Redbalifrog Inspiration with a Hanging Gardens Themed Bracelet

Redbalifrog are synonymous with exquisitely intricate design and I’m particularly fond of their animal themed beads. This Redbalifrog blog article brings a little inspiration with a Hanging Gardens themed bracelet.

I’ll start by stating that I actually took the images for this article quite some time ago, far before the Trollbeads Spring 2014 release. When the themes of the spring collection were first unveiled, I began to dabble with the ideas utilising beads in my existing collection. Every time I pondered the Hanging Gardens theme, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the idea of birds nesting in a rich, romantic utopia. Redbalifrog as a brand are famed for their exquisite detail and the collection boasts a number of avian themed designs.

What follows is my own interpretation of the theme.

Redbalifrog Inspiration

The silver beads featured on this bracelet are predominantly Redbalifrog with the exception of the Ohm Beads Soaring Eagle. I was keen to capture organic earthy tones and opted for the Trollbeads gemstones for both their organic quality. Included are three of the Trollbeads Peacock uniques from the 2013 small & beautiful series. I admit I’d love to acquire a few more of these as I adore the complex patterning. They’re a real shining example of why Trollbeads glass are considered the best on the market.


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Redbalifrog Hanging Gardens Inspiration

Obviously a perfect addition to this bracelet would be the new Trollbeads Falcon and of course the Babylonian Nymph. That said this is the first time I’ve managed to really utilise so many of the Redbalifrog avian themed beads.

It’s now been a couple of months since the Redbalifrog Christmas 2013 release and like many collectors, I’m eagerly awaiting news of their next release.

As always I love to hear from my readers. What are you hoping for with the next Redbalifrog collection? Hit the comments and let me know!

Bead Index

What follows is an index of the beads and charms used to create the featured bracelet.

Please Do Not Reproduce

Please Do Not Reproduce

  1. tengyee

    Oh how I love your Trollbeads Peacock uniques so… They’re so so pretty

    • endangeredtrolls

      Hi 🙂

      Thank you so much! I didn’t manage to find many of the Small & Beautiful beads. Two of these were gifts and the third I stumbled across in a tiny store close to me. I absolutely adore them! I did promise myself a few more (I’d love enough to make a full bracelet) but alas, I can’t find any 😉

      I really hope Trollbeads will make more designs like this in the future

      Kind Regards

  2. Faye

    Very lush, Victoria, with some of my absolute favorite TB’s stones!! And you know there are thousands of birds all over those hanging gardens!

    Those precious TB peacocks will be unattainable for me but I agree they are perfect for your bracelet inspiration.

    • endangeredtrolls

      I must admit Faye, I adore those Peacock uniques. I didn’t manage to get many of the Small & Beautiful series but I cherish these so much. I’d sorely love a few more but you know yourself how difficult they are to find!

      I’m so glad that you liked the bracelet! 🙂


  3. Kim7

    Hi Victoria…your bracelet creation is beautiful; *love* the Trollbeads Small & Beautiful Peacocks glass, as well as Redbalifrog’s detailed silvers. I’m among the many waiting for their newest release; I’d love to see some more fantasy/mythical themes, maybe some that could be used on a Halloween/All Hallow’s Eve-themed bracelet (really love their Howling Wolf, Sugar Skull, Jack-O’-Lantern, etc.) beads. Fun!

    Take care…(P.S. I private-messaged you on FB about a specific subject when you get a chance; it’s lengthy – sorry).


    • endangeredtrolls

      I’m getting so impatient awaiting for Redbalifrog’s next release 😀 I have no idea what it is. Amanda often goes quite seasonal.. But now of course Nick is designing with her and his tastes and much different!

      I love her fantasy beads too though 😉


  4. Tracey

    Lovely combination!

    I adore the gemstones and am getting quite addicted to them. I just got the green Jasper and it is such a pretty bead that I am considering getting another.

    Seeing this makes me realize that I do not own a single bird silver from any brand, and I love the Mexican owl. It has such character.

    I’d love to see RBF do some more floral themes. Their attention to detail is in my opinion the gold standard of silver beads.

    You make gorgeous bracelets and I would love to have the TB Sapphire. I never did get the shooting star silver and diamonds. It has been bumped down my wish list. I have been buying many artisan beads and just got a couple from an Etsy seller (Becca Grace Studios). Her work is brilliant!

    Only four more days unitl Saint Valentines Day and I am excited to see what Pandora charms my dear husband has for me. 😀

    Tracey ox

    • endangeredtrolls

      I love gemstones 😀 The exciting thing about them is, even when buying blind, you always get something new and different. I’m still searching for a really nice ruby though I must admit!

