Redbalifrog Buy Three Get One Free Update

This Redbalifrog blog brings an update to the Redbalifrog Buy Three Get One Free Promotion at Great Lakes Boutique as A Queen’s Wish is now part of the offer.

A short time ago the Redbalifrog buy three get one free promotion started at Great Lakes Boutique for Bead Bash on the Lake. This is always such a popular promotion as Redbalifrog are already synonymous with exceptionally good retail prices already. The promotions are quite rare however as Amanda would rather focus on keeping her prices down than offer an endless string of promotions.

Originally this promotion should have excluded the amazing new Redbalifrog A Queen’s Wish collection. Due to changes however, the new designs are part of the offer which is such amazing news!

Redbalifrog A Queen's Wish
Image Courtesy of Redbalifrog. Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

A Queen’s Wish is a beautiful collection that tells it’s own story. More over it works really well with our exclusive Green Goddess which will be available in store and online for the first time on Friday.

Redbalifrog Green Goddess
Image Courtesy of Redbalifrog – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

For those of you shopping Redbalifrog on our website, no promotion code is needed and it’s processing the discounts for the buy three get one free offer just fine if you have four beads in your cart. If you spread your spends, refunds will begin next week.

Happy shopping!

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