Pandora Club Charm 2014 Preview

This evening the Pandora Club Charm 2014 has been officially unveiled. This Pandora jewellery blog article brings a dedicated review of this limited edition new charm.

A short time ago many mails were sent to Pandora club members officially unveiling the Pandora Club Charm 2014. This charm first came to light last year at Russian previews for the Pandora Autumn Winter 2013 collection. A mystery charm was spotted among the release and it soon became apparent this was a limited edition offering for Pandora club members.

Pandora Club Charm 2014

The Pandora Club Charm 2014 features a miniature Pandora charm box with articulating lid.


Image by Pandora – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting is currently asking people to guess at the design nestled inside the box. Live images have unveiled this as a small heart.

Pandora Club Charm

Image Courtesy of Melanie Baer – Please Do Not Reproduce

According to the email received in Denmark, the charm will appear in concept stores in March 2014. There is no confirmation regarding how club members claim their charm so far but it’s safe to assume this will be revealed closer to the date.


Image by Pandora – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

As always I love to hear from my readers. What are your thoughts on the Pandora Club Charm 2014? Are you coveting this charm? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. Tracey

    Well it’s not the prettiest charm they’ve designed but I do like the concept of having working parts. 😀

    I think that Pandora could have made the box a bit prettier. That’s just me so my thoughts are ‘meh’…. 😉

    My goodness there is a lot of charm/bead news to digest today. After a rather hectic day at work and then driving home in the rain and navigating my way over our icy road, but happy all the same because I have TB packages. I think I told you that I took your advice and bought some of the Ltd Ed. Christmas glass. Thank you again!

    Wow the Troll news was most surprising. I don’t really do the trunk show thing. I do like some of the limited releases. I can see how some customers would be put out. I look at it this way; if it can be done it can be undone. Time will tell how this will work in the NA market. I have a wonderful dealer from New York state. They are only a platinum level dealer but I’ve bought some really nice uniques from them.

    I’ve also bought some pretty nice artisan beads lately from Holland.

    What will be, will be.

    Thank you for all the updates!! It does help prioritize purchases.

    • endangeredtrolls

      Crazy amount of news isn’t there! On that note, my apologies for replying so late. I’m currently working through a lot of comments both here and on social media.

      I can’t quite decide yet if this is a must have for me. I also love how the box opens. This is something we’re seeing more of in the Pandora Valentine’s Day collection with both a greeting card charm and an engagement ring box. It’s released in March so I have some time to decide if I want it – or if the funds will stretch to it. I suspect it will be one of those charms that I’ll regret not buying in a years time if I pass it by.

      I’m so happy that you got some of the Trollbeads limited edition glass. I was actually browsing stores today for something entirely unrelated and noticed it’s now very hard to find either the Love Sparkle or Elegant Sparkle – both those with the molten silver.

      In regards to the Trollbeads news – I’m just hoping it’s the first part of some greater scheme that will ultimately turn out to be superior to what we currently have but time will tell as you already pointed out 🙂

      Kind Regards

  2. Debbie

    Hi Victoria,

    A belated happy New Year to you, 🙂 and may 2014 bring you lots of joy and nice things after the horrid time 2013 dealt you 🙁

    I didn’t get the best start to seeing in 2014: bad cold turned into painful ear infection, car conked out over Xmas and I had to spend money I didn’t really have getting it fixed, plus lots of minor house damage caused by the dreadfully persistent and hideous wind and rain mother nature is throwing at us 🙁

    Anyway, Enough of my moaning!

    Nice idea from Pandora, but IMO an ugly design 🙁 and not something I would want to own. Still I’m sure it will prove popular as a LE collectable with some Pandora fans.


    • endangeredtrolls

      I was going to email you today too! Happy New Year and I’m so sorry it’s had such an awful start. I can’t believe the stormy weather that’s just continuing. We aren’t suffering the way that the UK are at the moment but of course, I always watch the forecasts since I have family over there 🙁

      Of all the pains you can have, I’m a firm believer that earache and toothache are among the worst. Horrible, nagging pain that just makes you so miserable. Are you feeling better now?

      I’m still debating this charm. It’s releasing in March but I can’t see I’ll have excess cash then. I’d have to like it a lot at the moment to justify buying it to be honest. On the other hand I’ve heard the spring release is very flowery and spring like which doesn’t bode well for me!

      p.s. the Santa did arrive safe and well and had pride of place on my tree this year


      • Debbie

        Hi sweetie,

        I’m so glad Santa arrived safely. He’s so cute, and I must confess I did briefly think about keeping him as I was wrapping him up, but I have a resolution to de-clutter and so it’s great that he went to a good home with you.


  3. Martha Olavarrieta

    Hi Victoria,

    Happy New Year to you. I have to ask, is the Club Member Bead going to be available for anyone to purchase? I didnt even know there were club members. And how do you become one? I do like the bead. It’s different.


    Martha Olavarrieta

    • endangeredtrolls

      Hi Martha,

      No the Pandora Club Charm will be offered to club members. While there’s been no confirmation of how it’s purchased yet, it’s been assumed that club members will receive an email with some kind of code. They then take the code to a local concept store and are given the opportunity to purchase the charm at retail price 🙂

      The Pandora Club link can be found on the main Pandora page:-

      Kind Regards

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