NCH Galleries and Fine Gifts which includes a darker galaxy and ornament, an orange that looks similar to a tiger and 3 others. It has a tropical air. Some of the small and beautiful designs are becoming easier to obtain, ie koi pond. When I replenish my bead bank I’ll probably pick up a few more. Oh – and a peacock arrived in the mail Saturday from another collector. The flock continues to grow.

    • endangeredtrolls

      Hi Christina 🙂

      I’m envious! 😉

      I’ve really loved these uniques and you very aptly described some of them as tropical – the newer ones that appeared fit this perfectly. I agree that some seem to becoming easier to locate but I also feel that supplies have started to dwindle? Are you finding this? For a while certain large retailers seemed to be receiving almost weekly deliveries and now I’m seeing more of the old style uniques (and critters) instead. I’m hoping this is just a minor lull as there are so many designs I’d still love. On the other hand if stocks have been exhausted then some collectors will have some beautiful and not super common beads.

      I can’t tell you how excited I was to grab that kit at Trollbeads Studio. I’ve missed most of the Small & Beautiful beads as you know so to finally be able to indulge made me so happy 🙂

      My current flock of peacocks stands at three but these are absolutely beads I’m going to find more of. Dare I ask how many peacocks you’re at? 🙂 Oh to peek inside your bead box 😉

      Hope you’re well


      • Christina Patterson

        I’m glad you were able to get the gorgeous kit from Trollbeads Studio. It’s one of the nicest assortments I’ve seen. They are about 7 miles up the road from me but I’ve yet to meet Beth.
        I agree that supplies of the small and beautiful beads seemed to be dwindling – D4E hadn’t listed many recently and I’ve browsed other online retailers regularly looking for them. But then some dealers who hadn’t received any until now started posting on Facebook. Some beads have been readily available- umbrellas, koi pond, light purple galaxies. Others like peacocks, teal tigers and meteors remain more scarce. I’ve seen pictures of a gorgeous purple with gold bead – I would love to get my hands on one of those. And after receiving the honey/amber colored meteor, I hope I can find another as it’s gorgeous.
        I only have four peacocks – but I realize I am fortunate as some people haven’t found their first yet.
        I do hope the small and beautiful beads keep coming to stores – I’m not finished shopping yet. 🙂

        Please give us a peek when you start putting your new beads on a bracelet. I’ll try to get a pic of my small and beautifuls and send it.


        • endangeredtrolls

          Hi Chris,

          The purple and gold sounds divine and I don’t think I’ve seen any of those at all. I’ve loved those honey coloured meteors, that slight difference in shade has made them really beautiful I think. I’m awaiting my first cream meteor (actually first meteor entirely) with that kit so I’m very excited!

          I have to say, my Peacocks are worn more than any other bead and have been for the past couple of months. The novelty has in no way worn off, I think they’re divine. It will be interesting to see if the Peacock bead submitted to People’s Bead makes it to production and if so, how it’s executed.

          I agree with you totally regarding these beads, I hope there are more to come because I’m still obsessed with them. I think they’ve been far nicer than any production glass or uniques we’ve seen in ages.

          I will definitely be featuring the beads on the blog and if you do have time to snap a picture of your S&Bs I would LOVE to see them. This is one of the great things about Trollbeads I think – it can actually be incredibly social when getting excited about glimpsing inside someone else’s bead box! 😉


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