Happy Thanksgiving! With a Look at Ohm Beads Tom the Turkey

While Endangered Trolls started life as a dedicated Trollbeads blog, it soon morphed into much more and now many brands are represented here. Recently addition Ohm Beads have, what I think might be the only dedicated Thanksgiving bead I’ve found. To the American readers; Happy Thanksgiving from Endangered Trolls and Ohm’s Tom the Turkey!

I’ll admit that I’ve always been a tad envious of the Thanksgiving. I find the concept of stretching the festive season into more of a holiday season incorporating two special days to be fantastic. In addition, I think the idea behind Thanksgiving is great. Finally, it’s an excuse for yet another day of overindulgence of amazing foods and socialising with friends and family. Sadly, my vague attempts at convincing my fiance that we should adopt Thanksgiving have thus far failed. Never the less, I want to wish my US based readers (and indeed anyone else who celebrates) a wonderful Thanksgiving!

A recent delivery from Ohm beads contained what I believe to be the only dedicated Thanksgiving bead; at least among the more famed brands. What follows is a mini-review of Ohm’s Tom the Turkey bead while our friends across the pond enjoy this special holiday.

Ohm Beads Tom the Turkey

Tom the Turkey is a relatively small bead, particularly when compared with the size of Trollbeads silver beads. Despite his relatively tiny size, he’s nicely detailed.

Ohm Beads

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It’s actually the back of the bead that holds the most detail, boasting heavily textured feathers. Unfortunately for Tom, this requires a rather dubious image.

Ohm Beads

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As with all Ohm Beads, their core is large enough to make them compatible with all major brand bracelets.

Ohm Beads

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This bead is a light hearted a design as they come. He’s cute and I’ll admit to having a giggle when I initially unwrapped him.

Since their arrival, I’m adoring the Trollbeads limited edition Christmas glass kits; Sweet Christmas and Christmas Decoration. While both of these are due a review in the near future, I decided to use them in the bracelet combination for this article.

Ohm Beads

Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

The above image also offers a more realistic view of his quite tiny stature in comparison with standard Trollbeads glass.

Ohm Beads Tom the Turkey – Ordering Details

The link below will open the landing page for Tom the Turkey at the Ohm official website:-

It’s worth noting that Ohm are running a celebratory sale over the duration of the weekend with 25% off their products

Happy Thanksgiving!

As I have a substantial number of American based readers, it seemed rather neglectful to ignore Thanksgiving entirely, despite the fact we don’t personally celebrate it here. Tom the Turkey is a fun bead and I hope he adequately managed to aid me in wishing all of those readers a Happy Thanksgiving! To the rest of my readers; “Happy any-other Thursday” – at least we’re closing on the weekend now.

Tomorrow heralds the arrival of Black Friday 2012 and with it the release of Pandora’s limited edition Black Friday charm. Ordering details and official images will be published tomorrow.

Please note that the products featured in this article were provided free of charge for consideration and review. This does not bias any opinions expressed here.

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