Redbalifrog Black Friday Promotion 2018 at Great Lakes Boutique

This Redbalifrog blog article alerts readers to the details of the Redbalifrog Black Friday Promotion 2018.

Redbalifrog promotions have been traditionally few and far between but their last buy three get one free only ended on Halloween. Black Friday is becoming more and more difficult or brands to ignore as it’s gained international traction over the past few years.

Back for 2018 is the Redbalifrog Black Friday Promotion.

Redbalifrog Black Friday 2018

Image Courtesy of Redbalifrog – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Redbalifrog Black Friday Promotion 2018

Beginning at midnight as Black Friday dawns there will be a buy three get one free on Redbalifrog at Great Lakes Boutique. The only exclusion is the upcoming Bali Bamboo Bangle. The promotion will then end at midnight on Monday the 26th so the offer spans the entire weekend.

The following Friday (November the 30th,) will then see the global launch of the Redbalifrog Bliss Mass release for Christmas 2018. Overall it’s going to be a fun ten days for Redbalifrog collectors!

For those using the opportunity to plan their Christmas bracelets, we’ve created a Redbalifrog Christmas page! Amanda has some of the best festive designs out there and sometimes it’s really easy to forget how fabulous previous years have been until you glance back.

Happy planning!

  1. Cyndi C

    NO NO NO! I have no more money!!!

  2. endangeredtrolls

    Welcome to Black Friday weekend

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