      In regards to Redbalifrog – Amanda’s detailing is just crazy and I’m really impatient to see what her next release is. I keep looking at the dates and thinking it can’t be TOO long until we hear something right?

      What are you hoping for on Valentine’s? 😉


      • Tracey

        What am I hoping for on Valentine’s?

        I really like the Valentine card dangle and the Shimmering hearts is beautiful but may be too glitzy even for me. I adore the You & Me dangle and am hoping that this will be the one I get. 🙂

        I also like the Gift from the Heart charm. Actually there’s a lot to like about this release.

        I’ll just have to wait and see. But I am never disappointed.


  5. Angela

    A lovely bracelet, Victoria.Love the Peacocks, like Faye I know they are unattainable. I wish Troll would reintroduce those again.
    As I am often called a Night Owl,thanks so much for using this guy,as I have wanted to get him for awhile. I have hesitated buying it because I have been waiting for someone to show a bracelet with the back showing.The back is very pretty and as usual don’t know why I hesitsted as Redbali never disappoints in detailed or size.

    I am on pins and needles awaiting the Russian Egg and the Monstera Leaf, Night Owl and the large Ohm are next.

    • Faye

      Angela, I can’t wait to hear what you think when you get your RBF silvers! I think you are going to LOVE your Russian Egg!!! I adore mine more than words can say. It is simply a favorite.

    • endangeredtrolls

      I always used to be a night owl too! Then I started having the horses at home and I absolutely have to get up early or they get no breakfast – which in turn pushes me to bed earlier. I bet if I was left to my own devices though, I’d drift back to being nocturnal :p

      Ohhh you’re awaiting the Russian Egg! It’s fabulous! Really sizable bead 😀


  6. Tammy

    Hello, I am new this to this group and recently started collecting pandora beads because of hubby buying a bracelet for christmas and I must say and getting addicted to this hobby. I have been reading all the posts and love the pics of beautiful braclets. The story of your horse really touched home for me, I have lost two really special horses in my life and currently own one quarter horse name jetolena, she is ten years old. I know all too well how that love stays with us forever, the pain of losing them is always there but I would not give it up the memories of the wonderful relationships I have had with those horses. My question for you is this, I have been ordering from pandora mall of america and have noticed that some more pandora charms have been added to the retired list then what was on there before, is pandora retiring charms right now? thanks Tammy

    • endangeredtrolls

      Hi Tammy 🙂

      Welcome to my blog! It’s so nice to hear from new readers and a horsey lady too! Fingers crossed Jetolena will lead a long and healthy life, ten years old is nothing after all 🙂 My new boy is 6 and I’m already absolutely besotted with him 🙂

      You are correct. Pandora have just retired a large batch of charms including a lot of muranos. This is primarily due to Pandora making the cores of recent murano beads smaller. All the ladybug muranos, the animal prints, the stars and some swirly swirls and bubbles are now retired.

      I’ll compile a list and get it published over the next day or so for you 🙂 Once it’s posted, I’ll post the link here so you won’t miss it 🙂

  7. Angela

    Victoria and Faye,

    Packet arrived from Perlen this afternoon,let’s just say I don’t really like the Russian Egg ,I love it, now thinking I will need at least 1 more for an Easter Bracelet. It is so weighty and detailed, I love both it and the Monstera Leaf it is similar in size to the egg but not as weighty.

    What other Redbali charm do you have?

  8. Faye

    Angela, Yay! I remember that’s how happy I was upon seeing it for the first time – and Russian Egg looks great on bracelets! It is a RBF masterpiece, IMHO.

    Thank you for making me inventory my RBF beads! What fun. Here’s what I have:

    Luna Moon is a versatile favorite!
    Night Owl .
    Bamboo Frog (I think is retired)
    Shanti The Pelican
    Alien Roswel
    Unidentified (I call it UFO)
    Bali Brong Mask
    Gingerbread Heart
    Cherub Dream (Gorgeous angel!)
    Frangipanis Forever
    Nautilus Shell
    White Coral (really versatile)

    My next RBF purchases will likely be Heart Lock, Rose Lock, and one of their chains.

  9. Kim7

    Faye…Wow, you have quite an impressive collection! Love their silvers; for Christmas I got Avery the elf and the Moon Gazing Hare. I’m so happy with them, and have a long wish list of more. One of my next.Redbalifrog purchases will definitely include their Howling Wolf; I’ve wanted that one for quite a while, and plan to place it with some other like beads on a Frightlings bracelet. Victoria gave me that idea when I read one of her Frightlings articles. Fun! (Please pardon any typos; I’m out and about without my reading glasses,,,can hardly see what I’m writing.

    Take care, Ladies…

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