Ohm Beads Sol Debuts

This Ohm Beads blog alerts readers to the launch of the limited edition Ohm Beads Sol, US exclusive for the upcoming solar eclipse. It also includes details of how you could still be lucky enough to acquire the bead.

Today sees the launch of the Ohm Beads Sol. For the benefit of those who missed the furore surrounding this design, it’s a limited edition glass exclusive to the US market. Sol is bright yellow with a really interesting sun-ray style design visible from the side. It was restricted to just one hundred and eleven pieces (111) and is in celebration of the upcoming solar eclipse.

Ohm Beads Sol

Image Courtesy of Ohm Beads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

Needless to say with so few beads made, retailers exhausted their supplies rather quickly but there is still an opportunity to acquire one of the beads. Ohm Bead themselves have retained twenty one of these coveted glass beads. They will be raffling the opportunity to purchase one directly via the Ohm Stuff Facebook page. One bead will be offered everyday for twenty one days. The purchase price is $55 and shipping is $5 domestic or $15 internationally. Each day one person will be chosen at random.

The first lottery will begin at 5:55am (PST) today (August the 1st.) That’s 8:55am EST, 2:55pm CET or 1:55pm BST.

If you still aren’t lucky enough to acquire the bead, do remember that the limited edition Ohm Beads Lemon launches tomorrow. I have no idea if the colour is identical but it definitely looks close and although Lemon’s surface is pitted, I suspect it’s going to be a little less obvious than with Strawberry due to the brightness of shade.

Ohm Beads Lemon

Image Courtesy of Ohm Beads – Please Do Not Reproduce Without Crediting

For those of you yet to pre-order Lemon (though there will be a launch article tomorrow,) here’s a reminder of your options:-

As always I love to hear from my readers. Were you amongst the lucky few to have acquired an Ohm Beads Sol? Will you be participating in the lottery? Have you opted instead for Lemon? Hit the comments and let me know!

  1. Ilse

    International shipping for Sol? I thought it was only for the USA market?

    • endangeredtrolls

      Nope. As per the original article it was upto retailers as to whether they shipped internationally or not. There were never any restrictions placed on where it could be sold but it was only offered to US stores.

      • Nereida

        Ohm’s Facebook page did claim these were exclusive to the US.
        “SOL was previewed this last Friday. This is a US Exclusive design inspired for the Solar Eclipse happening in the US on August 21st. …We decided to release the design as an exclusive for US OHMsters (Authorized OHM Retailers in the US) …OHM placed no limit on the distribution, other than only offering it to US OHMsters.”

        • endangeredtrolls

          Yes they were and are exclusive to US retailers. No other retailers were offered the bead. They did not however say they couldn’t ship it globally and Ilse was questioning why there was global shipping on a US exclusive 🙂

          • Nereida

            It says the only restriction was that the retailers could only offer it to US Ohmsters. How they distributed it, sales, lotteries, etc. wasn’t restricted.

            “OHM placed no limit on the distribution, other than only offering it to US OHMsters”

  2. Ilse

    I had a Sol in my shopping cart when the ordering started. At the checkout I got a message that it was impossible to deliver, because there would be no carrier available for my address. That is not true, packages from all over the world can be delivered at my home address. I don’t understand why a retailer does this, instead of simply stating in the product description that the product will not be shipped to wherever. That would have been clear and not as frustrating as being fast enough to be able to order but then still not getting it for unclear reasons. So I’m a bit frustrated about all this, but someone else in the US will be enjoying the bead that was in my cart now instead of me, so I try to be happy with the thought of having made someone else happy. Trying to be zen here…

    • endangeredtrolls

      I absolutely understand your frustration. One on my retail partners decided they were not going to ship Sol globally and though they did mention that on their website, neither myself nor some collectors picked up on it. Further to that a second retailer then misread the instructions from Ohm and believed they weren’t actually permitted to ship globally. They promptly cancelled all international orders through fear of getting in trouble. A third opted to raffle their stock instead. The end result was those outside of the USA got pretty neglected because the only stores actually *selling* the bead directly opted not to ship outside of the USA.

      My best advice is to try your luck with the raffle on the Ohm Stuff page. Someone has to win!


  3. Gene

    I wasn’t able to get one but I’m okay with that. As far as the lottery goes the extent of my Facebook knowledge is that I can look at the photos…that’s as far as I go.

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